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​What Are Flavored Gelatin Capsules


When it comes to choosing your capsules, have you ever heard of flavored gelatin capsules? It might conjure images of natural health practitioners or drug pharmacists; that said, average people could also purchase these capsule types. Flavored capsules has its advantages such as helping disabled individuals to take their medication and other benefits as well. In order to have an in-depth knowledge about flavored capsule, we have compiled some advantages of it below that you will find useful.

Healthier and Stress Free Pets

Alternative medicine has grown quite significantly in the past few years and have now grown to include the pet industry. We all know how difficult it is to have pets take their medication and it can be stressful to them as well. Not only are the medications expensive, battling with your pet and finding the medicine spat out can get any pet owner disgruntled. That said, having the medication inside a flavored capsule makes the job easier. Some companies developed capsules that taste like chicken, pork and beef making it easier for pet owners to give the medication to their pets.

Time Sensitive Capsules

Another benefit to pet owners is that the flavored gelatin can be the outer covering for another capsule inside. For example, if the pet owner needs to give two medications to the pet, they can use a large flavored capsule hiding the other capsule inside. The outer coating will dissolve first and after a few minutes, the second one would start dissolving as well.

Color Coded Capsules

Flavored capsules can also be color-coded, which makes it easier for individuals who have kids or patients with disability. We all know how difficult it is to have kids take their medicines and by having different colors and flavors, they would be encouraged to take the medicine or supplements. Having color-coded capsules can also help one to determine which capsules to take at a particular time of the day.

For visually impaired individuals or those with low vision, color-coded and flavored ones can make it easier for them as they can rely on their sense of smell to determine which capsules should be taken. Some manufacturers also manufacture capsules with Braille prints on it making it easier for blind people to determine which pills they should take.

Pain-free Experience

Some people absolutely hate taking medicine, as it tastes terrible. Many medicines taste bitter and some smell pungent making the experience terrifying especially for small kids. Instead of dealing with this problem every single day, flavored capsules make it easier for these consumers to take the medication and if one is using a favorite flavor like coffee, grapes or even bubblegum, one can turn this experience into an absolute pain- andstress-free one.

Business Potential

For those individuals who are into the business of dispensing supplements ordrug-formulated capsules, producing a favorite flavor can increase your profit. Americans love their bacon and any bacon-related products tend to be preferred. If you have a little sense of humor, then producing a bacon flavored capsule can increase not only your profit but also your customer base. After all, who doesn’t love bacon, right?