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Powder Mixers efficiently combine raw materials into a consistent powder mix that can be used for tablet making and capsule filling.

To get a good consistent mix it is always recommended to use a powder mixing machine. We provide comprehensive solutions for mixing and blending powders for use when manufacturing tableted, encapsulated or powdered products. At LFA Machines our main goal is to support small businesses like yourselves in getting started. A lot of our customers start by doing research and development or small batches and find the VH mixer to be adequate to get started. 

Our VH mixers are cost-effective, easy to use and convenient. They are the perfect solution for any application that requires you to mix blended batches of powders. We offer options that don't require a major investment in resources and space that a large industrial mixing machinery requires.

Ranging from simple, lab mixers all the way up to our industrial blending machines for large scale commercial outputs we powder blending equipment for every use.

Model VH 8 VH 14 VH 100 VH 200 VH 300 VH 500 RBM 300 RBM 500 RBM 1000 RBM 3000
Barrel Capacity 8L / 0.28 ft³ 14L / 0.49 ft³ 100L / 3.5 ft³ 200L / 7.06ft³ 300L / 10.59ft³ 500L / 17.65ft³ 300L / 10.59ft³ 500L / 17.65ft³ 1000L / 35ft³ 3000L / 105ft³
Approx. Working Capacity (weight) 2.5kg / 5.5lbs 4kg / 9lbs 28kg / 62lbs 55kg / 121lbs 80kg / 175lbs 140kg / 308lbs 80kg / 175lbs 140kg / 308lbs 280kg / 620lbs 840kg / 1850lbs
Approx. Working Capacity (volume) 3.2-4.8L / 0.11-0.17ft³ 5.6-8.4L / 0.2-0.3ft³ 40-60L / 1.4-2.1ft³ 80-120L / 2.8-4.2ft³ 120-180L / 4.2-6.3ft³ 200-300L / 7-10.5ft³ 120-180L / 4.2-6.3ft³ 200-300L / 7-10.5ft³ 400-600L / 14-21ft³ 1200-1800L / 42-63ft³
Agitation Speed (r/min) 60 46 15 12 12 12 52 24 52 35
Mixing Time (min) 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-10 6-10 8-12 15-28 35-50 40-60

Whether you are starting your own small line of supplements or all manufacturing in large batches we can provide you with a ribbon blender or tumble style, VH or IBC mixer that will suit your needs. We can advise you how to install one of our machines into your existing line or help you design a brand new line to match your desired output. Our powder mixer machines are versatile and easy to run and maintain.

Our line up of powder mixers includes 3 separate ranges. The VH-Series are semi-automatic machines that span from 8 litres capacity all the way up to 500 litres. They have asymmetric mixing tubes that ensure an outstanding result, making them a cost-effective solution for any commercial application that uses a dry mixture.

VH and IBC Tumble Mixers

Tumble style mixers like the VH and IBC ranges, gently mix powders by turning the barrel without an agitator bar or blades inside the mixing compartment. 

The VH mixer range goes from 8 to 500 litres, and uses sealed stainless steel tanks that can cope with wet as well as dry raw materials. Simple to clean and GMP compliant, the VH mixer is a versatile mixer that can be easily fitted in to your production line or facility. 

The IBC lab mixer comes in 2 sizes, 50 litres and 100 litres. Using GMP compliant stainless steel mixing tanks, the IBC range is good for mixing small batches in facilities with limited amounts of space. 

RBM Ribbon Blenders

The Ribbon Blenders range from 100 to 3000 litres, and use sealed stainless steel mixing blades and stainless steel tanks that can cope with wet as well as dry raw materials. Simple to clean and GMP compliant, the Ribbon Blenders have an electronic discharge pump that makes them especially easy to empty.

All of our industrial powder mixing machines from LFA Machines come with a 1 year warranty and lifetime customer support. This is all designed to ensure that your idea or product has the best possible chance of becoming a game changer in your industry. Whichever suits your purpose, these powder mixers and blenders are all reliable, rugged workhorses capable of giving years of good service.

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