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Capsule Dosage Forms – Hard Gelatin, Soft Gelatin, Modified Release and Enteric

Although LFA Tablet Presses does not sell capsules or capsule fillers we do feel that it is very important to provide our customers with as much information as possible. In this article we discuss the types of capsules and the their potential applications.

Overview Of Lyophilization Of Pharmaceutical Products

There are different products that are classified as parenteral and as some are unstable in solution form, they are being lyophilized. The process helps increase the shelf life of these products. In this article we look at how to best achieve this.

What Is The Importance Of Blend Uniformity In The Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, it is important that blend uniformity be achieved. If there is poor uniformity, the product can be rejected based on weight or punch pressure causing loss of revenue to the your business. In this article we talk about how to overcome this problem.

The Different Dosage Forms Manufactured In The Industry

A drug is defined as a mixture of compounds used in the pharmaceutical industry to treat and prevent diseases. The different drug forms help health care providers to administer the drug safely. In this article LFA discusses the different forms of drug dosing and how best you can use them in your business.

Different Ways To Administer Drug

Although LFA Tablet Presses specializes in Pill Presses and Tableting Equipment we understand that this is not always the best method of delivery. In this article we look into the other options available to you as a business with which to package and deliver your product.

An Overview Of The Fluidized Bed Dryer

The Fluidized bed dryer is common in the pharmaceutical industry and widely used during the granulation process where granules undergo the drying process. The dryer allows the manufacturer to obtain the desired moisture content for the tablet formulation.

Different Lubricants Approved For Pharmaceutical Machine Use

The use of lubricants during manufacturing is crucial as it minimizes the friction between the different parts of the machine. Reducing friction is important as it can cause heating between parts. Adding lubricants also help reduce the tendency of parts to rust and decrease load in the machine.

Pharmaceutical User Requirement Specification Of Equipment

The URS or User Requirement Specification is a document that contains buyer’s requirements concerning the equipment that they would like to purchase. The Equipment User Department prepares the URS and then sends it to the equipment manufacturer to follow. There are some points to consider when making the URS for pharmaceutical companies.

How To Create A Factory Acceptance Test FAT Protocol

Before shipping, it is imperative that the vendor does a proper Factory Acceptance Test or FAT in order to prevent any problems during the product installation. Below is a sample of what should be indicated in the FAT protocol.

Different Stainless Grades For Pharmaceutical Equipment

A variety of stainless steel grade material is available in the market today but not all of them are used in the pharmaceutical industry. As pharmaceutical products tend to be sensitive, the material that will be used should be non-reactive when it is exposed to active excipients.