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The Beginner's Guideline To Tableting: How To Make Your Own Tablet Supplements Today

In today’s article we are going to show you how to create your own tablets from home exactly step-by-step so if you ever wondered what is needed to go through this process you are definitely at the right place.

How to Change a Die

If you have never changed a die or you need to refresh your knowledge, this How-To will tell you to step by step how to change your TDP die. There is a diagram of a desktop press at the bottom to help you identify the location of the parts you will need to remove during this process.

What is the best type of dehumidifier to use when manufacturing tablets?

Even the simplest form of pharmaceutical manufacturing process can involve a range of process steps before the product is packaged and shipped to the consumer.These may include:

Water-soluble binding agents

The manufacturing of a tablet includes compressing a drug with several excipients. Mere compaction of a dry powder between two punches yields a tablet that easily crumbles.

Humidity – how much is required for tablet making?

Poor environmental control, particularly in terms of air humidity can directly affect the pharmaceutical production line in a number of ways. Levels of humidity below 45%RH will allow electrostatic charges to build up in machinery and materials.

Protection beyond the packaging (how to keep moisture out of tablets)

There are many factors to be considered in the quest for drug quality assurance.These include environmental moisture, stability and packaging solutions.If all of these aspects are addressed throughout the manufacturing and storage processes, the product can be isolated and protected from all possible threats to quality and efficacy.

Procedure for Moving Desktop Tablet Presses

1) Ensure that anyone moving the press is wearing the correct protective clothing. This may include:

  • Steel toe boots
  • Heavy duty grip gloves
  • Back support belt

Validation of dry mixing and tablet production processing

Validation is establishing documented evidence which provides a high degree of assurances that a specific process or equipment will consistently produce a product or result meeting its predetermined specifications and quality attributes.This article focuses on the process of dry mixing of powders, as one of the steps in producing tablets.Validation can therefore be applied to the dry mixing process itself, as well as the overall manufacture of tablets.

Reducing Powder Segregation – a big issue especially in vacuum conveying systems

Powders and granules can be used as dosage forms in their own right, but by far the greatest use of granules and powders in the pharmaceutical industry is as an intermediate during the manufacture of compressed tablets.

Preventing Cross Contamination In Pharmaceutical Production Process

There are several ways to prevent cross contamination during production and below are some ways to do so. Before starting, line clearance should be performed as per the SOP of the company. Do a checklist and record. Check to see if any starting materials are missing, previous record documents, product residues and product itself. Practice a closed system when handling the materials.

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