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Sometimes it is better for small business to outsource. This way they get to concentrate on growing the business while a trusted partner takes care of what they are specialist in. It also saves on large cash outlay.

At LFA we have identified five areas of expertise that we feel we can offer to support you. Contract Manufacturing, Clean Room Setup and Process Consultancy, Onsite Installation, Training and Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs.

Clean Room Consultancy*

As we have helped set up multiple facilities, when it comes to helping you set up yours we know exactly what you are going through. We have worked closely with Environmental Health Officers, the FSA (Food Standards Authority) and the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) in setting up a number of food production facilities.

We also have two members of our team certified as lead external auditors and trained on ISO 22000 TS 22002 and ISO 9001. This means you can trust us to give the right advice when it comes to setting up your facility. We are able to offer GAP analysis services as well as help with FSMS and HACCP plan creation. Finally we have a very solid understanding of the Orange Guide with particular attention paid to chapter 3 with regards to premises and equipment.

So even if you are ultimately looking to produce pharmaceuticals we will be able to insure that your facility is built and fitted out to the required specification.

If you would like to know more on how we can help you produce your ideal environment then please feel free to get in contact.

Onsite Installation

We understand that one of the hardest parts of setting up a new business or upgrading a running one can be the installation of the new equipment. LFA is able to offer onsite installation on all of its machines. Whether you have ordered a TDP 5 Tablet Press or a High Speed Rotary Tablet Press.

We start the process with a short phone call to asses your needs as a company. Once we have done this we will visit your facilities or potential facilities and make notes on access power availability. If necessary at this point we will make recommendations on potential changes you may want to consider. We will also advise on any problems we foresee. This service is different to cleanroom consultancy.

On the day of the delivery we will have a team of our engineers assist you on installing your new piece of equipment. They will make sure that it is PAT tested, wired up correctly and greased and oiled correctly. Finally they will get it started to make sure that everything is up and running.

We have become very competent at insuring on the day of delivery your new machinery is expertly installed and you are left fully understanding how to operate it. Unfortunately we do have two requirements for LFA Tablet Presses to be able to undertake this service. Firstly, this service is subject to a site survey to insure that the task can be completed. Site surveys are charged at £500 ex VAT and Travel. The £500 will then be applied as a credit to any subsequent order. Secondly, for insurance purposes we are currently only able to offer this to companies with their own public liability insurance. If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to get in contact.

Onsite or Offsite Training

Training is critical to any business. Core to LFA’s central idea is that if all of the people we know like you had a chance to bring their ideas to the market there would be allot more choice and innovation. One of the biggest things holding allot of this innovation back is access to training.

We offer a massive range of free tools, videos and blog articles on our website. However we know that there can be no replacement for some face to face time. We know that a few hours of personal tuition can save 100’s of hours in emails and phone calls.

We are able to offer either onsite or offsite training. During this time we will talk you through whatever it is that is holding you back. With onsite training we will travel to you and complete the training at your facility on your machinery. Alternatively in off site training you can come to us and we will teach your team on our demonstration models.

If you have brought your press from us then off site training is free for as many of your team that require it. If you have not brought your press from us then offsite training is charged at £150 per hour. We are able to give training on almost any tablet press.

With our onsite training when we come to you this is charged at £150 per hour including travel time and expenses. We are sorry to say that for insurance purposes we are only allowed to offer onsite training to facilities with public liability insurance.

Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs*

Your job is producing products why not leave the maintenance, servicing and repairs to us.

We hold a very large range for tablet press parts in stock. This way guaranteeing that we are able to provide you with the fastest possible service. When your machinery is not running it is costing you money and damaging your reputation with suppliers. By entrusting LFA Tablet Presses with the maintenance, servicing and repairs on your tablet press you be be sure that it is getting sorted as fast as is possible.

We are able to offer maintenance, servicing or repairs both onsite and off site. With onsite we will travel to you and complete the work at your facility on your machinery. Alternatively in off site maintenance, servicing or repairs you can send you machine to us. We will do the necessary work and send it back to you.

Maintenance. Keeping your tablet, pill or pellet press in good working order is important to getting the most out of it. Regular maintenance on your machinery will insure that you get the longest life possible out of it. In our maintenance checks we will;

  • PAT test the machine.
  • Degrease and clean the entire press.
  • Apply food grade grease and oil to all of the parts.
  • Check all of the parts for wear and advise if they need changing.

This service is offered at £150 per hour depending on the region. (1-2 hours) We charge for all parts that need replacing.

The next support that we can offer you is a service. If you have a machine that is rusty, not been used for a few years, has been playing up we can do a full service. We will complete all of the points covered in a maintenance check but on top of this we will;

  • Inspect and change all brass bearings that are worn.
  • Change drive belts.
  • Inspect tooling.
  • Remove any rust and change or coat parts affected.
  • Run the machine for a couple of hours to ensure there are no further problems.

This service is offered at £150 per hour. This can take 2-10 hours, depending on the machine and the amount of work needed. If we feel that the work required does not justify the value of the machine we will immediately notify you. We charge for all parts that need replacing.

We also offer repairs. If you have a specific problem with your press we are able to help you out. It does not matter if you have brought your press from us or not we are happy to look at the work that you need doing. If you machine has not been brought from us we are not able to guarantee that we will be able to complete the work. Machine repairs are charged at £150 per hour + parts. We will be able to give you a fairly accurate quote within 10 minutes of seeing the machine.

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