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We believe that you have the next biggest breakthrough in your market and we want to support you.

More and more we see the sports nutrition, supplements, pharmaceutical and chemical industries becoming dominated by a few big players. At LFA we do not think that this is healthy for innovation and growth.

To overcome this we have decided to be more transparent, teach and support.


When speaking to our existing customer base one of the major problems that the mentioned about getting set up was information. What press should they buy? How much does it cost? What licenses do they need? Training, shipping, tax? The list went on.

So we have made sure we are the most transparent Tablet Press retailer that we know of. We list all of our prices on our site. They are in multiple currencies so that you can easily work out how much it is going to cost you.

To help shed light on the rest of the industry we publish weekly blogs. In these we cover everything from the design of your tablets, the grease you should be using, common problems faced by producers such as yourself to what are the latest trends in sports nutrition. All of this is free and available online to our community.

Worried about the laws. Don't. Speak to our team to get advice. If we don't know the answer we will speak to Campden BRI or our legal team to find it out for you.

Finally training. On top of the blogs that we publish we post training videos to our website and YouTube. These free videos talk about everything from machine maintenance, mix creation to common problems faced. We do all of this in the aim of making the industries that we work in, with you, more easy to enter.


You have the idea. That does not mean that you always have the in house skills to get your project of the ground. We understand that it can be daunting not knowing the basics.

To overcome this we have free introductory videos for all of our machines. On top of this we are always adding to them. If you have a problem then please get in contact and tell us what our next video should be. If you have had the problem then the chances are that other people have as well.

Whether you have been in tableting, pelleting or pressing pills for 5 minutes, 5 years or 50 years. At LFA we know how important it is to learn, train and keep up to date with changes in your market. So every week we try to release 2-3 new blogs, keeping you upto date with changes in the law, new techniques and best practices. We have an extensive back catalog of articles that are only available on LFA’s site. They are all completely free for you as a member of our community.

Sometimes all of the videos and blogs in the world are no replacement for having someone show you. Whenever you buy a tablet press, pelleting machine, mixer or any other piece of pharmaceutical equipment from LFA we give you free in person training. We know that 2 hours, or even a full day, spent with you now can save 100’s of emails, phone calls and stressful moments.

If you have not brought your machine from us we are still happy to spend time with you or your team. We do charge for this service. If you are stuck, in trouble or simply lost get in contact with us via our contact us page, emailing us or giving us a call and we will set up a time to get you back on track.

Training you is not our only concern. We also spend allot of time training our staff so that they can help you. Our staff have taken ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 courses with SGS. This give them an understanding of Food Safety, HACCP and business quality. All of this information helps them support you. For the second half of 2016 we have planned extensive training in tabletting for all of our key staff. As soon as they qualify we will let you know.

We don’t just worry about paperwork. When it comes down to it our job is providing you with a piece of equipment that you can reliably build your business on. This is why we also make sure that our staff have extensive training in house training, on all of the machines. We back this up with officially recognised qualifications such as PAT testing making sure that the piece of kit you receive is up to the job.


Hopefully you know how genuine we are about supporting you. From the way that we are transparent and open with you to the training we offer it all ties into what LFA is really about. Support. We know that without you we do not have a business. We also know that if we can support you in your growth you will trust us going forward when you need to expand. This allows us to grow our business.

We here at LFA want to start this support right at the beginning in selecting the right kit for what you need. If we don’t think we can supply a quality item at a fair price and support it then we will not supply it. A great example of this is blister packers. We are really good pressing tablets, pellets and pills but we are not so good at packing them. So we simply say “sorry we can't help”. This sometimes leaves our customers disappointed but we think this is better than the alternative.

One tool that we offer for free to help you find out the type of press you need is free online questionnaire. Simply answer the 10 or so questions and it will recommend the ideal press for you.

Once you have joined our community and made a purchase from us here at LFA we follow through with the support. It starts with in house training for you and your team on your new piece of equipment.

We back all of this up with the ongoing support. Any problems with your machinery or mix give us a call. Need help with the maintenance and servicing of your machine, call us email us. Get in contact we are here to help. All of the machines are backed up with parts warranties that range from 180 days to 3 years.

Feel that your tablet press is looking a little tired or not performing how you would like it to? Send it back to us. We will completely refurbish it. This is a paid for service and is open to anyone with any machine from any company

If you have any questions or would just like to talk to someone about how you can take your business or research department to the next level please do get in contact.

Alastair Sanderson

Alastair Sanderson


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