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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between the TDP 0, TDP 1.5, TDP 5 and TDP 6s?

This is a very common question as all of the machines are extremely similar but equally have different strengths.

The easiest way to split these up would be in to automatic and manual machines.

The TDP 0 is the manual model and requires you to turn the handle on the side to produce the tablets. This has the least amount of pressure and is the entry-level model in to the TDP range.

The TDP 1.5, TDP 5 and TDP 6s are all automatic machines that are driven by an electric motor. The TDP 1.5 is the entry-level model in to the automatic machines it has the least pressure at 15kn it is also limited in the size of the tablets it can produce. The TDP 5 is our most popular model and can produce approximately 5,000 tablets per hour. The TDP 5 had 50kn of pressure and can produce tablets up to 22mm in diameter. The TDP 6s is the top of the range machine and is more suited to irregular shaped tablets. The TDP 6s also has slightly more pressure at 60kn and is better suited to certain products that do not form tablets as easily.

Do you get your machines from China?

We do get some of our machines and parts from China. We have been working with the best supplier for over 7 years now. We make at least 1 factory visit per year to ensure that the highest quality standards are met. Over this time period we have also made a number of recommendations for improving the quality of the machines.

Once the machines arrive in the UK. We strip them down, check all of the parts, grease them, and replace parts that we know to be defective with parts sourced from the UK, USA and Europe. Once this is done we give all of the machines a UK electrical test to ensure that they are PAT compliant.

Can I pay cash on delivery?

No, we only offer the payment options stated on our Payments page.

Do you rent out machines?

We do but only to TV and Film production companies. This service only offered with and LFA technician on site.

We are not unfortunately able to rent out our tablet presses or capsule fillers to do production runs. We do work closely with a contract manufacturer in Oxford and are happy to provide you with their details.

I have a machine with a fault but I did not buy it from you. Can you fix it or give me advice?

We cannot offer advice on machines that we did not sell. The warranty that we offer is on our machinery only and also includes technical support. We do offer a service in which we can fix and provide parts for other manufacturers machines, however this service is not free and is only available in the UK. Please contact us to get some more information on what we can provide.

How do I know if your tablet presses are going to work on my product?

It is important to know that not all products press well into tablets. A good way to gage it is to look at other similar products available on the market. If someone else is able to make it then we can help you make it. If your product is new then we are happy to help you go through the development process.

Allot of the time it will mean sending a sample to us. We will work out how to press it and and then send you the results. If we are not able to press it we will work with you to find an alternative solution such as molding or capsuling.

This is a service that we charge for however if you subsequently purchase a machine from us we will deduct it from the cost. We have a lot of experience pressing a wide range of products. Get in contact with our team and find out how we can help you.

Do you ship to the USA?

Yes, we do ship to the USA. We ship to all countries that the United Kingdom does not have trade embargos with. Please go to our Shipping page for more details.

What do you do with my details?

We take the trust our customers place in us very seriously. We have an email list that is stored securely with Infusionsoft. We do not share this ever with anyone. We do not store credit card details or payment details. All online payments are handled by Pay Pal and we are only provided with the shipping address you enter. On top of this we never hand over details on any of our customers under any circumstances. The one exception to this rule is if we are produced with a court warrant.

What is the difference between the range of excipients?

We offer Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Dicalcium Phosphate and Firmapress in our range of excipients.

Microcrystalline Cellulose is a binding agent, which holds the content of the tablet together.

Dicalcium Phosphate is a flowing agent and helps move ingredients through the machine before they are compressed.

Magnesium Stearate is a dry lubricant and helps again with the movement of ingredients through the machine but also helps with the ejection of the tablets from the machine. Please note that Magnesium Sterate does not bind by itself.

Firmapress is an all in one mix of Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate and Dicalcium Phosphate.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Sorry we have not found a good way of doing this yet. We do know that there are a number of finance companies that will lend small businesses money to purchase equipment. We have worked with a few in the past and are happy to provide you with quotes or invoices to help complete the applications. Just get in contact with our team to find out how we can help.

What training is provided with this machine?

Yes we can train you. It will be in Bicester at our office. It will take about a day.

Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs*

Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs will be charged at £150 per hour in the UK and $200 per hour in the USA. Quotes will be given before the start of the work. The quote is a fixed price and if it takes us longer you will not be charged.

Any parts, required for the Maintenance, Servicing or Repairs of your tablet press will be invoiced for separately to the labour. If we think that the parts are going to be more than 20% of the quoted price we will contact you before ordering them.

While LFA Tablet Presses is happy to offer tablet press repairs or rebuilds we are not able to store machines on a long-term basis. Any machines left with us for longer than 90 days will have a storage charge of £50 per day applied to them.

You will be required to pay in full for the Maintenance, Servicing or Repairs to your machine upon collection.

*We are only able to offer onsite visits to US or European companies and have the correct insurance documentation. For more information please get in contact.

What colours does Firmapress come in?

It comes in a range of colours please go to our Firmapress page for more details.

Is it really worth buying my press or should I buy finished products from a supplier?

This is a tough one. If you are going to be selling a very generic product such as Vitamin C tablets then it is probably not worth setting up your own facility.

If on the other hand you are going to be making something very cutting edge or unique then I personally feel that it is worth doing it yourself. Firstly you get to closely control quality which can be vital to business success. Another advantage is that you get to keep your ideas within your business and do not need to worry about them being leaked.

Can you give the full details of the 3 year Warranty

All of the details on our warranty can be found at: https://www.lfatabletpresses.com/warranty/

Are there any actives ingredients that interact or are affected by anything in Firmapress?

Firmapress works with 99% of active ingredients. We cannot guarantee that there won't be a negative reaction between Firmapress and your active ingredient however it is extremely unlikely. As a precaution, we strongly recommend that a small test batch is made up before mixing large amounts of an active ingredients with Firmapress. Never commit to mixing large amounts of active with Firmapress before doing proper tests.

How quickly will the press pay for itself?

Really quickly. The average cost per tablet when getting them made by a contract manufacturer is £0.002 - £0.005 depending on how difficult it is to press and the size of the run. That means a TDP 5 will pay for itself in as little as 380,000 tablets. At 5000 tablets per hour that is just 76 hours.

Can you change/adjust the amount of powder that the machine fills the capsules?

Yes you can. Only up to a point. It uses a force feeder to push the powder in to the capsules and you can adjust the speed of the paddles and the amount of time spent under the filler.

Can I produce tablets without Excipients?

It is unlikely that you will be able to produce tablets without using any Excipients at all. Certain products do bind without Excipients, but then do not flow through the machine. We advise that you use our Firmapress ready mix as this works with 99% of products.

What happens if I do not get my order?

We really appreciate you trusting us with your money. The first thing we will do is re-send the order. It does not matter if it is 1kg of Firmapress or an RTP 41. We will make sure that you get it.

We send all of our items, signed for on a tracked service. We also insure them. If your item still has not turned up or you just want a refund that is fine. We will put in a claim with the postal company and make sure we get the money back.

If you have paid via Pay Pal you will be covered by buyer protection and we will instantly process the refund. If you have sent us the money by Western Union or Bank Transfer then we will need to organise the best way to get it back to you.

Do not worry. We know that our reputation is why 1000’s of customers have picked us over the years. We work hard to make sure that we protect that. Even if it is not our fault if you do not get your product we will send it again or refund you.

Do we price match with other suppliers?

Short answer is no, sorry. At LFA our machines are priced to include the service, warranty and training we supply with them. We make sure that we always have spare parts and will send them to you free of cost.

We have a team of people that have worked with the machines for a long time and are on the telephone or email to teach you how to get the most from your purchase and support you when you need it. Other suppliers in the UK, USA and China do not offer this.

On top of this while our machines may have the same names we are not selling the same items. We have spent the last 7 years working closely with our suppliers to ensure that we get the highest quality possible.

Are your Excipients natural?

Yes, all of our Excipients are extracted from natural sources. For more information please visit the individual product pages.

I use 00# Capsules can this size capsules be used in your machine?

Yes they can. The machine has interchangeable tooling. It can do anything from size 5 - 000. 00 will not be a problem the machines come fitted with them as standard as they are very popular.

If so how many 00# capsules can be filled in an hour.

This will depend on the operator and the powder. You can adjust the filling section of the capsule filler. This means that the filler takes longer forcing more powder in to the capsules. If you have a powder that does not flow well then you will need to set this to longer.

When a new operator starts out on the filler they will be a little bit slow. With in a day or so they should speed up.

So in shot it varies. I would say 10,000 - 20,000 per hour. I know that this is a big gap but it depends on 1) how the powder flows, 2) how much practise the user has and 3) the quality of the capsules (This might sound strange but the biggest time waster in our experience is having to pick out capsules that are stuck together or broken).