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  • RTP9 9 Station Rotary Tablet Press RTP9 9 Station Rotary Tablet Press
  • RTP9 9 Station Rotary Tablet Press Console RTP9 9 Station Rotary Tablet Press Console
  • RTP9 9 Station Rotary Tablet Press Turret RTP9 9 Station Rotary Tablet Press Turret

RTP 9 Rotary Tablet Press

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  • GMP Standards
  • Perspex Surround
  • Stainless Steel Contact Parts

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The RTP9 is a sophisticated rotary tablet press that allows users to produce large volumes of top quality tablets rapidly and efficiently. Among the RTP9’s advanced features are a digital interface and convenient control console. Together, these make it easy for the operator to manage the machine without having to make time consuming and fiddly manual adjustments to bolts and screws. With a powerful motor, variable speed control and safety cut out button, the tablet press has been built with quality and safety very much in mind. Manufactured from stainless steel to GMP standards, and with the turret completely enclosed by a clear shield, it easily meets all applicable health and safety regulations in the United Kingdom and United States. The RTP9 pill press is ideal for users who need fast, professional production of tablets from granular or powdered materials, and is particularly popular with customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and electronics industries.

To cater for the widest spectrum of applications the RTP series is available in a range of configurations. Our flagship model has nine heads, making it the best choice for rapid production. The RTP tablet press is also available in five head and seven head configurations, guaranteeing that there is a model available to suit manufacturers of almost any size.

Main benefits of the RTP9 Rotary Tablet Press:

  • digital interface for convenience and speed
  • easy to use console to control the machine without time consuming manual adjustments
  • fast, 20,000 tablets per hour maximum production
  • powerful, 1.5kw motor with easy speed control
  • high quality, stainless steel manufacture with carbon steel contact parts
  • force feeder option available for exact tablet measurement
  • Perspex shielded turret to avoid cross contamination and ensure user safety
  • immediate safety cut out button
  • automatic cut off option available
  • GMP compliant and meets all UK and US safety standards
  • choice of one phase or three phase electricity
  • choice of voltage to suit your electricity supply
  • all parts removable for quick and easy maintenance and minimum downtime
  • easily interchangeable dies available in many shapes and sizes


The RTP9 rotary tablet press’s nine cutting heads give a maximum manufacturing capacity of up to 20,000 tablets per hour. The machine has been designed to meet the need for fast production, with an emphasis on speed and simplicity. A key feature of the RTP9 tablet press is its ease of operation, carried out through a digital interface and front console which greatly simplify the tablet manufacturing process. Unlike desktop tablet presses, which require the operator to master complex manual adjustment of a multitude of bolts and nuts, the RTP9 lets you control speed, tablet size, tablet depth and punch pressure, all from the front console. This amounts to a substantial saving in time, as well as helping to achieve superior precision in the manufacturing process. To further enhance this aspect of the tablet press’s capacity, the RTP9 is available with an optional force feeder which allows for precise measurement of tablet mass. These refinements allow a single user to achieve highly efficient mass production of tablets.

This machine is engineered with safety in mind from start to finish. With its fast 1.5kw motor and a turret that rotates at 30r/pm, the RTP9 tablet press is solidly built from stainless steel, with contact parts engineered from carbon steel for durability. It can also be custom built using other materials on request. A safety cut off button is installed as standard, and an automatic safety cut out function is available as an option. The tablet press also has a Perspex shield fully encasing the turret, to guard against either cross contamination of raw materials, or any risk of clothing being caught in the turret when active.

A particular benefit of the RTP9 is its low maintenance requirement, leading to maximum production. All parts are easy to access and remove, and the dies can be changed quickly and easily. There are also a large number of designs, shapes and sizes available.

RTP9 Rotary Tablet Press in Use

For anyone upgrading from a more basic model of tablet press, the RTP9 is a joy to use. Fast, hassle free and powerful, it gets the job of making tablets done in the quickest possible time. At the heart of the machine’s control system, the simple but effective front console leaves the operator free to concentrate on planning and monitoring production. Taking advantage of the wide range of available die is simple too, thanks to the speed and ease with which they can be changed. Keeping production running is effort free with this pill press, as there is just a single hopper to fill to feed all nine heads, and the electronic speed control enables you to optimize the production process to suit your conditions. For example, you can use a stronger, slower press on a product where you may be having problems with the binding, or a faster run with less pressure once you have your formula perfected and want to produce tablets full steam ahead.

The RTP9 produces tablets that are of a very high standard and a consistent weight. Its 40Kn maximum pressure ensures that the tablets are well compacted and solid. The optional force feeder is well worth specifying, as it not only makes it easy to achieve exact tablet measurements every time, but it ensures excellent cost control and efficiency.

This machine has the capacity to produce both scored or unscored tablets, and tablets of irregular shape. The tablet press’s ejection mechanism is smooth and unimpeded, involving the tablets coming up out of the die, then rolling across a bar and down into an ejection tube. Such is the speed of production at maximum power that the hardest part of running this machine is keeping pace with its productivity.

Technical Specifications

The RTP9 tablet press has measurements of 1100mm x 480mm x 680mm, and weighs 260 kg. It produces a maximum pressure of 40Kn and has a turret speed of 30 r/min. Its motor operates at a maximum power of 1.5 Kw. Available for either single phase or three-phase compatibility, the machine can be supplied either for 110v or 220v use.

The maximum fill depth is 15mm, and the maximum diameter for round tablets is 12mm, while for irregular shaped tablets it is 14mm. The machine produces tablets up to 6mm thick.

Our View

The RTP9 harnesses its impressive power smoothly and flexibly to produce large quantities of consistent, high quality tablets. As well as offering outstanding levels of user safety and construction, thanks to its convenient operating console the RTP9 is exceptionally simple to master and needs little training. All in all, when you add in the easy availability of dies and the fact that it is so undemanding in terms of maintenance, we don’t believe there is anything else out there to touch it. If producing tablets in volume, quickly and efficiently is your goal, then this is the tablet press to go for.

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Specification Value
Product RTP 9
Tooling specification RTP Tooling
Number of dies 9
Max Pressure (Kn) 40
Max Diameter of Tablet (mm) 12 Round (14 Irregular)
Max Fill Depth (mm) 15
Max Thickness of Tablet (mm) 6
Turret Speed (r/min) 30
Max Production Capacity Per Hour 16200
Number of Filling Stations 1
Double Layered Tablet No
Motor (KW) 1.5
Number of Phases 1
AMP's 13
Volts 240v (110v on request)
Height (mm) 1100
Width (mm) 480
Depth (mm) 630
Weight (Kg) 260
Floor Loading (Static) 0.8 kN/m2

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