Eccentric Sheave Strap - TDP 5


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TDP 5 Version

Finding out if your machine is a version 1 or version 2 TDP 5 is quite simple. On the top back of your machine, you will see a metal plate, this is where the machine serial number is. If the serial number starts with AEAA, you have a version 1 TDP 5. If the serial number starts with AEBA, you have a version 2.


The Eccentric Sheave Strap also know as the Pressure Adjustment Cam Sleeve for the TDP 5, from LFA Tablet Presses, is the section that attaches the Upper Drift Pin Assembly to Top Cam.

This part is cast from iron and painted in a white pint to give it an easy clean tough surface.

Changing this part can be particularly difficult and should only be attempted by a trained mechanic, engineer or someone with allot of experience with TDP 5 Tablet Presses. If you have any concerns with fitting this part your self please get in contact with LFA Tablet Presses. We are able to service and repair presses at our premises.

Servicing and maintaining your TDP just got a great deal faster. By allowing us to complete the work we can save you time and money. If you do want to fit the part we will send it out and then be more than happy to give telephone support on how to fit the item.

As soon as you receive your parts you will discover why all of LFA's parts are guaranteed. LFA has got the highest client retention rate in the industry. Allow us to fix your TDP 5 Tablet Press and you will not be dissapointed. Imagine not having too much outages on your manufacturing line do to difficult to fit parts. You're going to instantly be able to see the higher quality of the Eccentric Sheave Strap from LFA Tablet Presses.

Never fear long reductions in production again. LFA offers fast delivery across the world giving you the reassurance that you will be back on your feet soon. Let LFA help your business perform more effectively.

These legitimate TDP parts are proven safe and effective by our own thorough quality control testing procedure. Our range of genuine parts are brand-new and shipped quickly to you. Order these top quality TDP parts immediately and you will not be disappointed.

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