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RTP10i Adjusting Formulation Flow

Welcome to LFA’s video on controlling your formulations flow on your RTP10i.

If you find you’re getting an overflow of formulation or your formulation is not flowing fast enough, this can be controlled with a simple adjustment.

When working on your machine, always ensure that there is no power going to the machine.

First, open up the side panel giving you access to the hopper. On the hopper is a flow adjuster, turning this adjuster clockwise will close and slow the flow of formulation going into the force feeder, if completely tightened it will stop the flow of formulation. This is useful if you need to remove the hopper to make adjustments or repairs.

Turn the flow adjuster counter-clockwise and this will increase the flow, this is useful if you have a formulation that isn’t as granular and may not flow as well. However, if you do find your powder is still not flowing correctly, you may need to consider granulation for your formulation.

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