Handheld Pill Press Tutorial

Introducing LFA’s Hand Held Pill Press

The Handheld Pill Press is perfect for an enthusiast that wants to know what goes into their tablets.

With its small size and detachable magnet handles, the hand held pill press is extremely portable.

The handheld pill press produces tablets 10mm in diameter and the thickness is determined by the amount of powder and inserts used.

First take the middle section and and screw on partially one of the end pieces.

Now take the one of the 3rd largest inserts and place inside the press, followed by your tablet mix.

Once your tablet mix has been added, place the rest of the inserts inside starting with the smallest working upwards and then partially screw on the other end cap.

Place your magnet handles on the end and start to apply pressure. Evenly turn the handles until they won’t freely turn again applying as much pressure as possible.

This will bind the tablet together.

Undo the first end cap and remove the first insert.

Now remove the 2nd end cap and remove the 2nd insert, in it’s place put in the first insert you removed and then the 2nd insert back on top.

Place one of the end caps back on and turn, this will gently eject the tablet.

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