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Is A Vegetarian Capsule Much Better than One Made of Gelatin?

Capsules are the preferred way for many people in taking their medications or even vitamin supplements. Not only does it dissolve quickly, it is also easy to fill for both commercial and home consumption. When it comes to having it compared with other ways of taking drugs, the capsules are not affected by the formulation inside it and thus do not affect the drug effectivity.

When purchasing empty capsules, one can choose from – a vegetarian or the more traditional gelatin caps. Although both can be used easily, preference depends on the needs of the consumer and knowing the benefits of each type would help you make a smart decision when it comes to buying one.

Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin is the most common material used in capsule production as not only is it more affordable; it can also be made available in different varieties such as color, size and flavor. That said, gelatins are made from animal by-products specifically collagen. The collagen is produced from the connective tissues of the animal, which can be an issue for consumers who prefer not to eat animal type products or have dietary restrictions preventing them from consuming such products. Although the percentage of people who have restrictions with their preferences is not big, capsule makers should consider this one major factor.

Gelatin capsules are also ideal for powdered formulation as liquid based formulations are not compatible with the gelatin capsule and should be taken into consideration when choosing the capsule type to use.

Vegetarian Capsules

One of the advantages of taking vegetarian capsule is that it is not made of animal byproducts. These capsule types are suitable for individuals who have dietary or religious restrictions, which prevents them from consuming animal source products. Vegetarian capsules are also classified as Halal or Kosher products, which is important for many individuals, and since it also comes in a variety of size and color, it can increase the manufacturer’s customer base.

The main ingredient used for the capsule is cellulose especially if the formulation has a semi- solid and/or gel composition. It also has no known potential health hazards even when taken for prolonged period, as it is nontoxic and 100 natural.


Before purchasing your empty capsules, it is important to know your intended market as each capsule has its own advantages and disadvantages. That said, each capsule comes in different sizes, shapes and applications and therefore knowing your formulation would help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing your capsules.

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