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Why You Should Make Your Own Supplements


Why should you make your own supplements?

For a start its actually very simple to do. All you need are the tools and the ingredients. Obviously you need recipes but you can find these online really easily.

You may be thinking "but will it save me that much money?" and the answer yes!. After you have bought the tools you can save over 90%. Say you spend $100 a month on supplements you can save over $1000 a year.

Above all else you get the flexibility to personalize your supplements based on your body type, bodyweight, age, exercise levels, and personal goals. Your goals are probably vastly different to someone that weighs half your weight.

How do you make your own sports supplements?

Right off the bat you have to ask yourself what type of supplement you want to make:

  • Mass Gainers;
  • Energy/Pre Workout Aids;
  • Muscle Builders;
  • Fat Burners;
  • Sports Performance;
  • Post Workout Recovery;

Then you need to find the ingredients that match your goals. You can find loads of individuals recommendations online or you can buy books on Amazon that have tons of recipes in.

As soon as you what you want to make and have the recipe, you need the ingredients and necessary tools. You need three simple things to make your own supplements. The active ingredient, the binding agents and a tablet press.

The Active Ingredient

An active ingredient is the main ingredient inside the tablet or capsule e.g. Caffeine or Green Tea. You can find loads of raw ingredients in supplement stores or online.

The Binding Agent

Firmapress is a simple easy to use "All in one" binding agent. This basically means all you have to do is take your active ingredient and mix it with Firmapress and you will be good to go.

Tablet Press

For making supplements just for yourself you can use a Handheld Tablet Press. For a full tutorial on how to use a handheld press watch our video.

Once you have all of these, you have to make your own formula. This is made simple with our "Tablet Mix Calculator" in the tools and resources section of our member’s area. Our Members area is completely free and there is no need to make a purchase to use it. Simply register an account and you will have instant access. After you have worked out how much of each ingredient you want in each of your supplements you make a small mix and start pressing the tablets. It's that simple.

Making your own supplements stops you having to take ingredients that aren't right for you body or goals. It also saves you loads of money and keeps the cost of achieving your goals down.

If you have any questions on how to use any of our products feel free to get in contact.