Fructose, DC

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  • Perfect for making chewable tablets, mints and gum
  • Versitile excipient acting as a binder and flowing agent
  • Very sweet powder, able to hide unpleasant or bitter tastes

Discover the benefits of LFA Machines' Fructose DC - a directly compressible form of fructose tailored for tablet creation. Bypassing the need for extra binders or flowing agents, Fructose DC's unique granulation ensures easy compression. With exceptional binding properties, it promises robust, consistent tablets. Its natural sweetness adds an edge, eliminating the need for added sweeteners. Choose Fructose DC for efficiency, quality, and a delightful taste in tablet manufacturing.

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Fructose DC is a cutting-edge, directly compressible form of fructose crafted to elevate your tablet production to new heights. If you’re looking for an excipient that simplifies your tablet production process without compromising on quality, LFA Machines’ Fructose DC is for you. Whether it’s for dietary supplements, confectionery, or therapeutic tablets, its consistency and compressibility make it ideal for a range of applications.

Fructose DC has been granulated so that it can be directly compressible, eliminating the need for additional binders or flowing agents in your formulation. Renowned for its binding properties, Fructose DC forms tablets that are robust and uniform. All you have to do is add this excipient to your active ingredient, and your formulation will be able to be directly compressed into a tablet.

Main Benefits of Fructose DC

  1. Versatility in Application: Whether you're manufacturing dietary supplements, confectionery, or therapeutic tablets, Fructose DC's remarkable consistency and adaptability make it a top choice. Its properties ensure that regardless of your specific application, you're equipped with an excipient that enhances your product's quality.

  2. Advanced Granulation: Through research and the latest processing techniques, Fructose DC has been refined to a granularity that supports direct compression. No longer will manufacturers have to rely on or juggle multiple excipients for their formulations. The elimination of the need for extra binders or flowing agents means a streamlined, more efficient, and cost-effective formulation process.

  3. Exceptional Binding Capabilities: Beyond its direct compressibility, what sets Fructose DC apart is its binding capabilities. Tablets manufactured using this excipient are not only strong but exhibit a consistent and professional finish. This ensures longevity, reduces breakage in transit, and promises a positive end-user experience.

  4. Natural Sweetening Power: Fructose is inherently sweeter than many other sugars. This means you require less of it to achieve the same level of sweetness. When incorporated into tablets, Fructose DC not only aids in structural integrity but also imparts a pleasant, natural sweetness without the need for additional sweetening agents.

This excipient also possesses the sweetness of natural fruit sugars with a lower glycemic index, improving your formulation’s taste and reducing the need for other sweeteners or sugars in your formulation. Fruit sugar, or fructose, is a monosaccharide with the chemical formula C6H1206. It has a glycemic index of around 19±2, meaning that it has a lesser impact on blood sugar levels compared to other sugars. Its unique chemical structure contributes to its sweet taste, which is often perceived as sweeter than glucose.

LFA Machines’ Fructose DC distinguishes itself in the expansive realm of tablet excipients. Our Fructose DC is a fusion of functionality and quality with its combination of direct compressibility, excellent binding properties, and natural sweetness. With our Fructose DC, you can count on tablets that are high quality in both structure and taste. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, Fructose DC promises to revolutionize your production process.

If you need bulk quantities of Fructose DC, simply reach out to our team for a customized quote. Understanding the unique needs of our customers, LFA Machines ensures that receiving bulk quantities of Fructose DC is hassle-free and cost-effective. Whether you're a large-scale manufacturer with substantial requirements or a growing business looking to scale up production, we are well-equipped to meet your demands. Take the next step in elevating your tablet production and reach out for a personalized quote today.


Calories per Gram 4
Sweetness Index (Compared to Sucrose, which is 1 on the scale) 1.7
Glycemic Index 23
Description Free-flowing White Powder
Mean Particle Size 340 micron
Bulk Density 0.56 g/cc
Moisture 0.80%
Tapped Bulk Density 0.65 g/cc
Carr Index 17.6
Hausner Ratio 1.27
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