Today, I'm going to be making brown sugar tablets, crystalline brown sugar tablets, with Firmapress as my main binding agent, which contains Magnesium Stearate to add a shine.

So the first thing that I'm going to do, is I'm going to pop on my scales. And I'm going to take an amount of the active ingredient. Now, I want a 0.1 of my active ingredient, so pop that in there. And then to that, I'm going to add a 0.1 of green dye, and then I am going to double the amount of binding agent to the amount of active ingredient and color I have. So far, I've got 0.2 in there, so I'm going to add 0.2 of binding agent. And then I'm going to add just the smallest dash of magnesium stearate, just literally a little tip. And I'm not even going to put it all in there, just a little dash. Then, I'm going to take that mix, and I'm going to tap it down into the corner, really going to give it a good old mix.

There's probably easier ways of doing this, but inside a bowl or something that you can get to, just so you can really move it around. And you'll know that you've mixed it correctly, because you won't be able to see white anymore. You'll just be able to see a smooth color, depending on what color Firmapress you've put in there. On the webpage, you'll be able to see that we also sell purple, orange, red, yellow, and other various colors. If you have an actual color request that we don't stock on the website, feel free to use the contact us page to get in contact with us and let us know what you're thinking, and we'll see what we can knock out for you. So there we go. We have our active ingredient, our binders, and our colors all mixed together there. So the next thing that I'm going to do, is I'm going to prepare the handheld press.

First, you take the center section and you block off one end using the biggest of all of the dyes. Then, you add your mix, which is easiest if you have a little piece of paper around. So just pop it into the paper, use it as a funnel guide. Once you've familiarised yourself with the press, you might be able to do up to 60 tablets an hour, maybe 100 an hour if you get really efficient [SP] on. But to be honest, this is more for the recreational home user than for industrial purposes. So once you've added your active ingredient, just pull out your bottom dye a little so that it's just hanging loose, but not so much that the powder can escape, and apply your bottom cap. Just a few turns, but not tight. The next thing you'll want to do is start adding your dyes from the top. Start to add the smaller ones first, just build it up.

Then, the very last ones that you want to pop on is one of the biggest ones. Now, you need to be able to move that bigger one a little bit further down. So we're just going to loosen off this end a bit until we can get a little bit of black sticking out this end, and it isn't quite as tight on the other end. Next thing you need to do is apply your cap for the opposite end, and attach both of your handles, which come with little magnetic inserts to help keep them in place. Then, just slowly start tightening it up. Try to make sure that neither of the caps actually buffer with the middle section, otherwise, I find it can become really problematic getting it undone. You've got to remember these are very tight threads, and you've just got to keep tightening it, keep tightening it just as much pressure as you can apply. Obviously, the more pressure you apply, the more solid your tablet is going to be.

If you take that off, you now take off the black bit, the metal insert that you just had, popped into the handle, now fits into the center section. And you pop this bit back on here, and that enables you to get a good bit of leverage onto the other end. Sometimes you find that it gets quite tight, so that really gives you something to grip onto and twist with, which can make the process a lot easier. Now, once you've done this, if you remove one black center section from either side, you'll now see your pill from one end and black from the other. If you take the center sections and pop them back in there, pop back on your lid, and tighten it up - just loosely, just with your hand. It doesn't have to be anything extreme - you'll now see it start to push the tablet towards you.

So the best thing to do is do that, and then pop back in one of the smaller center sections, pop back on the top, give it a little push, and here we go. And as you keep winding a little bit like a lipstick tube or something along those lines, you'll just see that your tablet gets pushed up to the top. I mean towards the end. You don't really need to wind the black bits. I just find it helps push it out in a smooth fashion. Some people like to use the handles to go up in there and give it a little push. But there you go. And out pops your finished tablet. So there we go. And that's a demonstration on how to use the handheld tablet press available here. If you have purchased one of these from us and you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to get hold of us. We like to look after our customers, and we hope that you enjoy your press. Thank you very much, once again, for watching.