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The Top 5 Problems Encountered in Developing Your Formula for Tablets and Capsules

Making your own formulations for tablets and capsules can be a complex process with many challenges. In this article, we will explore the top problems people encounter when developing their own formulations. We will also provide insights and strategies to overcome these challenges. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned pharmaceutical entrepreneur, this article will provide valuable insights and tips for making your own formulations for tablets and capsules.

J-Hooks and Punch Tip Wear— Why It's Bad News for Your Tablets

Have you noticed broken or fractured tablets come out of your press? It may be due to punch wear. Read this article to see what to look for when inspecting tablet press punches for wear and how it can prevent putting a hold on your production.

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​What Are Flavored Gelatin Capsules

When it comes to choosing your capsules, have you ever heard of flavored gelatin capsules? It might conjure images of natural health practitioners or drug pharmacists; that said, average people could also purchase these capsule types. Flavored capsules has its advantages such as helping disabled individuals to take their medication and other benefits as well. In order to have an in-depth knowledge about flavored capsule, we have compiled some advantages of it below that you will find useful.

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The Beginner's Guideline To Tableting: How To Make Your Own Tablet Supplements Today

In today’s article we are going to show you how to make your own pills from home exactly step-by-step so if you ever wondered what is needed to go through this process you are definitely at the right place.

Tablet Press Efficiency At Batch Sizes

Rotary Tablet Press Efficiency Per Batch Size

A big factor in choosing your Rotary Tablet Press will be the batch sizes you intend to produce with it.

While it might seem that the machine with the most output should finish every batch size in first, the table below demonstrates that is not the case.

The larger the machine the more parts there are to clean meaning the higher the labour costs.


How A TDP 5 Helped A Business Go Viral

Over the years we have seen a lot of entrepreneurs with unique ideas buy small machines like the TDP 5 or the DTP 25 to do R&D and they often develop into really successful businesses. One of those companies is Bite and its founder, Lindsay. Lindsay created a toothpaste tablet that is preventing mountains of empty toothpaste cartons from building up each week in landfills or oceans. In summer 2018, women's health released this promotional video

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Different Wire Mesh Sizes And Its Conversions

In the pharmaceutical industry, sieves and screens are commonly used in determining the size of the raw materials. The most common way to measure the sieves and screens is by meshes. On the average, about 40 to 400 sieves are used in the industry especially during the milling and sifting of the raw materials.

Some multi tip tooling from LFA

Why Press 1 When You Can Press 8 for the Same Price

Multi-tip tooling equipment is not new in tablet making, in fact it has been used for more than a century. In the early years 1900s single station tablet presses could be fitted with multi-tip punches that could press two or more tablets at a time to help increase the production rate and at the same time lower labour costs, energy, reduce maintenance and conserve factory space.

Some products from a supplement company

Why You Should Start A Supplement Company

Thinking about starting your own business? It's exciting but can also be slightly daunting. First finding the product or service you want to sell. Then raising capital, doing marketing, finding customers, sorting all the legal side of things. It all adds up and can appear complex and thats before you've even started.

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Why You Should Make Your Own Supplements

First and foremost, making your own supplements is surprisingly simple to do. All you need are the tools and the ingredients. Of course recipes will also be required, but these can be found online with very little difficulty.

You may be thinking "but will it save me that much money?" and the answer yes! After the initial payments for the tools, it is possible to save over 90%. An individual who spends $100 a month on supplements could save over $1000 a year.

A batch number on a bottle of capsules

Why Do We Need to Batch Produce and use Batch Numbers?

A batch, according to the US FDA, means a specific quantity of a drug or other material that is intended to have uniform character and quality, within specified limits, and is produced according to a single manufacturing order during the same cycle of manufacture. A batch therefore is a specific amount of an API or other material that is processed in one or more ways so as to demonstrate homogeneity of the product.

A picture showing where tablet technology is heading

Where Tableting Technology Is Heading

The industry has been undergoing revolution lately with the increase in the number of patents expiring and the growth of generic producers as well as increase in contract manufacturers. Another force is the increase in the competition with developing markets and other companies that are relocating their facilities to take advantage of these.

A range of tablet press tooling

What Are the Right Punches and Dies?

What Is The Right Compression Tooling Equipment To Use

Tablet manufacturers need to choose the right compression tools to ensure that high quality tablets are produced. Before equipment is purchased therefore, it is important to establish good communication between manufacturer and equipment supplier.

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What Are The Different Oral Liquid Dosage Form

The oral liquids are homogenous liquid preparations, which contain an emulsion, solution and suspension of one or more active ingredients that are suitable as liquid base. These preparations are administered either as is or after dilution. The preparations contain other substances such as emulsifying, dispersing, solubilizing, stabilizing, suspending, wetting, thickening agents and antimicrobial properties for preservation.

Wet Granulation Process Overview

Wet Granulation Process Overview

In wet granulation, powders are bound together using adhesives rather than compacting motion. As more liquid is added to the mix, bridges form between the particles, which increase the tensile strength of bonds.

The process of wet granulation includes the massing of mix dry powders with granulating fluid. The fluid contains solvent, which can easily be removed when dried. The fluid should be non-toxic and may include water, isopropanol, ethanol and methylene; they can be used alone or combined with other solvents.

Water-soluble binding agents

Water-soluble binding agents

The manufacturing of a tablet includes compressing a drug with several excipients. Mere compaction of a dry powder between two punches yields a tablet that easily crumbles.

Vial Washing Machine – Importance Of Validation Of Vials

Vial Washing Machine – Importance Of Validation Of Vials

In sterile pharmaceutical preparations such as required for injectable dosage forms, the drugs are often supplied in glass vials. These should be cleaned before filling, and although automatic vial washing machines may be used to clean vials, it is important to have the cleaning process validated. The efficiency of the washing machine and process is verified by performing several tests, as follows.

Is A Vegetarian Capsule Much Better than One Made of Gelatin?

Is A Vegetarian Capsule Much Better than One Made of Gelatin?

Capsules are the preferred way for many people in taking their medications or even vitamin supplements. Not only does it dissolve quickly, it is also easy to fill for both commercial and home consumption. When it comes to having it compared with other ways of taking drugs, the capsules are not affected by the formulation inside it and thus do not affect the drug effectivity.

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