Who is covered

This Limited Warranty (“Warranty”) is given only to the original end user/retail purchaser (referred to in this Warranty as the “Original Purchaser”) of the accompanying product, consumables and accessories (collectively referred to in this Warranty as the "Product”).

If you purchased a product from someone other than LFA Machines, or if the product was used (including, but not limited to, floor models or a refurbished product from someone other than LFA Machines) prior to your purchase, you are not the Original Purchaser, and the product that you purchased is not covered by this Warranty.

What is covered

Everything. We cover every part of every machine that we sell, subject to the conditions outlined below.

What is the length of the Warranty?

Desk Top Tablet Presses: One year from the original purchase date.

Rotary Tablet Presses: One year from the original purchase date.

Capsule Fillers: One year from the original purchase date.

VH Mixers: One year from the original purchase date.

Granulators: One year from the original purchase date.

All other machines from LFA: 180 days from the original purchase date.

What is NOT covered by the Warranty?

This Warranty does not cover:

1) Damage caused by improper installation, improper or abnormal use, misuse, neglect or accident (including but not limited to transporting this Product without the proper preparation and/or packaging).

2) Damage resulting from the use of non LFA Machines parts.

3) Punch dies / tooling for tablet presses.

4) Problems arising from anything other than defects in materials or workmanship.

5) Warranty is void if any 3rd party modifications are made to the machine or part

Please do get in contact regardless of whether or not you are covered by the Warranty, and we shall do whatever we can to get you back in business as soon as we possibly can.

What to do if you think your Product is eligible for warranty:

Get in contact with us. You can do this via our website www.lfatabletpresses.com, or by emailing us at: [email protected]. You need to get in contact with us within the applicable warranty period.

What LFA Machines will ask you to do

We will ask you to send a description of the problem and a digital photo of the part that you think is defective. If you are unable to find the fault, then you can send the item back to LFA Machines. This must be done at your own expense. We will then fault-find to work out what has gone wrong and quote for the repairs. You are responsible for the cost of shipping, packing the Product, and insurance (if you desire). You are also responsible for loss or damage to this Product in shipping. So please use a good shipping agent with a tracking number.

What LFA Machines will do:

We will work our hardest to get the parts to you as soon as we possibly can. If the problem reported concerning your Machine is covered by this warranty and if you reported the problem to LFA Machines within the applicable warranty period,

LFA Machines will replace the faulty parts or entire machine at no charge to you. LFA Machines reserves the right to supply a refurbished or remanufactured replacement Machine and/or refurbished parts provided such replacement products conform to the manufacturer’s specifications for new product/parts. The repaired or replacement Machine and/or parts will be returned to you freight prepaid or made available for you to pick up at LFA Machines.


LFA Machines shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or specific relief.


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Tooling For Tablet Presses - Are the wearparts that compress that tablets, as defined here: https://www.lfatabletpresses.com/products/tablet-press-tooling

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