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TDD1 Tablet De-Duster

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  • Easy to Operate
  • Fits In To Most Systems
  • Easy to Clean

The Tablet Deduster removes powder residues from tablets after pressing, making it an essential item of equipment for any production line where substantial numbers of tablets are going to be produced. Designed to integrate seamlessly with almost any tablet press, it can also be used with our Tablet Dust Vacuum for a complete solution. 

By using compressed air and a carefully engineered agitation mechanism, the Tablet Deduster loosens dust from the tablets’ surface as they pass through the machine, while keeping the tablets intact and undamaged. A double layer screen structure separates the tablets from the dust, which can then be sucked away. Able to process more than half a million tablets an hour, the Tablet Deduster ensures a clean, professionally finished product that is attractive to consumers and free of unsightly powder traces.

Main benefits at a glance

  • Highly effective 5-layer agitation mechanism that cleans the tablets without harming them
  • Compatible with all our tablet presses
  • Safe and effective GMP compliant design
  • 360 degree rotation for easy integration
  • Adjustable speed
  • Low noise
  • Easy to use
  • Easily detached for thorough cleaning
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reliable operation


Offering extremely broad compatibility and very high levels of effectiveness, the Tablet Deduster can process half a million tablets an hour. Featuring an efficient agitation mechanism that removers powder without harming the tablet surface, this GMP compliant design combines reliability, easy maintenance and simple cleaning. Its adjustable speed makes it suitable for use with a wide variety of tablets and other materials, while the special internal screen structure makes it easy to process the tablets quickly before carrying them through to the ejection point.  

Tablet Deduster in Use

The Tablet Deduster is one of those labour saving items that makes a world of difference. Simply set it up so that the tablets from your tablet press pour into the top of the Deduster, and you get perfectly clean, dust free tablets pouring out of the bottom of the machine at an impressive rate. So fast, in fact, that it will keep up with even our fastest tablet press.

As the Tablet Deduster rotates through 360 degrees it is easy to install, and once it’s up and running it pretty much looks after itself for long stretches of time. You need to clean it if you are changing between batches of different powder, but as cleaning is an undemanding process that is not an onerous requirement. Other than cleaning, servicing is extremely minimal, so this machine does not need a lot of training or human intervention.

The ability to change the running speed is important, as it helps ensure that the Tablet Deduster is compatible with almost any tablet, as well as with other items such as large granules or lumps of raw materials, where you may want the powder removed.

A tablet production line can be a noisy place, so it is good to know that the Tablet Deduster does not overly increase the noise level.

LFA's View

A very simple machine to set up and operate, the Tablet Deduster integrates easily into a tablet production line with any of our tablet presses and does a superb job of cleaning off unsightly dust residue, leaving pristine tablets that are far more appealing to consumers. It is one of those things that you really can’t do without if you are planning on producing any sizeable quantity of tablets. Certainly, you could never clean so many tablets by hand, and the great thing about this device is that despite its speed, it leaves the tablets in perfect condition.

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Name Value
Output 550000 table/h

Max noise <82 dB
Dust scope 3m
Atmospheric pressure 0.2 Mpa
Powder supply 220V/50Hz/50W
Overall Size (mm) 410x410x880
Net Weight 38 kg

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