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  • TDP 0 Hand Operated Desktop Tablet Press TDP 0 Hand Operated Desktop Tablet Press
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TDP 0 Desktop Tablet Press

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The TDP 0 Tablet Press is an advanced, manually operated pill press that is able to press round tablets up to 12mm in diameter and 6mm thick without the need for electrical power. Thanks to its compact dimensions, light weight and manual operation the TDP 0 is popular in applications that require portability and simplicity of use, including field applications and on work carried out on location.

With interchangeable dies and a useful 15 Kn of pressure, the TDP 0 makes it easy to produce high quality tablets for use in universities, hospitals, laboratories and research institutes in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. It is also ideal for any user who needs to make a small number of tablets, or to create tablets on an ad hoc basis.

Exceptionally cheap to run, as it uses no electric power, and simple to maintain, the TDP 0 is a fast and flexible way to produce small quantities of tablets.

Main benefits at a glance:

  • Small and light weight, making it far more portable than electric powered tablet presses
  • Advanced engineering makes it easy to produce high quality tablets without electricity
  • Up to 12mm diameter round tablets
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Interchangeable dies
  • No running costs
  • Well engineered, reliable machine for a wide range of applications


The striking features of the TDP 0 are its light weight, compact size, easy portability and advanced design that makes it possible to produce good quality tablets without an outside power source. Operating completely without electricity, and with a very efficient mechanism to turn manual power into pressure, the TDP 0 is the perfect tablet press for any application that requires a simple but effective tabletting solution in the field or at a low running cost.

With no ongoing expenses beyond the occasional drop of lubricating oil, the TDP 0 is highly cost effective. Yet it can take a wide range of dies, and produce properly compacted tablets of a high standard.

TDP 0 Tablet Press in Use

Before using the TDP 0 you might imagine that it would require a lot of effort, but nothing could be further from the truth. Once you have installed the die and filled the machine with powder you simply crank the handle. It only takes a modest amount of effort, yet produces first rate tablets. It is easy enough to turn out twenty tablets a minute, and with a little practise you can readily manage forty a minute.

If you want to adjust the tablet thickness or hardness, both are easy to achieve with just a couple of movements.

That really is all there is to it. The machine itself weighs about 24Kg, and is small and compact enough to lift without too much difficulty. Compared to many hundreds of kilos in weight for most large commercial machines, the TDP 0 is a very light weight solution. Certainly, it is light enough to move around a hospital, laboratory or university faculty as needed.

LFA's View

The TDP 0 is a clever piece of engineering that makes it exceptionally easy to churn out tablets at a low cost and in almost any location that has a flat working space. The design is compact and eminently storable when not being used, yet it is highly effective in operation. Stable, surprisingly efficient in its conversion of manual energy into tabletting pressure, and simple to maintain, this is the ideal tablet press for small scale tabletting where the cost and space associated with larger machines cannot be justified. Yet it produces excellent tablets that are strong and durable.

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Name Value
Number of dies 1
Production capacity 30-50/min
Max Diameter of Tablet 10 mm
Thickness of tablet 2-6 mm
Max pressure 15 kN
Number of filling stations 1
Double layered tablet No
Weight 20 kg

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