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Desktop Tablet Presses

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  1. DTP Tablet Press Range

    Price From: $7,800.00

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This section is a comprehensive list of the Tablet Desktop Presses (TDP) offered by LFA. At LFA our main goal is to support small business like yourself in getting started. A lot of our customers find that the TDP range is ideal for their initial needs. Our most popular press benchtop tablet press is the TDP 5.

The desktop tablet presses are cost-effective, easy to use and convenient pill presses. Our Desktop Tablet Presses are the perfect solution for any application that requires you to produce useful quantities of high quality tablets, without the major investment in resources and space that a large industrial machine requires.

Ranging from simple hand powered presses all the way up to our DTP range of sophisticated machines with powerful motors, advanced electronic controls, and a host of safety and operational refinements, there is Desktop Tablet Press here for every conceivable use.

Create your own line of vitamin pills, mineral supplements or herbal supplements with desktop presses that can produce thousands of tablets per hour. Or install one of our machines in your hospital laboratory or research unit, and gain the freedom to produce your own formulations for patient care or for research.

Far lighter in weight than their large commercial production counterparts, portable, simple to operate and maintain, Desktop Tablet Presses are flexible, versatile and easy to run and maintain.

All of desktop tablet presses from LFA come with a 1 year warranty, lifetime customer support and a free training. This is all designed to insure that your idea / product has the best possible chance of becoming a game changer in your industry.