When it comes to manufacturing tablets, finding the right excipients is vital to ensure a high-quality product. These inert ingredients don’t just significantly influence tablet performance, integrity and shelf-life - they also impact on the efficiency of your tablet making process.

To help you perfect your mix, we offer our own expertly-formulated, all-in-one excipient blend, Firmapress, as well as a range of pharmaceutical-quality flowing and binding agents, glidants and preservatives.

Available in quantities from as little as 1 kg up to bulk quantities, we can make sure you get the exact amount of excipient you need. And because we keep them in stock at our locations around the world, you can rely on us for fast delivery. If you require bulk quantities of any of our excipients, fill out this form and we will provide you with a competitive quote.

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A Trial and Error Approach for Pharmaceutical Excipients could be bosting your Business Time, Money and Customer Confidence

In fact, countless supplement manufacturing companies go out of business before they manage to make a profit. Why? Because they pour so much time and money into trying to optimise their formula that they run out of resources before they can efficiently produce high-quality tablets. 

Truth is, you can have a fantastic business model, effective active ingredients and a top-of-the-range tablet press. But if you’re not using the right excipients, your tablets will always fall short. 

You might find that you’re able to run your press slowly and produce quality tablets. But when you try to ramp up production, you hit some serious production problems. Binding issues cause crumbly tablets that have no chance of remaining intact during transport, and flowing problems can lead to tablets getting stuck in your machines or not ejecting properly.

All of these problems can add up to inconsistent tablets with varying weights. And so your output grinds to a halt and you’re forced to go back to the drawing board to rethink your excipient mix. It’s no wonder excipients cause manufacturing companies some serious frustration. 

High-Quality Excipients Give You Complete Confidence In Your Mix

Armed with the right approach and a reliable excipient mix, you can avoid the unbearable costs of ‘trial and error’. Knowing that you’re able to efficiently produce large quantities of consistent, pharmaceutical grade tablets means that you can start taking orders immediately. 

And as you start to generate cash flow whilst building a loyal base of satisfied customers, your business will really gain momentum. 

Plus, feeling confident in your mix lets you focus on the higher-level activities that really grow your business operations. Whether it’s marketing, enhanced customer service or developing new products, you can invest your resources into the things that make a real, measurable difference.

Industry-Leading Excipient Blends To Take The Stress Out Of Finding The Perfect Formula 

To give businesses the best chance of success when it comes to tablet manufacturing, we developed Firmapress, our own unique all-in-one excipient blend. Extensively researched and expertly formulated, this tabletting mix is guaranteed to work with almost all active ingredients to ensure smooth manufacturing and consistent pharmaceutical grade quality.

And for manufacturers looking to create organic products, we offer our revolutionary Firmapress Organic blend. We saw so many businesses struggle to create organic tablet mixes - it seemed that terrible flowability during production and brittle tablets that fall apart were the price to pay for an organic product.

To solve this, LFA put years of expertise and research into developing a mix that gives the best possible binding properties available from organic ingredients. Using a specialist blend of five simple, natural ingredients that include guar gum, agave fiber and rice fiber - Firmapress Organic helps you make high-quality tablets that hold up, whilst also being USDA certified organic and 100% Halal and Kosher.

Premium Quality Individual Excipients Available In The Quantities You Need 

We know that some customers prefer to create their own custom excipient formulations, which is why LFA also offers a wide range of binding agents, flowing agents, glidants and preservatives that can be bought separately in a huge range of quantities. 

Binding Agents are integral to tablet production, acting as an adhesive to literally bind together dry ingredients and form strong, uniform tablets that won’t easily crumble during ejection, packing and transport. Choosing the right binding agent for your mix will also help to avoid dustiness and reduce segregation. 

LFA offers a wide range of binding agents, including directly compressible sugars such as Dextrose and Sucrose as well as Microcrystalline Cellulose, a highly effective binding agent that doesn’t add flavour or smell to tablets. 

Flow Agents and Lubricants help tablets move through processing steps smoothly, limiting any sticking on the way. As well as preventing clumping, flow agents can help tablets eject from machinery without getting stuck or damaged, ultimately resulting in a more consistent product with a higher physical quality. 

LFA offers Dicalcium Phosphate, a highly effective flowing agent that moves ingredients through machinery before they’re compressed, and Magnesium Stearate, a dry lubricant that also helps tablets eject smoothly.

A Team Of Knowledgeable Experts Ready To Help 

As well as guaranteeing industry-leading quality excipients, LFA can also offer you expert advice on how to best use them. In fact, we have years of experience in helping our customers find the formula that works for them. We’d love to hear from you and see if we can help you develop your optimal tabletting mix. 

The bottom line is that knowledgeable use of excipients can have a huge impact on the efficiency of your production process as well on your tablets’ integrity and performance. And these factors have a big part to play in your product’s reputation and your business’s profitability.

So, if you’re ready to streamline your production and ensure that your customers are consistently getting industry-leading products that they keep coming back to buy, order from LFA today.

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