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Procedure for Moving Desktop Tablet Presses


1) Ensure that anyone moving the press is wearing the correct protective clothing. This may include:

  • Steel toe boots
  • Heavy duty grip gloves
  • Back support belt

2) We highly recommend using an engine hoist along side a heavy duty tow strap or chain that is rated to handle significantly more than the weight of your machine. Attach the strap or chain to the top of the flywheel (the largest diameter wheel on the press which is located on the right side of the press if you are looking at it from the front of the machine. Once the chain or strap is securely attached you will need to connect it to the engine hoist. Lower the boom of the engine hoist to an appropriate height and attach the strap or chain to its hook whilst keeping everything taut.

3) Next, SLOWLY begin to raise the press using the engine hoist. We recommend having one person do the lifting and one person steadying the press as it is being raised making sure to keep hands and feet clear of the press.

4) Once the press is swinging freely you should stop lifting and lock the hydraulic lift. Once it is secured you can begin to move the press to the table on which you wish to install it making sure to move slowly and keeping hands and feet clear.

5) After moving the press close enough to the table you may then start raising the press, again slowly and making sure that your hands are never in between the press and table.

6) Once the press is at the correct height to be able to lower it onto the table you may then move the engine hoist closer to the table until the press is hanging above it.

7) After which simply release the lock on the hydraulic lift and SLOWLY lower it onto your work table. Again we recommend having an extra set of hands steadying the press and turning into the desired position while it is being lowered.

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