RTP 118 Rotary Tablet Press

The RTP 118 Rotary Tablet press from LFA Machines was designed with thought and quality in mind for our customers. This tablet press boasts a maximum tablet output of 32,400 tablets per hour on our Euro B tooling turret. This large output will allow you to maintain shorter run times to meet your targeted numbers. The RTP 118 is made from stainless steel to meet GMP requirements as well as a rust free and clean experience. This rotary press is armed with a line of door and safety sensors, as well as a perspex cover to keep the operator safe at all times. The RTP 118 Rotary Tablet press is ideal for users who need fast and professional production of tablets from granular or powdered materials. This machine is particularly popular with customers in the supplement and confectionary business. Our standard RTP 118 will come with 9 stations that fit Euro B punches. Tooling costs can be some of the largest when making tablets, and with the RTP 118, these Euro B punches will transfer to our other LFA Machine rotary tablet presses. Machines such as the RTP 41 and even the HSTP Rotary Tablet Press are able to accept this tooling.
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