How to use your VICE Handheld Tablet Press

How to use your VICE Handheld Tablet Press

Thank you for purchasing a VICE Handheld Tablet Press.

This video will clearly show you how to use your press.

The VICE Hand Held Press has an easy to assemble design allowing the user to press a variety of different shape and size tablets.

To start, take the longer of the two handles and thread them to the larger of the two egg shaped halves of the body.

Next, you need to insert the lower pin. The tooling for the VICE Hand Held Press is identical to that used in the TDP 5. The lower pin is in the case with the long neck so that it is able to protrude to the center ring and has a cutout section on the base.

Insert the lower pin into the lower pin assembly. Next, you need to insert the center ring. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the center ring to allow you to remove it more easily after the press is completed.

Insert the center ring into the center of the press. Next, you need to add your tablet mix. For more information on this please see our other videos.

Once you have done this you need to insert the top pin into the center ring gently packing down the powder.

Next, you need to attach the second half of the pressing body to the press. It is symmetrical and is able to attach in any of the three positions. Lock this into place.

Finally, you need to apply your pressure. To do this start to twist the second handle into the available threaded section. Once you feel it start to tighten up use the handle on both ends to apply as much pressure as possible.

To eject the tablets, first unscrew the shorter of the two handles. The one that you put in last.

Next remove the pin. Finally twist the other handle until the tablet is ejected.

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