TDP 5 Unboxing & Setup

Unboxing TDP 5

Welcome to LFA’s video on unboxing your new TDP 5. In this video we’re going to be covering how your TDP 5 will be delivered, what to look out for and how to initially setup your press.

Upon delivery your TDP 5 will arrive in a wooden shipping crate, before signing ensure that there’s no substantial damage to the outside of the box and if there is, refuse the delivery. Although most of LFA’s products do arrive on time and in good condition, occasionally damaged by the couriers has been reported, it’s difficult for us to file a claim if the item has been signed for in good condition.

When handling your press we also suggest using good lifting practices and safety equipment such as gloves and safety boots where possible. The TDP 5 weighs approximately 125kg so we’d suggest using appropriate lifting equipment.

To get inside of your shipping crate you’ll need a flat head screwdriver and hammer to prise open the clips around the base of the box, first place your screw drive in the band around the base of the box and twist to loosen the metal. Next place your screwdriver or wedge into the clips and prise it downwards, you’ll find 10 of these clips around the base. Finally hammer the clips downwards till they’re 90 degrees. Please keep your shipping crate just incase for any reason you’d like to return your press.

Once the clips have been adjusted simply lift up the box from the base to reveal your tablet press. Your tablet press will be wrapped to ensure it’s protected and sealed.

Remove the wrap around your press and then carefully remove the hopper which is tucked inside.

Inside your hopper you will find your de-jamming bar and your ejection tray, place these to one side and unwrap your hopper.

Your TDP 5 will be attached to the crate base with 3 bolts. Take a spanner and remove the bolts. Your press can be now moved to it’s new position.

It’s also important to do some checks before operating your TDP 5, first check the belt tension to ensure it’s not too loose or too tight. The tension can be adjusted by turning this bolt anti clockwise which will move the motor.

If you find your press has jammed you can use your de-jamming bar by placing it into one of the holes on the drive wheel and reversing the presses cycle. See our other videos for a full guide.

Next remove the 2 bolts from the front of the baseplate using a screwdriver, place the baseplate on and secure with the bolts you just removed.

Take your hopper and put it into place.

Also inside your shipping crate you’ll find your LFA Guide to your TDP press as well as your Warranty Certificate that will have your presses unique serial number, the serial number can also be located on the information plate on your press.

Rotate the fly wheel by hand whilst checking for any debris around the baseplate, die and punches.

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