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HSTP High Speed Tablet Press Range

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  • Fully GMP
  • High Output Tablet Press
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty

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Price From: $37,950.00

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The HSTP Series of high speed rotary tablet presses is a major innovation in tablet pressing technology, achieving very high levels of productivity and speed and offering exceptional refinements in terms of safety, efficiency and quality of output. An LCD touch screen display panel makes these advanced pill presses very easy to use, while a host of features such as the automatic lubrication system make them simple to maintain. The operator can choose between manual or automatic modes for many functions, allowing for easy use when applying standard settings, or fine control to suit advanced users.

Depending on the model chosen the HSTP tablet presses can produce tablets of up to 22 mm diameter and up to 8 mm thick. They are very powerful machines, using a 380v 3-phase power supply to run a multi-kilowatt electric motor which enables them to generate a maximum of 100Kn pressure, plus 20Kn of pre-pressing pressure. With between 17 and 40 filling stations and a maximum production rate of between 78,500 and 240,000 tablets an hour, the HSTP Series tablet presses are aimed squarely at large scale manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and related industries.

Main benefits at a glance:

  • High speed tablet production with between 17 and 40 cutting heads producing up to 240,000 pieces/hour
  • Advanced yet highly intuitive LCD display touch screen control panel for easy programming, adjustment and control
  • Pre-pressing function with up to 20Kn pressure and a maximum main pressure of up to 100 Kn (depending on model) ensures fast, high quality output for pharmaceutical grade tablets of the highest commercial standard
  • Over-pressure cut out mechanism to avoid damage to punches
  • Automatic lubrication system for efficient maintenance and enhanced reliability
  • Sealed compression chamber with integral powder suction device reduces risk of contamination, reduces raw material wastage and avoids blockages
  • Organic glass turret shield improves operator safety and avoids cross contamination
  • Forced feeder ensures accurate dosing and better raw material efficiency
  • Inverter technology for reduced energy consumption, improved stability, better control and lower noise
  • Safety cut out mechanism and warning messages triggered if error conditions occur, including loose guide rails, loose punches, or low oil


The HSTP Series has been created to meet the needs of major manufacturers without compromise. One of the principal advantages of this series is the use of an LCD touch screen display panel. This provides a logical and simple menu structure that makes it easy to control the substantial reserves of power that these machines offer.

The pre-pressing function on the HSTP Series ensures faster production rates twinned with higher quality. While the high maximum pressure guarantees top quality tablets even when using difficult to compress raw materials. Essential when dealing with so much power, an over-pressure cut out mechanism prevents damage to the machine or its dies, and a safety cut out mechanism triggers comprehensive warning messages advising the operator of error conditions.

An automatic lubrication system handles much of the repetitive but essential lubrication work, helping to cut maintenance times while preserving the long term service life of the tablet press. As with most of the machine’s advanced functions, there are also manual options and overrides to give the operator complete control.

Efficiency is a key feature of this tablet press series. The sealed compression chamber, powder suction device and forced feeder all contribute to getting the most production from expensive raw materials, while reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring accurate dosing.

Despite the high power of the HSTP motors, the use of inverter technology gives a low noise output that enhances the working environment, as well as greatly improving energy efficiency. While the organic glass safety shield prevents contamination and guards against the risk of operator injury.

HSTP Tablet Press in Use

All the machines in the HSTP range are exceptionally fast and powerful, yet the LCD touch screen display is so intuitive in its operation that operator training need not be extensive. More advanced users will find that there is plenty of scope for refining the operating parameters, but the simple automatic operation options let you get up and running quickly.

Obviously these are machines intended for large production runs, and with so many cutting heads the dies are not going to be changed on a whim. But they are very simple to change when the need arises.

It can be a little overwhelming to see so many tablets being produced so rapidly, but after a while the novelty wears off and the user is free to concentrate on more mundane matters. The automatic lubrication system greatly reduces the time commitment needed to keep these machines running, and the forced feeder does a good job of helping with consistent dosing to ensure accurate tablet weights.

Anyone used to using an older style tablet press, with numerous bolts and wheels for adjusting the machine’s parameters, will find the HSTP range a revelation. Not only is electronic adjustment faster and easier, it is also more accurate and easier to reproduce for future batches. In fact, these machines have an excellent facility that allows recipe settings to be stored and reproduced for future use.

It would be stretching things to say that these machines are silent, but given that there are from 5.5 to 9.5 Kw of motor power hammering out tablets at a terrific pace, at just 75 decibels the noise is far less than you might imagine. Thanks to the enclosed turret and powder suction device you do not have to put up with clouds of tablet dust floating around, and the working environment is much pleasanter than with many other tablet pressing machines.

Technical Specification

Name HSTP 17 HSTP 26 HSTP 40
Number of stations 17 26 40
Tooling Specification Euro D Euro B Euro BB
Max. Output (pcs/h) 78,500 101,600 240,000
Max. Main Compression Force (kN) 100 100 80
Max. Pre-compression Force (kN) 16 16 20
Max. Tablet Diameter (mm) 25 16 13
Max. Filling Depth (mm) 16 12 16
Max. Tablet Thickness (mm) 8 6 6
Main motor power 5.5 5.5 7.5
Turret Rotary speed (rpm) 55 65 70
Voltage Frequency 3Phase 380V 50HZ 3Phase 380V 50HZ 3Phase 380V 50HZ
Noise Db (A) <75 <75 <82
Overall size (mm) LxWxH 1000x1200x1700 1000x1200x1700 950x1300x1850
Main weight (kg) 1250 1250 2000
Floor Loading (Static) 15.3 kN/m2 15.3 kN/m2 24.2 kN/m2

LFA's View

The HSTP Series of high speed rotary tablet presses represent the ultimate in advanced tablet production. They are a significant investment, but easily justify it by being the fastest and most powerful machines we sell, as well as being the most technologically advanced. Any manufacturer looking to produce up to a quarter of a million tablets an hour is going to find it hard to attain better value than this range of tablet presses, especially when you consider the reduced human input time that their automation makes possible. 

Reliable, superbly engineered, extremely accurate in their operation and highly efficient in their use of raw materials, these tablet presses achieve exceptionally low unit costs. This major benefit is heightened by their low maintenance requirement, and by the long service life that comes from optimum lubrication and an extensive battery of safety warnings that avoid wear and the risk of damage.

The production figures and advanced technological features speak for themselves, leaving little doubt that the HSTP Series are an outstanding range of tablet presses.

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