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Hand Held Presses

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Whether for personal use or R&D LFA has helped 100’s of home users and small business or research departments out with the tools they need.

Home Use

Your body is important. That's why you take the products you do. Your body is also unique and you ultimately know what is best for it. If you are intolerant of lactose or another ingredient, or you want a tablet with a specific formulation then the perfect tablet can be hard to find. In the past, you were restricted to commercially manufactured tablets and had to take what was available. But now, with our Hand Held Presses, the opportunity exists to make your own tablets without having to invest a fortune in a commercial machine.

Coming as a complete kit that gets you making tablets straight away, our exciting and innovative VICE Hand Held tablet press makes home tabletting quick, easy and surprisingly cost-effective. Lightweight, portable, durable and exceptionally attractive, the VICE is a simple-to-use solution for anyone who wants to create their own top quality tablets.

Our Hand Held Pill Press is an extremely affordable introduction to tablet pressing, offering a convenient way to press a few tablets as and when you need them. Pocket sized and ergonomically designed, you can take and use it anywhere.

Moving up the scale, the TDP 0 is a light weight, easy to store tablet press that makes it easy to crank out tablets by hand. If you have to press 100’s of tablets for you regime then this is press is ideal for you.

R&D Departments

Another really popular use of the LFA Hand Held Tablet Press range from LFA is in R&D. We have supplied a number of universities and big brands with tools that they can use at early stage development.

With research becoming ever more competitive it common for people to say “Fail Fast, Fail Often”. While this might be true sometimes we don’t think it has to be. Why should you fail when at LFA we have already done it? At LFA we have seen allot of different projects some of them work and some of them don’t. By buying from us we can become an extension of your team for you to tap into. And if you are working on something we have not seen before and you have to fail then why should it cost the world. Our Hand Held Tablet Presses are affordable to allow you to spend more of you budget where it matters.