Importance of Pressure Differential In The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

Importance of Pressure Differential In The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

The pressure differential is the difference of the atmospheric pressure between the production area and its surrounding. It is measured in pascal using the magnetic pressure gauge.

Importance Of Separating Manufacturing Process For Penicillin And Non-Penicillin

Importance Of Separating Manufacturing Process For Penicillin And Non-Penicillin

First discovered in 1928 by Alexander Fleming, penicillin is now one of the most common drug used to help cure patients from bacterial infections. The beta lactam ring of the penicillin is the one responsible for the drug’s anti-microbial activity, which many of the antibiotics medicine have.

Cut Depth and Cut Land Of Tablet Press Tooling

Importance of Punch Length and Cup Depth

Manufacturing tablets that have uniform shape, size, thickness and hardness requires that the press punches used be of similar length. This article talks briefly about how one can determine the punch length, correct measurement as well as the effects of wear and tear.

What Is The Importance Of Blend Uniformity In The Pharmaceutical Industry

What Is The Importance Of Blend Uniformity In The Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, it is important that blend uniformity be achieved. If there is poor uniformity, the product can be rejected based on weight or punch pressure causing loss of revenue to the your business. In this article we talk about how to overcome this problem.

White analog Thermometer and Hygrometer with photography equipments.

Hygrometer And Its Importance in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Hygrometers are important devices in the pharmaceutical world as it measures the relative humidity of the atmosphere, which can affect the products during the manufacturing process. The device includes two thermometer – the dry and the wet bulb. The dry bulb remains dry while a cotton wick that is dipped in water surrounds the wet bulb. In the measurement of humidity, the wet bulb plays an important role.

Hygrometer, blue background

Humidity Vs. Relative Humidity – What is the Difference

The term humidity and relative humidity has been used interchangeably and some people would even think that both of the terms mean the same. Although both may mean measuring the presence of water in the air, the difference lies in the method by which the measurement is taken.

Hydrocodone Pills and Prescription Bottles Under Spot Light.

How to solve Tablet Chipping

The chipping occurs when the edges of the tablets break during the press process or during the handling and coating. Find the Causes And Remedies Of Chipping Related To Formulation Are As Follows

How To Operate And Clean Metal Detectors

How To Operate And Clean Metal Detectors

An article with bullet points to help you learn how to operate metal detectors and properly clean them.

Rotary tablet press tooling specifications

Tablet Tools – How To Check and Measure Your Tooling

It is time consuming and expensive for tablet manufacturers to inspect tooling equipment. That said, advancements in technology have made in-process inspections easier to carry out. Here we discuss some of the main technological developments that have facilitated an easier and less costly in-process inspection.

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How To Make Your Own Supplements

How To Make Your Own Supplements

Nowadays, it is easy to make your own supplements and vitamins. It may sound complex but actually is quite easy and much more affordable than store brought supplements. To make one’s own supplements, all one needs is an empty capsule made of gelatin or K-capsvegetarian, a capsule machine and the herbs or supplements that one wants to add to the mix.

industrial metal work machining process by cutting tool

​Tablet Tooling – How To Get The Biggest Punch

As the influx of new products invade the tablet press industry today, tablet manufacturers together with tooling vendors are constantly innovating the tablet compression technology. The article below discusses how the industry uses technology in determining the maximum compression force for tooling equipment.

Protocol File With A Calculator On A Desk

How To Create A Factory Acceptance Test FAT Protocol

Before shipping, it is imperative that the vendor does a proper Factory Acceptance Test or FAT in order to prevent any problems during the product installation. Below is a sample of what should be indicated in the FAT protocol.

Gelatin capsules

How Gelatin Capsules Are Made

As our world becomes more connected and information is shared quite easily in the internet today, people are more curious about where their food comes from. One question that begs to be answered is where gelatin capsules are made of and this is an interesting especially for individuals who pay attention to what they eat. Gelatin capsules are made of natural ingredients and below are some interesting things on how the capsules are manufactured.

How to Change a Die

How to Change a Die

If you have never changed a die or you need to refresh your knowledge, this How-To will tell you to step by step how to change your TDP die.

There is a diagram of a desktop press at the bottom to help you identify the location of the parts you will need to remove during this process.

Guide To Multi-Tip Tooling Equipment

Guide To Multi-Tip Tooling Equipment

The multi tooling equipment has long been used in the pharmaceutical industry and has been in existence for more than 150 years. During the start of the tablet compression industry, companies use single station presses during production and these were outfitted with multi-tipto improve and increase production volume. Aside from volume output, multi-tip tooling also reduces energy, labour, maintenance and requirement for expansion of production areas. In the late 1800’s, a new tooling, the 16-station rotary tablet press was introduced, reducing the need for the single station and multi-tip tooling.

A man in a laboratory background holding a box for a dispatch

Guide to the Packing Process For Pharmaceutical Companies

The packing process is an integral part of the manufacturing process for pharmaceutical products. Below is a summary of good practices that may help streamline the packing process.

Good Manufacturing Practices that any Pharmaceutical Company Should Observe

Good Manufacturing Practices that any Pharmaceutical Company Should Observe

This article covers general GMP procedures. Including QA staff must do a round of the plant area making sure that the plant adheres to the cGMP and fill up the checklist provided by the company. Head or In-charge personnel should review the plant audit and discuss this with the person in charge of the plant after which the audit report will be closed.

GMP Qualifications And Validations In The Pharmaceutical World

GMP Qualifications And Validations In The Pharmaceutical World

The principles of GMP are a follows, the structure, device and equipment should be designed, installed, placed, operated and maintained as per its intended use and purpose. Integral system whose consistency in performance and having an impact to product quality should be validated whenever appropriate such as the air handling system, water purification, compressed air system and stem system.

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