Force Feeder Pack - RTP 9


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This is a full kit to convert your RTP 9 from a gravity fed to a force fed machine.
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This is a kit to convert your RTP 9 Rotary Tablet Press from a gravity fed to a force fed machine. This kit includes the following parts for the conversion:

  1. Force Feeder
  2. Hopper (it is a different shape to accommodate the force feeder)
  3. Variable Speed Control
  4. Motor
  5. Bottom Plate
  6. Top Plate

Installing this kit should only be done by people that are very comfortable with the mechanics of the RTP 9. This is not an easy job and may take a few hours. Adaptation to your machines perspex casing may need to be performed to allow the different shaped hopper.

If you would like to speak with an LFA team member before doing this please get in contact.

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