Stearic Acid

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  • Excellent Lubricant
  • Strong Binding Properties
  • Decrease Tablet Sticking
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Stearic Acid from LFA Machines is the perfect solution for sticky products or those with high ejection forces. Stearic Acid powder is a dry-lubricant that will help dry powders not stick to the metal on your Tablet Press, Capsule Filler or even Powder Mixer.

Stearic Acid is widely used in oral pharmaceutical, confectionary and supplemental tablets as a lubricant. Due to Stearic Acids composition, it can also aid in the binding of a tablet, ensuring that you will always be delivered a strong and durable tablet.

Magnesium Stearate which is another very common powder lubricant is actually derived from Stearic Acid and adding Magnesium Salts. The benefit of using Stearic Acid over Magnesium Stearate is the amount you can use. With typical formulations, you want to not exceed 2% of Magnesium Stearate in a formula, or you may experience tablet capping. With Stearic Acid, we have seen positive results of using up to 7% in formulas without any negative results. While this does depend on the formula, this high amount of lubrication is amazing for formulas including large amounts of sugars, kratom or other sticky products.

This product is generally the top choice as a dry lubricant Additionally, as a mineral comfortable in the human body it can be consumed safely on a regular basis. It might be the perfect excipient for your product.

If you have formulation questions then please do reach out to our team

Calories per Gram 9.5
Molecular formula C18H36O2
CAS Number 57-11-4
Description Powder, Opaque, Waxy, Fine, White
Bulk Density 0.253g/cm3
Loss Of Moisture On Drying 0.20%
Tapped Bulk Density 0.38g/cm3
Carr's Index 33.46
Hausner Ratio 1.5
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