TDD1 Tablet De-Duster


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This is an automatic tablet de-duster. This unit can be incorporated in to an existing line very easily. The unit releases compressed air whilst a vacuum extracts any looses dust. Simultaneously the tablets are moved round a 5 layer agitating plate, which loosens any lasting dust. The unit can be fully detached for thorough cleaning.

Our tablet de dusters can be set up in a production line with any of our tablet presses. This item is essential if large quantities of tablets are going to be produced.

Tablet De-Dusters come with a 1 year parts warranty and life time technical support. We will be happy to do training for this product at the LFA show room or at your premises for a fee.

We are also able to offer a service contract on this item for more information please get in contact.

This product requires 12 CFM air flow, 240v (110v available) power supply as well as a dust extraction system to operate. For the dust extraction system we recommend our Industrial Dust Vacuum.

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