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Lower Drift Pin Assembly - TDP 0

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The TDP 0 tablet press Lower Drift Pin Assembly is the long, silver, threaded bar that houses the lower punch die pin. There are a various issues that often arise with Lower Drift Pin Assembly's that cause it to be replaced. These are usually due to the cogs and Lower Drift Pin Assembly not being greased properly.

Common issues with the Lower Drift Pin Assembly

  1. Firstly, pins can get stuck in the lower Drift Pin Assembly. This is most commonly caused when the lower punch die is slightly to big or if excipients have built up around the pin. If this is the case you may need to remove the lower drift pin to try and force the lower punch die out. If you arent able to prise it out, you will need to replace both the lower drift pin assembly and the bottom die. The easiest way to remove the Lower Drift Pin Assembly is through the hole on the base of the TDP 0. Do this by winding the two cogs up the lower Drift Pin Assembly until it is free from them.
  2. The second problem that often occurs is the fill depth/ejection height cogs getting jammed on Lower Drift Pin Assembly (ususal due to threading). If this happens you will need to use an angle grinder to chop out the old Lower Drift Pin Assembly. If you do not have the correct tools to do this, please send back to LFA and we will do this for you free of charge.

Due to being unable to set the fill depth or ejection height of your TDP 0, your research or production will be at a standstill. Trust LFA to send out your parts quickly, with free express delivery.

Why choose LFA?

Servicing your TDP 0 is now a great deal simpler. With the new design of Lower Drift Pin Assemblys. One great tip to keep your Lower Drift Pin Assembly in good working order is to apply a small amount of thick grease to it. This stops it seizing up.

If you are always thinking of ways to minimize down time on your production line, then LFA is the company for you. You instantly see the excellent quality in the TDP 0 Lower Drift Pin Assembly from LFA. When you receive the replacement parts you will instantly see why all of LFA's parts are guaranteed. The LFA Lower Drift Pin Assembly for the TDP 0 is made to fit any official TDP 0. Also by using LFA you can relax knowing that we will be here to support you.

LFA's range of authentic TDP 0 parts are all brand new. All our spare parts come with a 180-day warranty and a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. We provide free and fast worldwide delivery on all of our TDP parts.

Buy these top quality TDP 0 parts now.

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Will the parts to my TDP 0 fit a TDP 1.5 or TDP 5?

There are a few interchangeable parts if both machines have been made by LFA Machines. From the TDP 0, this includes the tooling, the lower drift pin assembly, and its corresponding set of cogs.

The most important fit to check for is tooling that you may have previously purchased, because the base plates have been redesigned to fit the universal standard tooling die.

More information on the TDP Universal Tooling Standard can be found here: Tooling | Punch & Dies for TDP Pill Presses

All other parts are custom to this press.

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