How to adjust the TDP 6s or 7 punch pressure

Adjusting a TDP 6s Punch Pressure

Today we’re going to be looking at adjusting a TDP 6’s punch pressure.

Other tablet presses in the TDP range such as the TDP 0, TDP 1.5 and TDP 5 have
their punch pressure adjusted from the upper drift pin assembly. However the TDP 6’s
punch pressure is adjusted from the adjustment cam.

On the adjustment cam there’s an adjustment knob which can be simply undone by
turning counter clockwise, adjusted down the cam to increase the punch pressure and
up the cam to decrease the punch pressure.

One of the advantages of this system, is the teeth on the cam which gives you a visual
measurement of the pressure being applied.

As always when adjusting punch pressure we always suggest having the punch
pressure right off and then slowly increase it and test by rotating the flywheel by hand.

Applying too much pressure can jam the machine so doing it slowly in small increments
is to prevent damage to your machine and tooling.

If you find you’ve run out of adjustment teeth and you still need more pressure, you can
undo the adjustment knob fully and move it up to the next hole and replace and then
gradually increase the pressure as before.

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