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What technical support and training comes with this machine?

There are a number of ways we are able to support you:

  • Every machine comes with a full manual to be emailed to you after purchase.
  • There is a large range of video tutorials to teach you how to use the press.
  • The machine comes with lifetime technical support, you can call, Skype or email to get answers to your questions and problems.
  • We also offer free training at any one of our regional offices.

If after all of this you are still struggling to use your press then we are able to come to you.

This is a service we do charge for.

More information on this can be found here: https://www.lfatabletpresses.com/services

If my firmapress gets wet what can I do?

Firmapress is extremely hygroscopic. This means that it very easily absorbs water.

This includes the water content in the air. If water is spilled on to Firmapress or if a bag is left open for an extended period of time then the Firmapress needs to be thrown away.

While it is possible to dry the Firmapress out, it is likely that 2 things will have happened: The structure of the Firmapress will have changed so it will not bind as well any more. It may have introduced bacteria in tot he Firmapress and therefore no longer be safe for use in human or animal products.

Will the parts to my TDP 0 fit a TDP 1.5 or TDP 5?

There are a few interchangeable parts if both machines have been made by LFA Machines. From the TDP 0, this includes the tooling, the lower drift pin assembly, and its corresponding set of cogs.

The most important fit to check for is tooling that you may have previously purchased, because the base plates have been redesigned to fit the universal standard tooling die.

More information on the TDP Universal Tooling Standard can be found here: Tooling | Punch & Dies for TDP Pill Presses

All other parts are custom to this press.

Which machine is better for producing shaped tablets - TDP 5 or TDP 6s?

The TDP 5 and the TDP 6s are both able to take shaped tooling. This being said, it is a lot easier to use shaped tooling on the TDP 6s because of the way that the pressure is adjusted

Can I change the tooling? Is it easy to change the tooling? Does the tooling wear out and break?

Yes, you can change the tooling. It is fairly easy. It takes about an hour or so the first time you do it but an LFA technician can do it in around 10 minutes, practice makes perfect.

Here is a video link on how to change the tooling:How To Change A Die | Changing a TDP Tablet Press Punch Die

The tooling does wear out. How long this takes will depend on your product formulation. The more granular it is the faster your tooling will wear down.

I have the old style TDP 6s and I need to buy new tooling for it - are you still able to provide me with the tooling or did you discontinue the production fully? Do you hold some in stock?

Yes, we do still support manufacturing tooling for the TDP 6s, however we no longer hold any stock items of the tooling. If you need to order TDP tooling of any dimensions please do reach out to the team and let them know what you are looking for. We would be happy to help.

More information on TDP tooling can be found here: TDP Tooling | Punch & Dies for TDP Pill Presses

Do they take standard TDP tooling?

Yes, despite the fact that they are a DTP press, we have made sure that they take the TDP Universal Tooling. This makes it easier to ensure that you are able to get the correct size tooling every time.

Both the DTP 12 and DTP 25 are desktop tablet presses. Do they require a special work top or desk to be placed on during operation?

No. We recommend that you find a bench, desk, or base that can hold the press at a comfortable height for the operator to work at (60-90cm).

It is also important that the bench is able to support the weight of the machine and additional items like tools on the desk without overloading it.

If you are going to be making a product that is food or pharmaceutical grade, then GMP rules dictate that the bench should have some form of washable surface such as 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Is there an option for the DTP 25 to link directly to a tablet de-duster?

No. We do not currently offer an option to have the tablets come all the way out of the press and go directly into a tablet de-duster.

This is because the DTP 25 is not designed to do large runs of tablets. If you plan on producing more than around 1,000 tablets at a time, we highly recommend the RTP 9 Rotary Tablet Press.

Does the machine need to be bolted down? Does it come with bolts to fix it to a surface?

No, it does not need to be bolted into position but we do recommend it. If the machine is not secured in position by bolts or another method then it is more likely to shake a bolt loose, resulting in varying tablet weights. On top of this, the vibrations are likely to make the machine sound louder.

The machine does not come with bolts because we do not know the thickness of your surface.

What kind of condition should excipients be stored in?

Firmapress - 2 years form batch date.
Dextrose - 3 years from batch date.
Dicalcium Phosphate - 3 years from batch date.
Microcrystalline Cellulose -
Magnesium stearate -
Lactose - 2 years from batch date.
Silica Dioxide - 2 years from batch date.

For how long has Firmapress been on the market?

9 years, it was first developed by LFA to help a customer out with there tablet formulation. It has been modified a few times to get to what we have today.

Is it possible to fit a bigger motor on the TDP 1.5?

It might be possible, but it is not recommended.

The motor that is on the press has been carefully selected to match all of the other parts on the press. Switching the motor for a bigger or faster one could cause excessive pressure in other areas of the press resulting in machine damage.

If you think that you require a machine with more speed or higher pressure then we would recommend that you look into a TDP 5 or RTP rotary tablet press.

My TDP 5 keeps jamming even when there is no powder going through. How can I fix this?

There are three things that could be causing this fault:

The motor is burnt out. If this is the case the motor will be slow to start if it starts at all. It will be really hot and it will make a grinding noise.

The punches are not in the die. If the top punch is not aligned or the bottom punch is not securely in the die bore then the machine will perform a 1/2 rotation before jamming.

The machine has not been greased correctly. If this is happening then the machine might run for a full turn or maybe even a few and then it will jam. This happens as the cogs, cams and bushings heat up and expand until they jam. The most likely place this is happening will be on the pinion gear. It is critical that this part is well lubricated.

What is the one main advantage of the TDP 6s over the TDP 5?

There are a number of advantages of the TDP 6s over not only the TDP 5 but all of the other TDP presses. The main one is how easily it is to press shaped tablets. It is able to do this because of the way that it adjusts the punch pressure on the machine. It does it using a linear motion rather than a rotational motion.

A video of how to adjust the pressure can be seen here:How to Adjust the TDP 6s or 7 Tablet Press Punch Pressure

Is it possible to increase the production capacity to 5000 pcs per hour like the TDP 5?

No. Sorry the motor on the TDP 6s is set at 3000 per hour. This is so that it has the torque and pressure to achieve 60kN.

Can the DTP be ordered with a specific tooling set so they come together?

Yes, you can order any set of tooling you like for the DTP and we will install it in the press before it is sent out to you. Additional tooling can be found here: TDP Tooling | Punch & Dies for TDP Pill Presses

If you would like custom tooling, then you will need to fill out a custom tooling order form and contact the sales team with the reference number that can be paired with your machine. The turnaround time for custom tooling is about 6-8 weeks. Our custom tooling order form can be found here: Custom Tooling

How much heat does the motor produce?

The motor will be warm to the touch after 30 mins of running, but not hot. The exact temperature will depend on how much strain the motor is under. Using a higher punch pressure increases the strain on the motor.

However, the motor does have a fan fitted to it for cooling.

How long does it take to train a user to operate DTP25?

It takes around one full day. In this time you should be able to cover tooling changes, cleaning, and maintenance.

We can provide this training for free in one of our showrooms after you purchase a press.

For how long can this machine run without any breaks?

You can run the TDP tablet presses for 8 hours straight without problems.

But doing this often will reduce the life expectancy of your machine. In that case, it may be worth looking at our Rotary Tablet Presses which are designed to do this and have much higher outputs.

Because of the way that the electric motor works it is best not to stop and start the motor over and over again.

It is important to also make sure that when you do stop the press if you have been running it for 8 hours you need to make sure that it is greased down and lubricated.

It is also likely that after 8 hours the motor will have warmed up considerably. It will help if your press is in a cool well-ventilated area.

Will my product work with Firmapress?

It is very likely to work with it yes. We believe that Firmapress works with 99% of products that we have tried.

The most important point is at what point will it work. If you need a 300mg caffeine tablet with a total tablet weight of say 350mg then it is fairly unlikely that there will be enough of the flowing agent to be able to pull the caffeine powder through the feeding system.

This is because caffeine powder can be quite “fluffy”. If however, you are working with a granulated version of caffeine then there is a fairly good chance it will work. It really is just at what ratio it is able too.

What is the VICE Handheld Press made of?

The VICE is made of aluminium and stainless steel. The TDP Tooling that is included with the VICE is made of S7 steel.

What should I do if my powders do not bind into a solid tablet? Should I buy TDP 5 or 6s?

It depends on how close you are to forming a tablet with the TDP 1.5. If the tablet binds but gets chipped or damaged during ejection, or falls apart when inside a container, then moving to a TDP 5 or 6 might give you the extra force you need to make your tablet work.

If however, your tablet comes out of the TDP 1.5 as dust, then it is unlikely that the problem you are facing has to do with the amount of pressure that you are applying.

How much training will I need to operate the TDP 5 on my own?

Not a lot. We have a number of videos on our website that do cover the basics. If you would like to have in person training, then this is something that we would be happy to offer. It is free for anyone that has bought a TDP 5 from LFA and available at any one of our three offices. This takes around 2-3 hours.

What does the TDP 6s do that the TDP 1.5 and 5 cannot?

The TDP 6s is able to do 2 things that the other TDP presses can not.

It is able to easily make shaped tablets. While the other TDP presses are able to make shaped tablets the TDP 6s does this with the least hassle and highest accuracy.

The TDP 6s is able to apply higher pressure for longer amounts of time. Because it is slowed down, the dwell time is much higher than on the other TDP presses. Combining this with the higher potential pressure output means that the press is able to oftentimes make stronger tablets.

How long does it take to change the tooling on a DTP?

The first time you change a set of tooling on the DTP 25 it can take about 30-40 mins. With practice, this can easily be got down to under 10 mins.

What metal is the outer casing made of?

On the DTP there are no cast parts. The majority of the contact parts are either made from aluminium, stainless steel, or Teflon.

Are the feet individually adjustable in order to level the machine?

Yes, each of the feet is on threaded studs adjustable. We would recommend however that you also ensure that the work surface that you put the DTP 25 on is also level.

What material is the TDP 0 made of? What type of coating is on the machine? Paint/Powder coating?

"The machine is made from a number of materials. The hopper is made from sheet steel, the tooling is made from S7 steel, the boot is cast from brass and has a chrome plate coating, the base is cast from FC250 and coated in an enamel paint. "

Can the TDP 5 be used to make tablets for human consumption in the UK and US?

Yes, but not pharmaceuticals it is not compliant with cGMP standards.

If you need a cGMP compliant machine then the best desktop for this is the DTP 12 or 25. LFA is of the understanding that the TDP 5 can be used to make food products and supplements.

It is worth checking with your local food regulators if they have recommendations as to cleaning procedures. It is also worth inquiring about their specific regulations as each territory and regulating body has slightly different requirements.

Are you able to offer Gold or Black Firmapress?

No, sorry we are simply not able to make the colours. We do not have access to the pigments.

Can we use a larger hopper than the one that comes with the TDP0?

Yes, you can, but we do not sell larger hoppers. Also, since this machine is manual, it might not be helpful because of the time it takes to empty a full hopper of powder. Because of this, we recommend refilling your hopper as you go to avoid particle separation.

What is the biggest size tooling set I can use with the motor on?

The largest tooling that the TDP 5 can take is 22mm however at this point the amount of pressure that you are able to get is very low. This is because the boot is not able to move out of the way of the die as it comes down.

This will be affected by your mix. Most mixes will not have the density required to work with such a thick tablet and low amount of compression.

Because of this at LFA we do recommend that you only try to make a tablet of up to 14mm on the TDP 5. If you do need to make a bigger tablet then we would recommend using a TDP 6s or one of the RTP range of rotary tablet presses.

What is the tooling lifetime on this machine?

The expected life of your tooling will depend on a number of things. The most important is how granular your mix is. It will also depend on what steel grade you have opted to have your tooling made from and if it is coated. Because of all of these factors, it is almost impossible to predict how long your tooling will last.

Can I use multi-tip tooling with the TDP 6s?

Yes. We are able to make multi-tip tooling for the TDP 6s.

However, multi-tip tooling can be expensive. If you are looking to produce high numbers of tablets, then we recommend purchasing an RTP Rotary Tablet Press.

Other than the maximum tablet size, what is the difference between the DTP 12 and 25?

Other than the maximum tablet size, there is not a massive difference between the DTP 12 and DTP 25. The DTP 12 has a smaller motor as it requires less power, making it lighter and smaller than the DTP 25.

A detailed comparison of the DTP series specifications can be found here:DTP Technical Specifications

Can the perspex case be removed for replacement/cleaning?

Yes. The perspex case is held in place with 4 screws and can be removed for cleaning or easier access to work on the machine.

Can I change the tooling inside by myself? Would it be very difficult to do?

Yes, you can change the tooling on the press. It is important that you are able to do this. It is not a hard process and can be done in under 30 mins.

How often do I need to grease the machine and which parts particularly of the machine should I lubricate?

We would recommend cleaning down the machine and leaving it re-greased after every use. This will ensure the longest life possible.

Here is a video on cleaning the TDP 5.

When greasing the machine, avoid getting any near the tooling or pressing surfaces as this will get into your tablets and affect your powders.

Grease the top cam well, then apply a small amount to the upper drift pin assembly and the lower timing rod.

With regards to the types of products that we would recommend, this would depend on your product. If you are making food grade products then you would want to use a grease that was NSF approved. If you are making a very caustic sodium based product however, then you would likely need to use a product that is resistant to salts.

More information on greasing your machine can be found here:TDP 5 Lubrication Schedule

Which excipient should I add if the product/API is clumpy?

If your product or API is clumpy then you will need to add an anticaking agent. For this, we recommend silicon dioxide. We only recommend adding a maximum of 2% of this to the mix

What is the maximum pressure I can achieve with a VICE?

The average max force a VICE can produce is 21kN. The pressure depends on the force the user is able to apply to the machine handles.

Is this machine electric or manually powered?

The TDP 1.5 has an electric motor as well as a small hand wheel located on the top of the gearbox.

We always recommend tuning your press by hand before running it under power.

We do not recommend using the TDP 1.5 for long periods of time by hand. The function of the small wheel is to tune and de-jam the machine.

Can I use TDP 5 to make the tablet bigger than 22mm or smaller than 4mm?

No. It is technically possible for us to make tooling that is less than 4 mm however, the TDP does not really have the tolerances for the tooling to work properly with most mixes, so we do not recommend it.

How do you adjust the pressure on a TDP 6s? How is it easier on a TDP 6s than other TDP presses?

The pressure on the TDP 6s is adjusted through the thumb screw on the eccentric sheave strap at the top of the machine. If you adjust this in a downwards motion then you will increase the punch pressure, if you adjust it in an upwards direction then you will decrease the pressure.

This is easier than on other TDP presses as you do not need any tools at all to perform this adjustment. It can be done by hand in moments.

A video on how to do this can be found here: How to Adjust the TDP 6s Tablet Press Punch Pressure

Are there any services included in the warranty period?

No, sorry the warranty is for parts only. If you need your machine serviced and you do not feel confident to do this, then we would be happy to do so. This is, however, a charge for service. More information on this can be found here: Services | Why Choose LFA Tablet Presses?

Do you have options to dock “mini hoppers” onto the boot?

No, we do not offer mini hoppers. You do not have to completely fill the powder hopper when using the press. We are able to supply you with additional hoppers if you would like to be able to have a quick turnover between production runs.

Can the DTP 25 make tablets smaller in sizes than the DTP 12 can?

They are both able to press tablets that are as small as each other, since tablet sizes are determined by the diameter of the tooling. LFA is able to make tooling as small as 1mm in diameter, but it is extremely expensive and prone to breaking.

Can you set this machine up for an X mg tablet weight?

Yes, the TDP range all have a weight adjustment for it.

It is the bottom of the two cogs on the lower drift pin assembly.

Here is a link to a video showing you how to tune up the TDP 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dTscUdRJzQ

It is important to know that the exact weight of each tablet will vary from tablet to tablet.

A well-homogenized mix that has a consistent granule size should be able to achieve an accuracy of +/- 3% or less.

Can Firmapress work with any shape or size tooling or tablet?

Yes, it works extremely well with any shaped die or tooling set. It is also designed to be able to get a clean print with tooling that has images, letters or numbers on it.

What are the functions of the lower punch gears on the TDP0? How do I set the pressure correctly?

These gears are known as cogs and are used to tune the press by setting the tablet weight and ejection height. The upper drift pin assembly is used to adjust the pressure.

You can watch a video on this here:Setup the Fill Depth, Punch Pressure & Ejection Height on a TDP 5 Tablet Press

In what situation should I get a TDP 5 rather than a TDP 6s?

There are a number of times when it would be better to get a TDP 5 instead of a TDP6. Really a TDP 6 is only better if you need to make shaped tablets (not-round) very regularly or if you need to make very large tablets (bigger than 12-14mm).

If this is not the case then the TDP 5 is lighter, faster, and costs less than the TDP 6.

Can I know the delivery time before I place an order? How long is the delivery time of TDP 5 usually?

Yes, just give us a call and we will check our stock levels. We aim to hold the TDP 5 in stock for our customers however there are some times when it does go out of stock, so it is worth calling.

If we have it in stock then it will take around 2-5 days to deliver to you depending on how far you are from our nearest office.

If I make any changes on the machine will the warranty still be valid? I am thinking about replacing the motor for a different one.

Yes, we will cover the warranty but only on the parts that you have not changed or modified. If you are in doubt then please do reach out to the team and check with them first.

Is there a variable speed control? If so, is this digital?

Yes, the press does have a variable speed control. It can be run between 10-50 RPM.

This speed control is varied using a variable adjuster and the speed is shown on an LCD readout.

Note: It technically can be run slower than 10 RPM but the press is likely to not have the kinetic motion to complete the compression of a tablet.

You usually recommend the DTP 12/25 machines to universities for lab purposes, does that mean that they are designed more for R&D, or can they be used without problems for continuous daily production?

These machines are normally used for R&D and small batch production. The reason for this is that if the user did need to run it daily then they would be much better off investing in an RTP 9 for the same or less money.

Can this machine show the press pressure value when it’s in operation?

No. The DTP 25 does not currently come fitted with load cells to show the pressure being exerted in compression or ejection.

What is the maximum weight I can have in a tablet with a TDP 0?

This will really depend on the bulk density of your tablets. Watch this video for more information

The best way to describe this is with a trick question: What weighs more, a ton of feathers or a ton of lead?

The answer is neither since they both weigh a ton, but their dimensions are different. This is the same with powders. You can have some that are like sand and some that are light and fluffy, so compressing them to the same size does not always mean that you will yield the same weight results because their particles hold weight differently.

What is the mesh size of your excipients? etc.

Dextrose - approx 100 mesh
Dicalcium Phosphate - approx 100 mesh
Microcrystoline Cellulose - approx 120-200
Magnesium sterate -
Lactose - 80 mesh
Silica Dioxide -
Firmapress - 100-200 mesh

Can excipients be added to Firmapress to accommodate formula?

Yes, if you have an active ingredient that has particular issues then it is ok to add other excipients to help accommodate and fix the issue.

Do you have a video on your website showing me how to use the TDP 1.5?

Yes, we do. Here is a link to a video that shows you how to set up your TDP 1.5 once you receive it: TDP 1.5 Unboxing & Setup

Do you have the TDP 5 manual (including the hard copy) in other languages?

No. Sorry. If you would like it in another language, we would be happy to get it translated for you. Simply reach out to the LFA team and we will work to get it done. Please note that this could take a while and we are not able to guarantee if we will be able to get it done.

What tension should I set my belt too?

The tension on your TDP 5 belt will depend on whether or not you are installing a new belt or tension on an old one. Here are the exact tensions for the TDP 5:

Installation strand tension for new belt [N] 141.64

Installation strand tension for run-in belt [N] 94.42

To measure the tension on a belt we use a tension pen gauge. Here is a link to a video on how to use the belt tension pen gauge: Browning Tensioning V Belt Drives

Deflection forces for belt tension pen gauge [kg]

New 0.98

Run 0.67

The dies have become discoloured. Is this because of corrosion?

Yes, this could be down to corrosion or due to oxidation of your product. We would highly recommend taking your tooling out of the press and cleaning it at the end of every production run.

We would also recommend polishing the tooling to keep the surfaces clean and less likely to cause picking or capping.

Is it possible to make shaped tablets on a DTP machine?

Yes, it is possible to make shaped tablets on a DTP machine. The pressure is adjusted in a rotational motion, so it is more tedious to use shaped tooling since you have to adjust the top punch position every time you adjust the pressure.

Can the manual flywheel be removed to avoid any damage when freeing up a jammed machine?

Yes, it has a grub nut to hold it in place and can be removed from the end of the motor. This allows you to get a stronger grip onto the press with a tool. LFA does not provide additional tools.

Are there any services included in the warranty period?

No, sorry the warranty is for parts only. If you need your machine serviced and you do not feel confident to do this, then we would be happy to do so. This is, however, a charge for service. More information on this can be found here:

Services | Why Choose LFA Tablet Presses?

Can I come to one of your facility for training with my own formula?

Yes, you can but there are a number of requirements that we need to fulfil first.

You will need to contact our team and provided them with a copy of all of your MSDS for all of the components of your mix.

We need to have a good understanding of your business and the challenges you are facing.

You will also need to book an appointment with the office that you would like to visit.

For more information please get in contact with the team: https://www.lfatabletpresses.com/contact

Do you ship Firmapress to Country XYZ? Is Firmapress legal in Country XYZ?

Yes, we do, as far as we know there are no products in Firmapress that require any form of registration any ware in the world.

However, we would recommend that you check with your local authorities before ordering for the first time. Note: We have had problems shipping the product to Brazil. We tend to find the customs can seize the product.

It is not illegal in Brazil but the customer needs a freight agent that has experience in this area to clear it through customs.

Can I change the 3 sets of free tooling that are included with the VICE?

Sorry, but we are not able to customize the tooling that is included with the VICE.

However, supplementary tooling can be ordered at an additional cost if required: TDP Tooling | Punch & Dies for TDP Pill Presses

Are all the contact parts on the TDP 1.5 stainless steel?

No. Both the hopper and the boot are made from brass or plastic depending on when you bought your machine from LFA. We moved to plastic in mid 2019.

The standard tooling is made from S7 steel, but can be customized using different steel grades.

The base plate is machined from stainless steel.

How often does the TDP 5 need to be maintained?

We would recommend doing a full clean down and re-greasing at the end of every production run. This takes about an hour and will dramatically increase the life of your press.

Why is TDP 6s better for making shaped tablets?

The TDP 6s is better for making shaped tablets due to the way the pressure is adjusted. The pressure adjustment happens in a linear motion. This means when you are tuning the press with a shaped set of tooling you do not need to worry about having to re-align the upper punch with the die bore every time you adjust the pressure. This saves not only a lot of time but reduces the risk of damaging your upper punch on the die bore.

Does the DTP come with all the tools needed for maintenance?

No. The DTP 25 does not come with any tools included in the cost of the press. However, most of the tools used on the press are very standard. The only tool that would not be considered standard would be a Die Insertion Ring and Die Seat Cleaner.

A link to these items can be found here: Die Seat Cleaner & Insertion Ring

How much product can the hopper hold at a time in comparison to the TDP range?

The capacities for the hoppers on the DTP 25 and the DTP 12 are as follows:

DTP 12: 2 liters

DTP 25: 3 liters

This makes the hoppers on the DTP range much bigger than the hoppers on the TDP series.

This being said, we do not recommend under any circumstances leaving the machine unattended for long periods of time. An operator should always be present when running the machine.

Will the machine operate with the doors/case open?

No, it will not. It has two sensors that will shut the machine off in the event that the doors are opened.

Some of the older machines are not fitted with this function, however we are able to fit them as an aftermarket addition.

How do I set the pressure correctly?

The upper drift pin assembly is used to adjust the pressure. You can watch a video on this here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pc2gfDU3NiQ

Here is another video which tells you how to set up a TDP ready to press: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dTscUdRJzQ

Do I need a license to own this machine?

That depends on the country you are located in.

In the EU and UK no. You do not need anything to buy the press.

In the USA we have to file a piece of paperwork with the federal government when we sell the press.

We, however, do all of this paperwork for you and do not need to do anything.

The only countries that require a licence as far as we know are Canada and Australia.

If you are located in Canada then we recommend that you contact Health Canada prior to placing your order. Details regarding the import process can be found at the following link: Importing and registering pill presses (designated devices)

The document you need to fill out and file for a purchase originating in Australia is called a B712 it can be found at: https://www.abf.gov.au/form-listing/forms/b712.pdf If you would like to speak with one of our team about this then please get in contact.

Can I request custom colours of Firmapress? / Can I have a more intense (insert colour) in my Firmapress?

Yes, however, there is a minimum order of one batch which is 1 ton and there is a 4 week lead time.

If this is something that a customer is interested int hen they need to put down a non-refundable deposit of $1000 for us to start formulating. They also need to provide us with the exact panton colour.

Since this is a portable machine, what happens if this is dropped when transporting it? Is it the type of machine that breaks easily?

It is a very sturdy machine, however, if it arrives in less than perfect condition, please contact us and we will make sure to get you back on track.

How can I know how much pressure I'm setting up? Or, do I need to be able to use a pressure of exactly X kN, how can I set that up?

This feature is not available on the TDP 5. The TDP 5 is a basic machine that is priced accordingly. If you need to know the amount of pressure that you are using to make one of your tablets you might want to consider an RTP 10i or HSTP.

How many hours a day can the TDP 5 be left on?

LFA is aware of customers who have been able to run their TDP 5 for 10 hours a day multiple days in a row. LFA does not recommend this, because it will wear the machine down. It is important to let it cool and to clean and grease it regularly.

I want to make a range of supplements, does this machine make tablets and capsules?

No. This machine is only able to make tablets.

It is able to make different size and shape tablets including capsule shape but this is a tablet, not a capsule.

Where is the handle to rotate the DTP manually before turning it on?

The handle to operate the machine manually on the DTP 12 or 25 is currently located on the bottom of the motor.

What sort of metals are used on the machine since this is food grade?

All of the contact parts can be found in the IQ/OQ documents here:


They are 304 SS, GCr15 (or S7/D2 depending on tooling) and Acrylic.

How often do I have to clean this machine?

That will depend on how often you use it. We would recommend cleaning it at the end of every run and in between products for which it is important to ensure no cross contamination.

Do all TDPs and VICE take the same tooling?

Yes, the VICE, TDP 0, TDP 1.5, TDP 5 and the TDP 6s from LFA all take what is known as Universal TDP Tooling.

It is important to know two things. Firstly, the TDP Universal Tooling came into effect in 2018 machines brought from LFA before this time may have slightly different sizes.

We always recommend checking the size of your tooling before placing your order. Secondly, a number of companies make unofficial TDP tablet presses.

They do not always conform to the same sizes, tolerance or quality of LFA TDP’s or tooling. If you got your press from someone else other than LFA we are not able to guarantee that our tooling will fit.

Which excipient should I add if the product is sticky?

If your product is sticky then you will need to add a dry lubricant to your mix. For this, we recommend magnesium stearate.

We do not recommend that you add more than 1% to the mix as more than this can cause capping. If your product is still sticky at this point then we would recommend looking into granulation.

How much is too much pressure?

If too much pressure is applied to the VICE, it will jam shut. If this happens, you need to remove the handles from each end using an Allen key or hex key set. Then, using two large wrenches on each end, dejam the device.

The rest of the TDP range have flywheels but the TDP 1.5 has a gearbox. What is the advantage of this?

The advantage of the gearbox is that it has less open moving parts. This makes the press safer to use and easier to clean and maintain.

Can I leave the machine operating on its own or does it need supervision? Can this machine be left without an operator?

When operating a desktop tablet press, supervision is required at all times. From time to time, excess powder can build up and cause tablets to form where the front of the boot gets to in its ejection cycle. When this happens there is a chance that a tablet could roll back into the way of the upper punch coming down to make a second tablet.

If this happens the addition of the two tablets together in the press will cause a jam that is very hard to undo.

If the machine is not turned off in time then the motor can burn out causing serious damage to the press.

It is also possible that your mix will stop flowing while running the machine. This will cause you to get underweight, soft tablets that will then have to be picked out, broken down, and reworked.

Will the TDP 6s make stronger tablets than the other TDP machines?

In theory yes, but in practice, not necessarily.

The TDP 6s has 60kN of pressure which is the highest amount of any of the TDP presses. This and the fact that it runs slower is increasing what is known as dwell time. This means that your powders are under compression longer which increases the hardness of your tablets. So, if you put the same mix in a TDP 5 and a TDP 6s, in theory, the TDP 6s should produce a stronger tablet.

This being said, the press used to make a tablet is not the only thing that has a bearing on how hard the tablet eventually comes out. So if you mix is very directly compressible then using a TDP 6s instead of a TDP 5 will make it no stronger or harder.

Similarly, if your powder has no binding properties at all then it will not matter how much pressure you apply. You might never be able to make a hard tablet.

Do you have any suggestions for a better Ejection Guard/Safety guard?

Yes, we would recommend installing the entire press inside a cage or perspex box.

What is the advantage of the DTP range over a TDP 6s with a cage?

Honestly not a lot. Aesthetically speaking, the DTP would look nicer but the TDP 6s in a cage or a perspex box will perform to a very similar standard. The only difference would be the speed adjustment which the TDP 6s does not have. The ability to adjust the speed allows you to adjust the dwell time.

Is the power hook up designed for the US or the UK?

The DTP 12 or 25 will come with a plug wired to run on your local power supply. If you think that you might require something special then please do get in contact with the sales team.

Would it help if we granulate the mix first?

There are three reasons to granulate your formula:

1. To improve the flowability of your formulation.

2. To make your formulation more compressible.

3. To ensure a consistent spread of API throughout the formulation.

If you would like to find out if your mix needs granulation then we do have a tablet formulation service available.

You can find out more about the tablet formulation service here: https://www.lfatabletpresses.com/services

What is the best way to store Firmapress?

While the bag is closed Firmapress is fairly resilient.

Do not expose it to extream temperatures below -5c or higher than 40c. Once opened Firmapress needs to be stored in clean dry conditions between 10-30c. Once a bag is opened if it is not all used then make sure to close the bag securely. With 1kg and 5kg bags, this can be done using the grip seal at the top. For 25 kg sacks use a couple of cable ties.

What are the ideal conditions and powders for the TDP 0?

The ideal condition for manufacturing tablets using the TDP 0 is a cool, clean, and dry environment. For the best results, we recommend using directly compressible or granulated powders.

What is the lead time on spare parts for a TDP 5?

Spare parts are held in stock in the UK, USA and Taiwan. This means that we can normally dispatch them in 1-2 days. Shipment delivery times will vary depending on your location.

Is there a system that allows customers to check the warranty period of their machines?

In order to determine whether or not your machine is still under warranty you will need to call or email the office the machine was purchased from and provide the serial number.

If I change the tooling for a different size, do I need to adjust the pressure as well?

Yes. You have to adjust the pressure whenever you change the tooling. This is for two reasons. Firstly you will have adjusted the setting even just a small amount by taking out the old tooling. Secondly, the new set of tooling will have a slightly different length to the old tooling. This will not be perceptible just from looking at it but a small difference will exist.

When you put in the new tooling the press both of these tiny changes can have a big impact on the tablet that you are making.

Because of this, it is important to make sure that you re-tune the press every time you change the tooling or the mix being put in the press.

Does this machine come fully assembled? Are the feet attached during shipping?

Yes, the machine does come fully assembled. The feet are attached during shipping. We support the press with 4 additional strips of wood.

What is the average lifetime for this machine?

This machine will last 10+ years with the manual’s recommended maintenance.

The first parts that will go out will be wear parts such as the Teflon on the bottom of the boot. After this, there are a number of bushings that support the top cam that will wear out of tolerance.

The tooling will also need to be changed. The life of this will depend on the product that is being pressed.

All of these parts can easily be replaced.

Can the DTP 25 make a 25 mm round shaped tablet as the maximum?

Yes, the DTP 25 takes Universal TDP tooling from LFA and is able to make a tablet with a maximum diameter tablet of 25mm.

If I am the new business beginner, I am not sure which machine I should go with, TDP 0, TDP 1.5, TDP 5 or TDP 6s?

Yes, this is a common question we get asked so we have to tools to help you.

A video on the differences between the different TDP's www.lfatabletpresses.com/videos/tdp-range

The Right Machine For You Questionnaire - https://www.lfatabletpresses.com/tablet-press-questionnaire

Between these two you should get a much better idea and if not please do reach out, let us know what you are making and how many you need to make and we will help guide you through the process.

Are all the excipients safe for human consumption?

Yes, all of the excipients are safe for human or animal consumption. There are some precautions that should be taken when handling them and there are some people that might have intolerances to some of them. Information on this can be found in the products MSDS and Intolerance Data Sheet. This can be found in this section for every excipient.

Is Fimrapress the same as Ready Mix?

Yes, when LFA first launched Firmapress for a short while it was called Ready Mix.

Now however it is called Firmapress and it is a trademarked term because of this it is really important that you only use the term Firmapress and that you correct customers whenever they ask.

Does the TDP 1.5 do anything the TDP 5 cannot?

The TDP 1.5 is a little lighter than the TDP 5. It does not have a belt and exposed gears, but this does not affect its ability to make a tablet. The only thing it can not do is exert 50 kN of pressure.

Are parts interchangeable with the rest of the TDP range?

Yes. Some of them. There are a number of parts that are able to be changed between the different TDP ranges. This includes the tooling, a lot of the upper and lower drift pin assemblies and the boot bolt and spring.

What is the recommended list of wear parts for the TDP 5?

As with all machines, the TDP 5 will have parts on it that over time will need to be changed or that can become damaged through user error. Below is a list of parts that LFA has come to recognise as the most frequently damaged or that have been designed to wear so that more expensive parts of the press are protected.

Tooling - The tooling on the TDP 5 can become chipped or broken. Lead times for a new set of tooling can take as long as 6-8 weeks so we recommend having a spare set or two. This is especially true if the tooling is customized.

Boot - The TDP 5 boot is formed from a toughened food grade plastic. This part can become trapped between the die bore and the upper punch and usually happens from user error when the upper punch has not been secured correctly. While we hold this part in stock at all of our locations it can reduce waiting to have a spare.

Boot Timing Bar - In the event that the boot is trapped or damaged by the upper punch the boot timing bar can become bent. While we hold this part in stock at all of our locations it can reduce waiting to have a spare.

V Belt - The V Belt on the TDP 5 is used to drive all of the power from the motor to the cams. This overtime will lose some of its tension and wear. When this happens the maximum pressure that you will be able to achieve on the press will reduce. We do hold this part in stock and most of the time the part will not fail, requiring immediate replacement. The tension on the belt can also be increased by adjusting the position of the motor. This will extend the life of the belt.

Upper Cam Bushing - The upper cam bushing is a brass wear part that is used to keep the upper cam from coming into direct contact with the base of the machine. This part will need to be replaced after around 500 - 1,000 hours depending on the product being pressed and the pressure being used.

The screw that holds the boot was damaged by the boot set screw. Did this happen because its knurled nut was tight against the base plate?

Yes, this can happen because the boot bolt and spring have been screwed too far into the press or have not been screwed in far enough. It is important to make sure that the bolt is in the correct position before over tightening the set screw.

It should be pointed out that it will not affect that operation of the press if it is damaged. You can still use your press as long as it screws in.

What is the maximum diameter for shaped tablets (is it also 12 mm / 25 mm)?

Yes, the maximum size for shaped and round tablets on the DTP 12 and 25 are the same as round shaped tablets.

Any advice on how to better rotate the machine manually?

On the old DTP 12/25, the manual rotation wheel is located on the bottom of the motor. This can make it difficult to grip.

To make it easier for the operator to use the handle in the event of a jam, you can remove the perspex between the motor and the pressing section. If you require more space than this, then the doors and back cover can be removed as well.

What is the recommended list of wear parts for the DTP 12/25?

As with all machines, the DTP 25 will have parts on it that over time will need to be changed or that can become damaged through user error. Below is a list of parts that LFA has come to recognise as the most frequently damaged or that have been designed to wear so that more expensive parts of the press are protected.

Tooling - The tooling on the DTP 25 can become chipped or broken. Lead times for a new set of tooling can take as long as 6-8 weeks, so we recommend having a spare set or two. This is especially true if the tooling is customised.

Here is a link to the tooling page where it can be purchased:

TDP Tooling

Boot - The DTP 25 boot is formed from a brass casting. This part can become trapped between the die bore and the upper punch and usually happens from user error when the upper punch has not been secured correctly. While we hold this part in stock at all of our locations it can reduce waiting to have a spare.

Here is a link to the page where the TDP DTP 25 boot can be purchased:

Boot DTP 25 | Machine Spare Parts | Replacement

Boot Teflon Pads - On the bottom of the boot on the DTP 12/25 there are 3 pads that are used to protect the tooling and the boot against the die table. These pads are made from Teflon and are designed over time to wear to avoid damage to more expensive parts. You will get one free set of these wear parts when you buy the press but it can be a good idea to have another set in stock.

Here is a link to the page where it can be purchased:

Boot Teflon Pads DTP 25 | Machine Spare Parts | Replacement

Upper Cam Bushing - The upper cam bushing is a brass wear part that is used to keep the upper cam from coming into direct contact with the base of the machine. This part will need to be replaced after around 500 - 1,000 hours depending on the product being pressed and the pressure being used.

Here is a link to the page where the upper cam bushing for the DTP 25 can be purchased:Upper Cam Bushing DTP 25 | Machine Spare Parts | Replacement

Can I get support from LFA if I face problems with making tablets?

Yes. Very easily.

We have free lifetime technical support for all machines sold by LFA.

Just contact us with your machine serial number and we would be happy to help you with any problems.

Does Firmapress create thermal gelation upon heating?

Thermal gelation is where a powder in water becomes a jelly once heated. This can happen with MCC but we can not guarantee it with Firmapress due to all of the other products in it.

Can I put my VICE in an autoclave?

Yes, the tooling is S7 steel, the body is aluminium, and the threads on the handles are both SS 304 steel. The entire device can withstand 120°C (248°F) in an autoclave for 20-30 mins.

Is there a larger hopper available for the TDP1.5?

No, we do not offer a larger hopper for any of our presses. This is because the TDP 1.5 should not be left unattended at any time. This also prevents particle separation, where the larger particles in a mix rise to the top of the powder. The vibrations of the TDP 1.5 cause this to happen, but the hopper that is included has been designed to reduce the likelihood. If we were to attach a larger hopper then the chance of particle separation would dramatically increase.

Do I need any special tools to maintain the TDP 5?

No, an allen key set, a spanner set, and a crosshead screwdriver will cover most of the operations that you should ever need to do. Even to do a full strip down and assembly there are no specialist tools that you would need that a local hardware store would not be able to provide.

What is the maximum diameter on a TDP 6s when using a motor? How about when I'm running the machine manually?

The maximum diameter of the die is 22 mm regardless of if you are using the motor or operating the machine by hand. This is what LFA recommends. The problem that most customers face is with wanting to use the maximum diameter along with the maximum fill depth and the maximum pressure.

If this is your requirement then it is important to test it before buying the press. Maxing out the press in every respect is difficult and can only be achieved with the perfect mix.

How often does the DTP need greasing?

That will depend on the use of the press and the part you are greasing. We have completed a full lubrication schedule to help you understand what parts need lubrication when. The lubrication schedule can be found here:

DTP 25 Lubrication Schedule

Can the DTP range be fitted with 3-phase power?

Yes, we could fit the DTP 25 with 3 phase power, however, we would not recommend it. It would increase costs, due to the power consumption on the motor.

Is tooling easily interchangeable?

Yes, the tooling is changed in the same way as all TDP tooling. The top punch is held in place with a locking nut, the die is held in place with 2 set screws, and the lower punch is held in place with a grub nut.

The one way in which it varies from the TDP range is that the baseplate is not able to be removed. This means if the centre die gets stuck in place, you will need to lower the ejection height and lift lift up the die by hand.

Do I get a die with the machine or do I have to buy it separately? Which size/shape are they?

Yes, you do get a die with the machine. Every machine comes fitted with a die.

If you would like you can get this customised with your logo or lettering but it takes 6-8 weeks.

Or, we have a standard 8mm round, bevelled edge with breaker installed in the machines in stock.

How do you move/install this machine?

There is a bolt eyelet on the top of the machine.

We recommend using an engine hoist to lift the machine off the shipping crate and into the position that you are going to use it in.


Is Firmapress vegan?

Yes, Firmapress is Vegan and Vegetarian. All of the products used to make it are free from animal products.

How long can the TDP0 be used without interruption?

The TDP can operate as long as the user can rotate the arm on the machine.

Can you adjust the speed of the TDP 5 as well as the speed of tablet ejection?

No, if you would like to adjust the speed of your TDP 5 you will have to do so using a variable speed adjuster.

There are off the shelf versions that the TDP can plug into. You need to make sure that it is set up for the right electrics for your motor.

Can I use the TDP tooling in an RTP?

No. The TDP 5 is a single station tablet press. The RTP range is a rotary tablet press. The way that they work means that it is impossible to move the tooling from one to another.

If I am not able to form a tablet from my powder. What should I do next? Should I buy a machine with higher capacity or add something to my powder?

You should first look at your tableting mix. If you are able to get this right then the powder should bind into a tablet. If you have tried a few mixes and a form of granulation, then the next step would not be another type of tablet press but a capsule filler.

Does the DTP range come with an emergency button as it says on the website or should it be clarified when ordering?

The DTP comes with an emergency punch stop button as specified on the website.

Is a force feeder attachment an option with these machines?

No, sorry this machine is a gravity feed tablet press. Because of its design, we are not able to fit a force feeder to it. If the customer requires a press with a force feeder attachment, then they will have to look at rotary tablet presses.

If the environment is too humid or the temperature too high, will it cause a machine malfunction?

Yes. You need to keep the press within the working range of 10-40 degrees c and a relative humidity of around 70%.

If the temperature or humidity gets too high, not only will it affect the mechanics of the press but it will also likely cause issues with your powders.

Can this machine be left without an operator?


LFA does not recommend leaving any of its machines unattended without an operator ever. Even if they only need to step away for a short amount of time, the operator should turn off the machine.

This will avoid damaging it in the event that there is a jam and the operator is not there to switch it off.

Which excipient should I add if the product doesn't bind well?

If your product does not bind well then we would recommend using MCC. This can be used in any % the limiting factor is the size of the tablet.

If the amount of MCC you would have to use would be too much or if you do not want to use MCC then you have 3 other options: Ask your supplier for a directly compressible or tabletable grade of your product. Spray dry your product. Wet granulate your product.

How many tablets can the VICE make per minute/hour?

This will depend on the user. There are a number of things that you can do to make it as efficient as possible:

Make a tablet pre-mix with your active ingredients and all of the excipients you need. We recommend using Firmapress for your excipient since it acts as both a binder and flow agent.

We also have videos and a tablet mix calculator to help you calculate the ratio of active ingredients to excipients needed to make a tablet.

Tablet Mix Calculator | Free Tool to Help Pill Formulation

Making a Tablet Pill Mix - Making a Test Mix

Next, set up on a tray or a clean and flat surface. This will help you recover any lost powders.

You will also need a high accuracy scale to weigh your tablets.

Finally, marking off the position of the threads on the lower pin handle will allow you to make tablets that are the same size with each run.

With all of these items in place, we find that we can make approximately 2-3 tablets per minute or 120-180 per hour. This depends, on your practice, the size of the tablet and how much force you apply.

Does the TDP 1.5 have a variable speed?

The TDP 1.5 does not have a variable speed adjustment. It is possible to fit the press with a speed adjustment but it is not something that LFA offers as a service.

Is there a cover I can purchase for the flywheel?

Yes, we are currently designing a perspex box that covers the entire machine. It will be sold as an optional extra.

Does the TDP 6s use the same tooling as a rotary press?

No. The TDP 6s uses what is known as TDP Universal Tooling™ this is a type of single station tooling that is used in all of the TDP range.

Rotary press tooling has a very different construction and can not be used in TDP presses.

Can the TDP 5 motor be placed on my TDP 6s for greater output?

No, we do not recommend this. The TDP 6s has been specifically developed for the longer dwell time and higher punch pressure. Changing the motor on the TDP 6s for the motor on the TDP 5 will not make it faster but instead only make your machine less effective.

What makes them safer than a TDP range?

The fact that the DTP will not run without the doors being closed means that the operator is unable to get access to any moving parts. With the TDP 5 and the TDP 6s, there are exposed moving parts that the operator has to be aware of.

Is there a lockout tag-out system integrated into the machines for maintenance?

On the side of the press, there is a powder isolator switch. This has the ability to be locked with a small lock.

What should we do if we don't want to use any excipients, especially binders?

Get a capsule filler.

You will not be able to make tablets.

Click here for more information https://www.lfacapsulefillers.com/

Does Firmapress contain lactose?

No, we have specifically avoided lactose because a number of people are what is known as lactose intolerant. Lactose intolerance can cause abdominal pain, bloating and other symptoms.

What type of table or surface should I put the TDP 0 on?

We recommend a strong and sturdy table that can hold more than 24kg, since you will be operating the machine on it. It is also useful if you can bolt the machine down or use a set of clamps to secure it in place.

What materials is the machine made of? Will we get a material of construction certificate with the unit?

On the TDP 5 Version 2 the contact parts are made from, stainless steel, food grade plastics and the steel that the tooling is made from. The tooling that comes with the machine is made from S7 steel. If you need a different steel type for your tooling, you can place an order using our custom tooling form:https://www.lfamachines.com/custom-punch-dies-tooling

What standards does the TDP 5 design conform to?

The TDP 5 has been designed to the CE standards.

What is the max weight of a tablet that can be made on this machine?

That will depend on what is known as your powder bulk density of your tablet mix. The easiest way to think of this is in the children's joke: What weighs more a ton of lead or a ton of feathers?

The joke is that they both weigh the same. Only one is much bigger than the other. Tablet presses work in the same way. The press does not weigh out your tablet mix. Instead, it uses the volume of the die cavity to fill and then this is the weight of the tablet.

So if your mix is very dense and granular then you will be able to make a very heavy tablet. If your mix is very light and fluffy then you will not be able to make a very heavy tablet.

The best thing to do is calculate the bulk density of your powder and then use this to work out what size tooling you will need to achieve the target weight for your tablets. A link to the video on how to work out your bulk density can be found here: https://www.lfatabletpresses.com/videos/calculating-bulk-density-making-a-tablet-pill-mix

What is the hopper capacity?

The hopper capacity of the DTP 25 is approximately 3l. Depending on the bulk density of your powders, this will hold around 3-5 kg. It is, however, important to remember that the press should not be left unattended during production and that an operator should be with the machine at all times.

Because the entire machine is in the perspex case, do I need to be worried about the motor overheating? Is there something I can do to prevent such a scenario?

No, the motor has a fan built into it to keep air moving over it. It also has a large compartment for proper ventilation. Finally, the perspex case does not retain enough heat to create an issue.

Is there any manual for the control panel?

Yes, we have a full manual for the DTP 25. This can be found here:DTP 25 Manual

This includes instructions on how to use the control panel.

Are the TDPs CE Certified?

No, the TDPs are not CE certified. To pass, they would have to be installed in a protective cage which we do not provide.  

Are all excipients safe for all ages to consume?

Yes, it does not matter what age, size or sex the person is consuming the products. It is, however, important to check the intolerance data.

What are the colours that are used in Firmapress?

We use a product called Aluminum Lakes. You can share this with customers.

What kind of tablets would you recommend getting a TDP 1.5 for?

The TDP 1.5 is recommended for tablets that are smaller than 8mm and bind fairly well. It is not that it has to be a set type of tablet or product. If you are unsure, then it is best to have the product tested. More information can be found on this service here:Services | Why Choose LFA Tablet Presses

Can I get my TDP 5 in a different colour?

No, sorry. We are only able to offer them in one colour. It is important to point out that the colour in the photo might vary slightly from batch to batch of machines.

Is the press already assembled in the box?

Yes, the press comes fully assembled in the box. You will need to lift it onto your workbench, and attach the fill tray and the hopper. This can be done using a Phillips or a crosshead screwdriver. It will take a couple of moments to do this.

Please be careful when lifting the press as it weighs 150kg (330lbs). You should use some form of mechanical lift to get it into position, such as a forklift or an engine hoist.

We also have a video on unboxing our TDP 6 here: TDP 6s Unboxing & Setup

Do you supply a spanner wrench to adjust the driveshaft nuts?

No. The TDP 6s does not come with a toolbox with which to use on the press. There are no special tools that are needed for the TDP 6s. All of the tools that are required are available from any standard tool shop or hardware store.

Apart from the machine being safer and being able to produce bigger tablets (DTP 25), are there any other reasons to choose this machine over a TDP?

The DTP is also easier to clean in such that the powders are not able to get onto the motor, electronics, gearbox and other component parts.

Another big advantage is the fact that it complies with GMP regulations.

The DTP is, however, heavier, slower, and more expensive so it really depends on your needs.

If I'm running multiple batches on my DTP, will the bottom boot seal need to be replaced each time?

No, it will not need to be replaced every time. To avoid cross contamination between two different products, it should be removed and cleaned between batches.

The wearpart should also be changed once it has become worn down. This part is designed to protect your tooling, die plate, and boot from excessive wear. It would be replaced once the fitting screws become flush with the face of the plastic.

You might also want to change it in the event that it collides with a lower punch. This can only happen if the press is calibrated in a way that exposes the lower punch such as overadjusting the ejection height. If this happens, then the seal might leak powder and need to be changed.

Can I order custom tooling?

Yes. You can order custom tooling here

Does Firmapress work with pet vitamins/supplements/products?

Yes, it is totally harmless to animals as well as humans. It can be used in any products.

The tablets I am making with the VICE are coming out soft and do not retain their structure, even when using excipients. They fall apart with just the slightest touch/pressure. What should I do?

The VICE exerts about 21 kN of pressure, which is more than enough to make a tablet. If the tablet falls apart, either the device needs to be screwed tighter or the formula needs to be adjusted.

Are there safety devices in the TDP 1.5 to protect the user?

Yes, there is a stop button. We would, however, also recommend installing the TDP 1.5 in a cage or perspex box.

Can we customise TDP 5? For example, adding more power to the motor?

No, sorry we do not customise our products. We only offer machines that are shown on our website. We do this so that we can be confident about the machines we sell and our ability to properly support them.

Why should I get a TDP 6s if according to your website it has lower production capacity than TDP 1.5 and TDP 5?

If your mix binds really well then there is no reason. If however, you need a longer dwell time, higher pressure or to make shaped tablets then you might find that the TDP 6s is better suited to your needs.

If your main concern is production capacity then we would recommend the RTP range of tablet presses.

Can you replace the perspex for the DTP and does LFA supply it?

Yes, in the event that your perspex becomes broken we are able to supply a new set for you. We stock and offer several spare parts for the DTP 25.

They can all be found here:

Perspex Doors

DTP Spare Parts

How many grease points do the DTPs have?

The DTP 12 and DTP 25 have 6. These will take a range of different grades and viscosities of grease depending on the application.

To help you with this we have created a lubrication schedule which can be found here: DTP 25 Lubrication Schedule

How many years is the warranty on this machine?

The warranty on the DTP 25 is 1 year from the date that it is shipped to you. Contact us if you need to make a warranty claim for a replacement part. Please make sure that you have your DTP 25’s serial number on hand as we will need it to submit your claim.

Where is this machine made and shipped from?

All of our machines are made by us, in Taiwan and are shipped to you from our nearest office.

We have offices in the UK, USA, Germany and Taiwan.

Because they are made by us we are able to control quality and give you the best support possible and because they are shipped from your local office it reduces wait times, avoids customs clearance and ensures you have support in your time zone in a language that is convenient to you.

Can I get a better price than is listed on the website?

Yes, we have bulk pricing for all of our excipients and it can be found in this section. We offer bulk in 500kg, 1 ton, 2 ton and 5 ton lots. The prices are set on these quantities as it is the amounts that will fit on pallets.

Weight Price £ Price $ Price €
500kg 5,808.23 7,500.00 6,632.40
1 Ton 10,842.02 14,000.00 12,380.48
2 Ton 20,135.18 26,000.00 22,992.32
5 Ton 46,465.80 60,000.00 53,059.20

Microcrystalline Cellulose
Weight Price £ Price $ Price €
500kg 2,230.36 2,880.00 2,546.84
1 Ton 3,568.57 4,608.00 4,074.95
2 Ton 6,245.00 8,064.00 7,131.16
5 Ton 14,497.33 18,720.00 16,554.47

Dicalcium Phosphate
Weight Price £ Price $ Price €
500kg 1,626.30 2,100.00 1,857.07
1 Ton 2,602.08 3,360.00 2,971.32
2 Ton 4,553.65 5,880.00 5,199.80
5 Ton 10,570.97 13,650.00 12,070.97

Magnesium Stearate
Weight Price £ Price $ Price €
500kg 1,053.22 1,360.00 1,202.68
1 Ton 1,685.16 2,176.00 1,924.28
2 Ton 2,949.03 3,808.00 3,367.49
5 Ton 6,845.96 8,840.00 7,817.39

Silicon Dioxide
Weight Price £ Price $ Price €
500kg 3,670.80 4,740.00 4,191.68
1 Ton 5,873.28 7,584.00 6,706.68
2 Ton 10,278.23 13,272.00 11,736.70
5 Ton 23,860.19 30,810.00 27,245.90

Lactose Powder
Weight Price £ Price $ Price €
500kg 3,330.05 4,300.00 3,802.58
1 Ton 5,328.08 6,880.00 6,084.12
2 Ton 9,324.14 12,040.00 10,647.21
5 Ton 21,645.32 27,950.00 24,716.74

Dextrose Monohydrate
Weight Price £ Price $ Price €
500kg 1,115.18 1,440.00 1,273.42
1 Ton 1,784.29 2,304.00 2,037.47
2 Ton 3,122.50 4,032.00 3,565.58
5 Ton 7,248.66 9,360.00 8,277.24

Is Firmapress gluten free?

Yes, there are not traces of Gluten in any of the products used to make Firmapress.

What are the best cleaning products for the TDP0? How often should I clean it?

This will depend greatly on the products you are pressing. If you are making food or pharmaceutical products, then you are going to need food or pharmaceutical safe cleaners.

When you clean the machine, make sure that it is completely dried and oiled afterwards to avoid any rusting of key parts.

More information on cleaning and maintenance for the TDP 0 can be found here:

Cleaning Matrix - TDP 0

TDP 0 Lubrication Schedule

You offer a 1-year warranty on all tablet presses, will it be still covered if we install a TDP 5 in a cage in case of using it at a (German) facility according to the EU Declaration of Conformity?

Yes, our 1 year warranty covers all of the parts on the machine, except for the tooling. If you install it in a cage to conform with CE regulations then it will in no way affect the warranty.

Is the TDP 5 loud?

The TDP 5 tablet press is 85 decibels, so it's not excessively loud. We would, however, recommend using ear protection if you are going to be using it for extended periods of time.

Based on LFA's website, the max tablet diameter of TDP 6s is 22 mm. Is the only one thing I have to do just order 22 mm tooling? Should anything else be changed?

Yes, the only thing you would need to do is order the tooling at the size that you need. You do not need to change any other parts on the press.

What functions does the panel control cover? Pressure, fill depth, etc?

The control panel on the top controls the stop, start, and jog functions as well as the speed of the press.

The pressure of the DTP is adjusted on the top of the Upper Drift Pin Assembly and the fill depth is adjusted with the lower drift pin assembly.

What food grade oils/grease is used on these machines?

If you are pressing a food grade product then we would recommend a combination of H1 And H2 greases. This will depend on your company's own internal practices. We also have a lubrication schedule that tells you the recommended viscosities and how often to apply the lubrication. This can be found here: DTP 25 Lubrication Schedule

If I buy the machine, can I have the manual in different languages?

At the moment we only offer the documentation for this machine in English. However, if you require documentation in another language, we would be happy to work with you to get them translated. Please get in contact with our team for more information.

What is the length of the warranty? And what are the terms and conditions?

The length of the warranty on any of the TDP range machines is 1 year from the date of purchase.

This warranty covers spare parts and excludes tooling and maintenance labour from LFA for machine services.

When you receive your machine, you will be given a serial number that will also be stamped onto the press. You will be able to use this if you ever need to make a warranty claim.

Full details on the LFA warranty can be found here: Warranty | We Have You Covered

Dissolving rate? Any known factors that can affect the rate, speed up or slow down the breakdown of a tablet?

Yes. There are two things at play here. You can get hygroscopic and hydrophobic excipients. Hygroscopic means that they take on water quickly, while hydrophobic means that they repel water.

There are products know as supper disintegrants. These products help the breakdown of tablets. At the moment LFA does not sell any supper disintegrants.

Magnesium stearate is hydrophobic this means that it will slow the breakdown of a tablet.

However, it is used in such small amounts that most of the time it will not make a difference to our customer's products. If they would like to be sure then they should conduct what is known as a disintegration test.

How do you clean the VICE efficiently? Are there any special products that you recommend?

The process of cleaning a VICE is fairly simple.

First, remove all of the powder from your VICE.

Next, rinse the VICE with warm water.

Finally, make sure that it is completely dry before applying oil to stop corrosion.

Here is a more detailed video on how to clean your VICE: How to Clean your VICE Hand Held Tablet Pill Press | Video

The VICE press comes with a cleaner and a food grade oil. We recommend using both of these to clean and lubricate your device.

Does this machine give any data? (e.g weight, pressure or production readouts)

The TDP 1.5 does not come with pressure load cells. It is not possible to fit them to the press.

Will the machine come fully assembled and ready to be plugged in?

Almost, you will have to attach the hopper. We leave this off so that it does not get damaged in shipping. This should take less than a minute. The machine will then be ready to run. It is important that at that point you tune the machine by hand and do not turn it on right away. If you do, it can damage the press. Here is a video on how to tune the TDP 5: Setup the Fill Depth, Punch Pressure & Ejection Height on a TDP 5 Tablet Press

We also have a video on unboxing your TDP 5 here:TDP 5 Unboxing & Setup

Can you change the speed on a TDP 6s? Can the machine be modified so that it has a variable speed control?

No. The TDP 6s that LFA sells does not come with a variable speed controller.

It is possible to fit one as an aftermarket customization but this is not a service that LFA offers. It is important that this is only done by a qualified electrician.

My TDP 6s does not have a jogging button, to be quite honest it doesn't look much like the one on the website. Did you send me the right machine?

Yes, you received the correct machine. At LFA we are constantly working to improve the quality of our machines. We are not able, however, to update the photos and the videos on the website every time we make an improvement.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you got a TDP 6s then the best thing to do is to look on your machine. On your press will be the machine plate which is marked with your serial number along with the make and model of your machine. This will be clearly marked as a TDP6s.

What makes the DTP range easier to use than the TDP range?

The DTP is not really any easier to use than the TDP range. The way that you adjust the punch pressure and fill depth is very similar.

Is there a kill switch for power?

There is an emergency stop button and a power isolator switch on the machines.

What plug does this machine come with?

We send out all machines with the local plug on and set up to run on the local power supply.

What is the minimum mixing ratio of Firmapress in a tablet?

20%. If you go much below this % then you might need to add extra lubricants. However, this is very dependent on the product being pressed. If the product being pressed is not at all sticky and only needs a little bulking out it could be less but this would be very rare. Most of the time you will need to use between 30-60%

Does the machine have to be bolted down? Does the TDP 0 come with bolts to fix it to a surface?

The TDP 0 does not have to be bolted down, but we highly recommend it. The machine does not come with bolts, but this can be determined based on the thickness of your work surface.

To calculate the length of the bolt required, first measure the thickness of your surface, and then add 35mm for the thickness of the TDP 0 base and the thread of the nut and the washers. You will then need to order 4 x M6 bolts inthe length that you calculated as well as 4 x M6 nuts and 8 x M6 washers.

This will be all you require to bolt down the press securely.

What are the safety features on the unit?

The TDP 5 has a safety cover over the drive cog to protect you when it is running. There is also an accessible off button, to manually shut the machine off.

Is there an emergency stop button on the TDP 5?

It will depend on the model. All new models of the TDP 5 have emergency stop buttons.

What is the maximum weight of a tablet that can be made on this machine?

That will depend on what is known as your powder bulk density of your tablet mix. The easiest way to think of this is in the children's joke: What weighs more a ton of lead or a ton of feathers?

The joke is that they both weigh the same. Only one is much bigger than the other. Tablet presses work in the same way. The press does not weigh out your tablet mix. Instead, it uses the volume of the die cavity to fill and then this is the weight of the tablet.

So if your mix is very dense and granular then you will be able to make a very heavy tablet. If your mix is very light and fluffy then you will not be able to make a very heavy tablet.

The best thing to do is calculate the bulk density of your powder and then use this to work out what size tooling you will need to achieve the target weight for your tablets. A link to the video on how to work out your bulk density can be found here:Calculating Bulk Density - Making a Tablet Pill Mix

How long does a typical clean down take?

The cleaning downtime of the DTP 25 will depend on how thorough you want to be. We recommend cleaning your machine in one of two ways:

1. If you are going to be continuing production from one product to another with the same tooling and no cross contamination issues, then we recommend a light clean. Here are the steps:

Remove all remaining powder from the press.

Remove hopper.

Hoover up excess powder from the inside of the press making sure to get inside the boot and around the base of the press.

Reassemble the press.

2. At the end of every day/run and if there is a potential for cross contamination, then we recommend the following procedure:

Remove all remaining powder from the press.

Remove hopper, boot and tooling.

Hoover up excess powder from the inside of the press.

Wash parts with warm soapy water.

Rinse the parts with potable water.

Sanitise the parts using a sanitising solution.

Dry the parts to reduce the chance of rust.

Lubricate the parts if specified in the lubrication schedule.

More information about cleaning the DTP series can be found here:

Cleaning Matrix - DTP 25

Is it possible to manually operate DTP machines like the TDP range?

Yes, but it is not as easy. There is a handle mounted on the bottom of the motor that allows you to tune the press.

There is also a jog function on the press that allows you to rotate the machine slowly. This can also be used to change tooling and tune the press. It is important to remember that if using the jog function the doors will still have to be closed. Also, if the machine jams, the operator should release this button immediately.

Do you have IQ/OQ/PQ documents for DTP 25?

At LFA we currently offer IQ (Installation Qualification) and OQ (Operation Qualification) documents for all of our machines. We do not currently offer PQ (Performance Qualification) documents for machines. If you require them, then you will need an internal team to set up all of your own SOP’s. In the event that you have this person/team then they will be able to create your PQ documents.

Can I make food grade products on this machine? Can the it make pharmaceutical-grade tablets?

Yes, the contact surfaces are all food and pharmaceutical safe.

They are made from a combination of, stainless steel, chrome coated brass and the steel used for your tooling (often S7).

As such they are all compliant with most rules for food or pharma manufacturing.

We strongly recommend that you do check your local laws as they do vary from state to state and country to country. If in doubt reach out and we will be happy to find out.

Can I have a CoA for my Excipient?

Yes. CoA stands for Certificate of Analysis this is also known some times as an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) all of the information contained in a CoA is inside the MSDS for every LFA product which is emailed to you after purchase.

Is it essential to use a mixer to mix Firmapress with the active?

No not essential but highly recommended. It will depend on the accuracy that you require.

This will depend on things like the LD50, your quality control systems and a number of other factors.

Because of this, it is a decision that you have to make. Firmapress should not be put in a blender or a mill. It will affect the composition and will no longer bind as well.

Is the pressure of TDP 1.5 strong enough to make consistent herbal tablets?

Yes, it can be, but as with all products it has to be tested. It is impossible to say if every herbal product will bind because it will depend on the total tablet mix and the shape and size of the tablet.

How do I know if TDP 5 is the best choice among desktop tablet presses for me?

We have a tool called the right machine for you. It can be found here: Right Machine For You - Questionnaire

Is it possible to buy bigger hoppers for the TDP range?

No, sorry we do not currently offer bigger hoppers for the TDP range of tablet presses. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly it is important that the TDP 6s is watched during operation. You should not fill the hopper and leave it to run. In the event of a jam, you will need to be able to switch off the machine quickly.

Also, due to the fact that gravity and vibrations are used to move the powders through the machine, they can become subject to what is known as particle separation. The longer the powders are in the hopper the more likely this is to happen. Because of this, we do not advise using a larger hopper than the one fitted to the machine.

Can the machine be modified to allow for pre-pressure?

No. It is not possible for a TDP 6s to be modified to have a pre-pressure function. This is because it is a simple up and down motion. If you think that you need a pre-pressure function on your press, then you will need an RTP Rotary Tablet Press. For more information on this, please do reach out to the team.

You mentioned the LCD screen control panel, what operating parameters are controllable from this screen?

None, it gives a readout of the speed at which the press is running.

What is the power consumption of the DTP 12/25?

The DTP can be set up to run on 110v for the USA and 240v for the UK and Europe. The main motor on the machine consumes 1.5 kW for the DTP 25 and 1.1 kW for the DTP 12.

Please contact us if you are unsure about the power supply you have for the specifications of the machine.

Is the TDP 1.5 a TDP 0 with an electrical motor attached to it?

No. It is not they are completely different presses.

What's the density of firmapress? How can I calculate the tablet weight if I use firmapress to make an 8 mm round tablet?

The bulk density of Firmapress is and is listed on the website and in this section of the website.

The bulk density of an item is when it is loose. Once it has been pressed into a tablet this will change.

You are not able to calculate the weight of a tablet based on the shape and the tablet and the powders used as it is also affected by the pressure and the fill depth that the press is set to.

How difficult is it to make a full rotation on the machine at maximum pressure?

This is a hard question as it is done on personal strength and the pressure is adjustable. If you think about it, it is as hard as possible before you can't make the rotation any more. This is the same as a TDP with a motor, the max pressure is as much as the motor can exert before the press jams.

How long does it take to do maintenance on the TDP 1.5?

It takes about 1-2 hours to clean, disassemble, and grease a TDP 1.5. We recommend that this is done at the end of every run to ensure the maximum life of your machine.

Can the TDP 5 be modified so that there is a pre-pressure prior to the main compression?

No. The way that a single station press works is that it runs in a single rotation. To put in a pre-pressure compression, you would have to stop the press and then reverse it. This really would not work. If this is something that you feel you need then it is best to look at rotary tablet presses. If pre-pressure is something you need, look towards our RTP 10i Rotary Tablet Press.

Is it possible to install a load cell to record the compression force on a TPD 6s machine?

Theoretically, yes. All of the pressure of the machine is put through one point where the fill adjustment cog meets the base. This happens during the production of every tablet. You could, in theory, insert a load cell at this point in the press. This, however, is not something that LFA offers or is really able to support.

How do you lift the DTP's? Is there a place for an eyelet?

Yes, on version 2 of the DTP 25 there is a threaded hole in the top of the press just off of the centre that is designed to take an M16 threaded bolt with an eyelet. This part comes included with the press. To lift the DTP 25 insert the eyelet in the threaded hole and then use mechanical lifting to hoist the press.

On older versions of the DTP 25 there is not always a threaded bolt in the top of the press. If yours is one like this then we recommend using two lifting straps to hoist the press. Run the first strap behind the central separating perspex sheet next to the motor. Run the second lifting strap in front of the upper drift pin assembly but behind the structural supporting bar. Connect the four ends of the two straps in a single point in the centre of the press above the main cover. Make sure to protect any edges with something soft like cardboard or fabric.

Is the DTP tooling any different from TDP 5 tooling?

No. In 2017 LFA made the decision to standardise all desktop tablet presses to one size of tooling. This is called TDP Universal Standard Tooling. We have also adopted this size of tooling in our DTP range of presses.

The full details of this tooling size can be found here on our website: TDP Tooling

What parts are not included under the warranty?

The only parts that are not included under the warranty is the tooling. The fair usage policy more details about our warranty can be found here: Warranty

Can I make shaped tablets? Or with a logo?

Yes, you can.

You are able to make any shaped tablet up to the maximum diameter of this tablet press which can be found under the "specifications" tab.

We are able to customise tooling to include lettering, numbering and logos. If you would like customised tooling please fill out our custom tooling form: www.lfamachines.com/custom-tooling

How should I clean contact parts that have come into contact with my excipients or active ingredients?

here are 6 steps that should be followed as a general rule of thumb when cleaning contact surfaces that have come into contact with powders:

Dry Clean - First you need to remove as much of the dry powder as possible. You can do this using a hover/vacuum. Make sure that the vacuum you are using has a filter good enough to handle fine dust.

Wet Clean - Next you need to perform a wet clean. This can be done with warm water and soap or if available an ultrasonic cleaner.

Rinse - Next you need to rinse off any soap with potable water (drinking water). You do not have to do this if you used an ultrasonic cleaner in the last step. It is important to ensure that all parts are thoroughly dried immediately after washing to avoid any rusting.

Sanitise - Next you need to sanitise the surface. This step is recommended by the FDA. There are a number of sanitising solutions available designed to be applied and left on.

Lubricate - You now need to lubricate any parts that require it. This should be with the appropriate grade oil or grease considering your use and greasing chart. Store - Finally store any of the parts in a cool dry place. If you are storing them on the machine then make sure the machine is in a temperature controlled environment with low humidity.

Is it possible to send me a sample for free so I can test it with my formula? If not, can I buy just half a kilogram as I am not sure Firmapress will work for me?

No, sorry, we only offer 1kg bags.

Is 15kN enough pressure to make a strong tablet?

Yes, you can make very strong tablets with 15kN. It will, however, depend on more than just the pressure. The size, shape, and formula will also determine the quality and strength of a tablet regardless of the machine. Increasing the pressure does not guarantee that your tablet will be stronger.

We are making a table to put the TDP 5 on top, how can we secure the machine on it?

We would recommend securing the TDP 5 in one of three ways:

Anti-vibration feet. These work great, they are large rubber pads that can bot through the 3/4 holes on the bottom of the press. They reduce the amount of noise from the machine and the rubber pads will stop it from slipping around.

G-clamps. An easy way to secure the tablet press to a table top without doing any damage to the bench top is using G-clamps. These are available from most hardware stores and are easily able to pin the machine to the work surface securely.

Bolt the press to the worktop. We would only recommend this if you really are sure of the location that you would like it to be secured. If you do want to do this then you can use the bolts that were sent with the press that was used to secure it to the shipping container.

How is this machine CE compliant?

We have self certified it under the part finished machines regulations. You will need to set up the environment around the press in a way that finishes satisfying the CE requirements.

The max fill depth is 12 mm. What will happen if I set up the fill depth over 12 mm?

Then the lower punch will come free from the die cavity and it will damage the tooling. Please do not do this.

It is important that you always turn the press over by hand before using the motor. If the press will not eject the tablet then this could be due to the fact that the lower punch has come out of the die bore. If this has happened then you will need to guide it back into place and decrease the fill depth until it is held in place.

Can the speed of the DTP press be varied?

Yes, it can. The speed of the press is controlled using the speed adjustment on the control panel that is located at the top of the press.

Can the DTP be used in an oxygen deprived environment?
There is no component on the machine that requires oxygen to function.
Can I know the operation status of the machine through the control panel? Can I check my tablet dimensions through the panel?

You are not able to check the operational status or tablet information through the control panel. This only displays the speed of the machine and in the event of a jam, an error code if the emergency stop button is applied.

Which parts wear most often and should I keep regular stock of?

The most common wear part on the machine is the boot. This comes in direct contact with the die cavity and can be hit or chipped by the upper and lower punches. This is made of brass so that the tooling is protected in the event of a collision. Because of this, the boot is soft and will wear over time. If anything, we recommend keeping a spare to avoid losing production time.

We also recommend that you keep at least 1 spare set of tooling as this can break or wear over time.

LFA does aim to hold all major spare parts and tooling in stock so that they are ready to ship out in the event that you need them. The lead times on sold out parts, however, can take up to 6-8 weeks.

Are there any known allergens or health risks?

Yes, there are all of them can be found in the intolerance sheets for each product. The intolerance sheets can be found here: https://www.lfatabletpresses.com/product-data


How many tablets can VICE produce before you have to replace it?

Infinite, the design of the press is incredibly robust. If you do manage to break it, contact your local LFA office.

While we cannot guarantee the machine for life, we would be happy to inspect the machine to determine if there were any manufacturing defects. Should this be the case a replacement would be considered.

What are the construction materials of the TDP 1.5?

The TDP 1.5 has a cast steel base with an enamel coating. There are parts that have been milled from steel and brass.

The contact parts that the powders come into contact with are the steel hopper, the brass/plastic boot (depending on model), the steel of the tooling (this will change depending on tooling specification) and the steel tablet ejection tray.

How long does it take to properly clean the TDP 5?

The TDP 5 is a very small machine that can be cleaned in as little as an hour.

More information on cleaning your TDP 5 can be found here:

Cleaning Your TDP 5 Tablet Press

TDP 5 Lubrication Schedule

Does this machine come with a manual?

Yes. We have a basic manual for the TDP 6s and we are currently working to bring out improved versions. A link to the manual can be found here: TDP 6s Desktop Tablet Press User Manual

If you have any feedback on the manual or think that something should be added then we would love to hear from you.

Can I put my DTP in an autoclave?

Probably not, unless you have a very big autoclave. You can, however, put all of the contact parts in one. The boot, tooling and hopper are all detachable and can withstand 120°c in an autoclave of 20-30 mins.

What is the minimum amount of ingredients required to do R and D?

You can run the DTP 25 with 50g of your mix. The thing that you need to be aware of is that the lower you go with the amount of powder in the hopper, the less consistent the tablets will be. You can combat this by running the press slower but this will also increase the dwell time.

What is the % loss of powder/product due to dust and mechanical issues?

This depends on your product. If your product is very fine and free flowing, then you will get a higher percentage of loss than if your product is granular. Most products on a DTP 25 will have a loss rate of about 1-5%. If it is higher than this, then it would be worth speaking with our team about how to best reduce it.

Can I attach a motor to the TDP0?

no, sorry it just is not possible.

What is the lifetime of this machine?

The TDP 5 is an incredibly hardy little machine.

Not only that but it has a very basic mechanical process. While parts can break and wear over time the cost of replacing them is normally very low. We have known customers to have done 100,000’s of tablets on the TDP 5.

This having been said it is still just an R&D and small batch machine. We would not recommend using it for making large batches.

The reason for this is that it is slow at only 5000 per hour and if you do run it constantly then you are going to be replacing a lot of parts on it. The life of the TDP 5 can easily be in the millions of tablets if well looked after and maintained.

Does Firmapress affect the material the tooling should be made from?

No, Firmapress is designed to be soft on the tooling and not stick to its surfaces. It can be used with any metal or coating.

What is the maximum tablet diameter on a TDP 0?

The maximum tablet diameter possible on a TDP0 is 10mm, but this will vary depending on the properties of your tablet mix.

Has the TDP 5 passed any reliability testing? What was the testing situation?

No, at the moment we have not done any reliability testing on the TDP 5. LFA, however, has 10 years experience selling, maintaining and servicing the TDP desktop press so we are sure of its reliability.

What is the largest diameter tablet the TDP5 can produce?

22mm is what we say, although we have seen a customer successfully use a 27mm oval die on a TDP 5. This being said, the bigger the die the harder it becomes to use the press. The better you mix will need to be and every other factor will need to be in your favour. We do not recommend using a TDP 5 press a tablet above around 14-16 mm unless you have had your formula tested first. The ideal size is less than 12mm.

My machine is going into a lab/education facility. Is the TDP 6s appropriate for this environment?
No, we recommend the DTP range as it is fully enclosed. It will also keep your students safer since the encasing will stop the spread of powders around the lab.

DTP Tablet Press Range | R&D & Educational Pill Press

Is there a jog function?

Yes, on version 2 models of the DTP 25 there is a jog button. It is the yellow button in between the red and the green button.

Do the DTP machines use a similar motor to the TDP 1.5?

Yes and no. The motors on the DTP 12 and 25 are both larger than the motors on the TDP 1.5. They are both flange mounted directly onto a gearbox which is then directly mounted onto the end of the top cam to drive the press.

What's the difference in the tooling between the DTP 25 and DTP 12?

There is no difference in the tooling for the DTP 12 and DTP 25. They both take TDP Universal Tooling. More details on TDP Universal tooling can be found here: TDP Tooling

What packaging is the TDP 0 delivered in? How many pieces does the TDP 0 come in? Does the machine come assembled or do I need to assemble it?
What kind of agent is each excipient?/ What is the main use of each excipient?

Dextrose - Sweetener, binding agent, good for chewable tablets or candy.

Microcrystalline Cellulose - Binder, filling agent. Good at binding tablets and making them bigger. It can also be used as a filler for capsules.

Magnesium stearate - Dry Lubricant. This stops products from getting stuck to the tooling. It can also help with powder flow issues and caking issues.

Lactose - Binder, sweetener and bulking agent. It has a large mesh so it flows well but most people do not like it because of the intolerance issues.

Silica Dioxide - Flowing agent. This assist powders in flowing smoothly through the machines. It also helps with cacking issues where powders get stuck to the machine.

How easy to use is the RTP 9 compared to the other RTP's? Is this the best RTP for a beginner?

The RTP 9 is a little more simple to use that the RTP 41 and the RTP 33 as it only has one side to tune. The RTP 10i has more information available to help you tune your press but it has a pre-pressure to tune. It is not that the machine is more or less complicated for a beginner. It really is the same. The main problem that beginners tend to have with there machines is with the formulation. If it is the customers first time pressing a tablet or if they are new to rotary presses then they really should come and see us first.

Is the machine ready, so I just plug it in and start with my production? If not, what are the steps I need to do before that? What is the installation process?

Yes, the machine comes ready to plug in and go.

It is important to remember that the TDP 1.5 weighs 60 kg, so we recommend securing it to a benchtop. This should be done before running the machine for the first time.

You will also need to tune your TDP 1.5 before using it. We do not recommend just pouring in your mix and turning on the machine. Doing this will likely cause a jam and/or damage to the machine.

Can I make effervescent tablets using a TDP 5?

Yes, you can, but most people would not. There are a few technical challenges that exist with making effervescent tablets that do not exist with other forms of tablet that the TDP 5 is not well suited for.

Most effervescent tablets tend to need to be quite large. As the TDP 5 is not great at making a tablet over 14mm this would be a problem for most people.

If the size is not the problem then the tooling could be. Effervescent tablets tend to have quite high ejection forces and are prone to sticking to the punches. To combat this, we would normally create tooling with PTFE inserts and tungsten carbide lined dies. This would make the one set of tooling for the TDP quite expensive and not only that but there is a minimum order quantity of 5 sets when ordering custom tooling.

Which parts wear most often and should I keep regular stock of?

The most common wear part on the TDP 6s is the boot. This comes in direct contact with the die cavity and can be hit or chipped by the upper and lower punches. This is made of brass so that the tooling is protected in the event of a collision. Because of this, the boot is soft and will wear over time. If anything, we recommend keeping a spare to avoid losing production time.

In addition to the boot, there are four bushings in the TDP 6s that are also made from brass and designed to wear over time. It is likely that you will never have to change these.

We also recommend that you keep at least 1 spare set of tooling as this can break or wear over time.

LFA does aim to hold all major spare parts and tooling in stock so that they are ready to ship out in the event that you need them. The lead times on sold out parts, however, can take up to 6-8 weeks.

What is the motor power of TDP 6s?
The motor power on a TDP 6s is .75 kW.
Can you integrate the local control system into a broader supervisory control system (e.g. Siemens PCS)?

No, it does not have a PLC. The Variable Frequency Drive that runs the main motor does have a network cable that allows you to integrate it into a larger system, but this is not something that LFA supports.

Will the glass condensate or hold humidity?

No, the perspex should not condensate. Tablet presses work when pressing dry powders. With that said, there should be no moisture on the inside of the press to condensate onto the perspex.

On top of this, the perspex casing is not perfectly sealed, so it will not retain any humidity in the press, making it hard for condensation to form.

What particle size will work on this machine?

As with any tablet press, it is good to have a particle size of around 80-60 mesh.

This would be large enough to avoid large losses and small enough to flow well through the machine. If the powder is finer than this then you are going to experience a larger level of loss.

If the particles are larger than this then it might not flow through the machine well and get caught as it is trying to enter into the die bore.

This being said every powder is very different and you will need to do tries to work out what is best for them.

What should I do if my tablet or mix is still sticking to the tooling even though I am using LFA's firmapress?

There are 3 things that we would recommend trying: Increase the amount of Firmapress in your mix.

This will reduce the % of the active in the total mix and give the dry lubricants a better chance to work. Try granulating your mix.

This will reduce the surface area of your active and allow the dry lubricants in Firmapress to coat them better. Try using coated tooling. Changing your tooling for a set that has a coating you can reduce the ability for powders to stick to them. More information on this can be found in the tooling FAQ.

Can I use multi-tip tooling in the TDP0?

Technically you can use multi-tip tooling with the TDP0, but as the maximum diameter size is 10mm, all of the punches would have to fit into this space resulting in very small tablets. They would have to be around 3-4 mm because below this they would be too small and above this, they would be too big. On top of this multi-tip tooling is incredibly expensive. It would be worth buying a DTP 25 for this type of tooling.

Could I make effervescent tablets with a TDP 1.5?

Yes, you could but they would be quite small. Most effervescent tablets are larger to accommodate the large amount of actives that they have to hold. The TDP 1.5 is only able to make a tablet up to 8mm in diameter, so we do not recommend it for anything larger than that, unless it has been tested first.

Can the fill depth be increased to 20mm?

No. The fill depth of the press is 18mm.

Are you able to come and service my TDP 6s when it's needed, or will you guide me on how to service the machine myself?

Yes, we can come and service your TDP 6s if you would like us to. It is, however, a service that we charge for so you may find that we are not the best people to do it. Here is a link to the costs involved:Services | Why Choose LFA Tablet Presses?

We are also happy to guide you through the service and maintenance of your machine. We do this in two main ways:

The manual, a copy of which can be found here:TDP 6s Desktop Tablet Press User Manual

And, with online videos. All of the TDP 6s videos can be found here:Desktop Tablet Press Videos

How loud is the DTP 25?

The machine runs at 80 dB, when at full speed.

We recommend ear protection for a long exposure as repeated noise can cause hearing damage.

Does the machine require constant supervision of the operator or once it is set up it can run on its own?

The machine requires constant supervision. It is unlikely that the press will jam once it has been calibrated and in the event that it does there is a pressure overload mechanism to shut off the machine. However, this does not mean that the machine should run on its own. If the machine jams, it is critical that the operator is present to apply the emergency stop button as soon as possible.

Do you have any solutions for this machine to automatically fill the powder into the hopper?

Yes, there are a number of methods to automatically fill the hopper of a tablet press these are:

Corkscrew / Archimedes screw - In this method, you fill a large hopper and the powder is lifted up into the tablet press using the screw. Most of these machines have an adjustable speed so that you set the speed to match the tablet press.

Drop through - This is where you mount the mixer on a stand over the top of the press. Once the mix has finished, you open the valve on the mixer and all of the powder falls into the press. This method has a number of disadvantages such as construction, cleaning, and height requirements.

Inline Vacuum Pump - This method sucks the powders out of the bin and lifts them up into the hopper. It is often controlled by attaching a sensor to the hopper so that it knows when it is full and when it needs to pump.

While all of these methods are available LFA does not sell them.

It is also important to remember that we recommend having someone with the press at all times so that in the event of an emergency or a jam they are able to shut off the press.

Finally, with the DTP 25 it is considered an R&D or small batch machine, so we would not recommend using it for large batches. Normally, an automatic feeder would be used to run a large tablet press or capsule filler for extended periods of time.

How many tablets can the TDP 0 make per hour?

We have been able to get speeds of around 30-50 tablets per minute, but the machine will only run for as long as you have the energy to keep it turning.

It is hard to keep up 30-50 tablets per minute for long.

If you need to make more than this then we recommended the TDP1.5 or TDP 5.

How long is the storage period of each excipient? What is the shelf life?

Firmapress - 2 years form batch date.
Dextrose - 3 years from batch date.
Dicalcium Phosphate - 3 years from batch date.
Microcrystalline Cellulose -
Magnesium stearate -
Lactose - 2 years from batch date.
Silica Dioxide - 2 years from batch date.

Is there any particular taste to Firmapress?

No, it is completely taste free. It should not, however, be used for chewable tablets.

It would be very gritty to chew on. For a chewable tablet, we recommend dextrose or lactose as a binder.

Is it possible to get a bigger manual hand wheel on the TDP 1.5 tablet press?

Apart from the tooling, we do not offer customizations on any of the LFA Tablet Presses. The TDP 1.5 has been designed with exact tolerances and forces in mind. Changing these might prevent your press from performing as intended.

If I would like to bolt the press to a worktop is there a diagram to know where to drill any holes and the diameter of them?

We don’t have a template available at the moment. You can measure the distance between the holes in your machine’s base to determine where to drill holes on your workstation. The tablet presses include the M10 bolts that we use to secure them to the shipping crate, so we would recommend using a 12mm drill bit.

What environment/facility do I need to operate this machine?

That would depend on the product you plan on producing, the requirements of your local authorities, and the governing bodies of the product that you are making. We would however strongly recommend installing it in a cage.

Are all the contacted parts stainless steel? Is it SUS316?

No. The hopper is currently 304 stainless steel, although we are migrating to plastic. The boot is made from brass, again we are migrating over to plastic boots. The tooling is made from the steel grade that you have selected and can not be made from stainless steel as it is too soft. The ejection tray is made from steel.

Is it okay for this range to be used for production purposes (e.g continuous use, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week)?

Yes, the press can be used for production purposes. If you are having to run the DTP press for 8 hours a day 5 days a week, then we suggest upgrading to a rotary press. Not only would it save you time because it’s easier to use, but the cost is not much higher. The RTP 9 Rotary Press would be a good machine to look at if you are new to rotary presses.

How are the fill depth and pressure settings measured?

On the DTP 25, there is no visual indicator for the fill depth.

You can see where the upper punch is set, giving you an estimate of the tablet thickness. However, because the tablet thickness is also dependent on the position of the lower drift pin assembly and the lower punch, the machine can not give you an exact tablet thickness measurement.

Are the parts the same between DTP12 and DTP25 beside the size of tooling?

No, there are a number of parts that are not the same on the two presses.

How would I know if TDP 1.5 has enough power for my product or if I should get a TDP 5 or TDP 6s?

The easiest thing to do is send LFA some of your product for us to test.

This is not a free service, we do charge for this but it could save you buying the wrong machine.

More information can be found on this service here: https://www.lfatabletpresses.com/services

What colours Are Used To Make Firmapress?

We use FD&C Aluminum Lake's these are pharmaceutical grade and regulated by the FDA.

How can I set the weight when using a VICE?

On the VICE there is a technique to "set" the weight. You can do this by marking the location of the lower pin, which will allow you to fill it volumetrically. To do this:

First, weigh out the amount of powder you need in a tablet.

Next, wind the lower pin all the way until it is at the lowest position.

Now, fill the die cavity with the weighed out powder.

Then, raise the lower pin until the powder is flush with the top of the die cavity and about to overflow.

Finally, mark off the position of the threads on the lower pin handle. All you will need to do is return it to the same position and fill it with a mix of the same density to make tablets of the same weight.

How do I replace the tooling on the TDP 1.5? Is it the same as on the TDP 5?

Yes, it is almost completely the same as how you change the tooling on the TDP 5. The only difference is how you use the hand wheel to change the position of the machine so that you are able to complete the process.

Here is a link to how to change the tooling:How To Change A Die | Chaning a TDP Tablet Press Punch Die

What parts will break first and how fast can you get them to me when they do?

The most common part that gets broken is the boot followed by the lower assembly timing rod runner bolt. We hold both of these in stock.

A common reason the boot needs to be replaced is that the upper drift pin assembly was not locked in place. As the machine runs, it works itself loose and then over a few tablets, it comes down and hits the boot. This can also happen if the operator does not turn over the TDP 5 by hand to tune the machine before turning the motor on, causing the upper pin to crash into the boot.

A common reason why the lower assembly timing rod runner bolt tends to break is because the tablet ejection forces are high. To reduce this, the operator should ensure that the mix is correctly lubricated.

How can I figure out if my formula requires the pressure of the TDP 6s?

You would have to test it on a machine that is able to give you precise pressure readouts. These are available but are not something that LFA supplies.

Is it possible to have a safety cut out if the doors are opened?

Yes, this feature is built into all of the new DTP 25 presses.

In the old DTP 25 presses, this feature is not standard. However, they can be fitted very easily.

What scenario would you choose the DTP 12/25 over the RTP 9?

We would recommend the DTP 12/25 over an RTP 9 if you needed to do very small runs of tablets for testing or in a compounding pharmacy. The time it takes to clean and change the tooling on the DTP Tablet Presses is a lot shorter than the RTP 9’s. On the other hand, if you need to produce larger batches of tablets, then you should go with the RTP 9.

Will you ship to “XYZ“ country?

At the moment we ship to all countries except the following countries because of embargoes:


What is the maximum pressure of a TDP 0?

The maximum pressure of a TDP 0 is 3.1 kN

What is a healthy batch size for the TDP 5 to maintain it for as long as possible?

We would recommend a batch of around 5,000 once per day.

It is a balance. If you stop and start the motor then you are likely to wear it out. If you run the press for long periods of time then as it heats up parts will expand the grease will thin and the wear on the machine will increase.

What if Firmapress doesn't work my active, can I get a refund?

No, sorry we are not able to refund any Firmapress that has been opened. We strongly recommend that you buy a 1kg sample of Firmapress first to test your product and only then buy a bigger amount.

Are all parts of TDP 0 replaceable? If I want to take out one part of TDP 0 for cleaning, is it possible?

Yes, the TDP 0 is an extremely simple machine. You will find that you can strip it down and clean it with very little effort.

Could I request multi-tip tooling for TDP 5?

Yes, you can request multi-tip tooling for your TDP5, but there are a few things to consider first. Because the maximum tablet diameter size on a TDP 5 is 20mm, all of the punches would have to fit into this space, resulting in very small tablets. In addition to smaller tablets, it would not be cost effective since the cost of multi-tip tooling is the same amount as a second machine.

It is important to remember that the TDP 5 is sold as an R&D and small batch machine. If you are looking to do large runs then you might want to consider an RTP rotary tablet press.

Does this machine support non-standard shape tablets?

Yes, you can definitely make shaped tablets in the TDP 5. It is harder to tune, but it is definitely possible.

I want to make tablets without any binder, is this machine the right machine for me?

No. If you don’t want to use a binder, then the best thing is to use is a capsule filler since you are just filling the empty capsule shell with your active material.

Are there any safety features such as door alarms?

On some of the older versions of the DTP 25, there are not any door alarms or sensors. However, it is possible to retroactively fit them.

On newer models, there are door sensors that shut off the machine if the doors are opened.

Are there any measures that can be taken to reduce vibration/noise?

Yes. The DTP 12 and DTP 25 come with anti-vibration feet. You can always check if the bench that the machine is mounted to is sturdy or place the machine on a rubber or foam mat to reduce any noise caused by the vibrations.

The DTP 12 and DTP 25 are not traditionally very loud machines so this should not be necessary. If your machine is making excessive noise or vibrations, then please reach out to LFA for support.

The max pressure shown on the website is up to 50 kN. Can I ask that the machine comes with 60 kN maximum pressure?

No. At LFA we do not offer customization on any of our machines other than tooling. This allows us to support you with the parts that we keep in stock.

What PPE equipment is needed with this machine?

We would recommend using, goggles, dust mask and gloves at a minimum but you may require a lot more depending on the products that you are working with and your local health and safety laws.

Do any of the excipients increase the speed of damage to tooling? i.e. more granular?

Yes, Dicalcium Phosphate, if used in high amounts, will cause more damage to tooling than just Firmapress or MCC. However, there are not many situations in which this would be a good idea.

How do I know when is the best time to change the tooling? In other words, what is the lifetime of the tooling for this machine?

The tooling on the TDP 1.5 is extremely durable. The life of your tooling, however, will depend on a number of things. This includes the shape of your tooling, the formulation of your mix, and the steel that the tooling is made from.

There are a number of questions to ask when determining the life of your tooling:

Does it have any chips or damage to the edge of the upper and lower punch? This section is called the land. If this is damaged it will show up in each tablet as a defect.

Do the tip faces of the punches have any cracks in them?

Is there a pitted look on the top or bottom punch face?

If you measure the working length of the upper and lower punches are they still within tolerance?

Is the upper or lower punch loose within the die bore?

Does the wall of the die boar have obvious scratches or scrapes on it?

Are you still clearly able to see the image, lettering number or logo in the face of every tablet?

If your tooling shows any of these signs, then it could indicate that it is time to replace it.

How do I clean a TDP 5? What maintenance is required?

The TDP 5 is cleaned in the same way as any press. We recommend 6 separate steps:

Removal of Powder - Start at the highest point of the machine while it is still assembled. Hoover out the residue powders using a paintbrush to dislodge any powders trapped in tight areas.

Remove the hopper, boot, base plate and tooling.

Apply Soap - Wash the entire machine with warm soapy water. Making sure to pay extra attention to all of the contact parts. Do not soak the machine, rather apply it with a cloth or sponge and then wipe it dry as you go.

Sanitise - use a sanitising spray or wipe to clean down the entire machine making sure you pay close attention to all contact parts.

Rinse - Next rinse off any soap or sanitising spray with potable water. Making sure not to soak the machine, rather apply it with a cloth or sponge and then wipe it dry as you go.

Oil and Lubricate - Finally to prevent rust and keep the machine running smoothly lubricate.

We would recommend that you do this at the end of every production run or day that you have been using the machine on. We would also recommend that you store the machine under a dust cover and in a cool, low humidity environment to prevent rust.

More information on cleaning and maintenance for the TDP 5 can be found here:

Cleaning Matrix - TDP 5

TDP 5 Lubrication Schedule

How long does maintenance take on the TDP 6s?

Maintenance on the TDP 6s is very short. There are five grease nipples that need grease pumped into them and cogs that need grease applied to them. This can be done in 10-15 mins.

We also recommend cleaning your press at the end of every production run and removing the tooling to store it in oil. This can take about 1 hour but will dramatically extend the life of your machine.

More information on maintenance for your TDP 5 can be found here:

Cleaning Matrix - TDP 6s

TDP 6s Lubrication Schedule

What is the yield rate of making tablets?

The TDP 6s can have a yield rate as low as 90%. This will depend on how fine your powders are. If you need to reduce your waste then you should consider an RTP Rotary Tablet Press or granulation.

Does the machine have any weight control features?

Yes, there is a manual weight adjustment to help you control the fill depth of the lower punch. This allows you to control the weight of your tablets.

Can it be fitted with a vacuum or dust collector?

The DTP 25 does not come with a vacuum attachment by default. It would be possible to fit one, but this is not something that LFA currently offers.

Jaký je rozdíl mezi TDP 0, TDP 1.5, TDP 5 a TDP 6s?

Toto je velmi častá otázka, jako všechny stroje jsou velmi podobné, ale stejně mají různé silné stránky.

Nejjednodušší způsob, jak rozdělit tyto až bude v automatický a ruční stroje.

Na TDP 0 je manuál, model a vyžaduje, abyste otočit rukojeť na straně k výrobě tablet. To má nejméně množství tlaku a je entry-level model do TDP rozsahu.

Na TDP 1.5, TDP 5 a TDP 6s jsou všechny automatické stroje, které jsou poháněné elektromotorem. Na TDP 1.5 je entry-level model v automatické stroje má nejméně tlak na 15kn je také omezena na velikost tablety to může produkovat. Na TDP 5 je náš nejpopulárnější model a mohou produkovat přibližně 5000 tablet za hodinu. Na TDP 5 měl 50kn tlaku a může vyrábět tablety až 22 milimetrů v průměru. Na TDP 6s je špičkové stroje a je vhodnější pro nepravidelného tvaru tablety. Na TDP 6s má také o něco větší tlak na 60kn a je vhodnější pro určité produkty, které nejsou v podobě tablet tak snadno.

ty, které se váží bez Pomocné látky, ale pak nejsou toku přes počítač. Doporučujeme, že budete používat

Mám stroj s chyba, ale nechtěl jsem koupit od vás. Můžete opravit nebo mi poradit?

Nemůžeme nabídnout radu na stroje, které jsme neměli prodat. Záruky, které nabízíme, je na našich strojů pouze a zahrnuje také technickou podporu. My nabízíme služby, v nichž můžeme opravit a poskytnout dílů pro jiné výrobce strojů, nicméně tato služba není zdarma a je k dispozici pouze ve velké BRITÁNII. Kontaktujte nás, prosím, získat nějaké další informace o tom, co můžeme poskytnout.

Jak rychle se cena lisu vrátí?

Velmi rychle. Průměrná cena za tablet, pokud si jej necháte dělat smluvním výrobcem, je £0.002 - £0.005, záleží na tom, jak je složité jej vylisovat, a také na velikosti zakázky. Znamená to, že stroj  TDP 5 za sebe zaplatí už po vylisování pouhých 380,000 tablet. Při rychlosti 5000 tablet za hodinu to činí pouhých 76 hodin práce.

Jaký je rozdíl mezi řadou pomocných látek?

Nabízíme Mikrokrystalická Celulóza, Stearan Hořečnatý, Hydrogenfosforečnan Vápenatý a Firmapress v našem sortimentu z pomocných látek.

Mikrokrystalická Celulosa je pojivo, které drží obsah tablet dohromady.

Fosforečnan vápenatý je tekoucí agent a pomáhá přesunout složky prostřednictvím počítače dříve, než jsou komprimovány.

Magnesium-Stearát je suché mazivo a pomáhá znovu s pohybem surovin přes počítač, ale také pomáhá při vysunutí tablety z počítače. Vezměte prosím na vědomí, že Hořčík Sterate není vázán sám.

Firmapress je vše v jednom mix Mikrokrystalická Celulosa, Magnesium-Stearát a Fosforečnan vápenatý.

Jaké barvy se Firmapress přijít?

Dodává se v široké škále barev, přejděte prosím na naše Firmapress stránky pro více informací.

Existují nějaké aktivní přísady, které reagují nebo jsou ovlivněny čímkoliv z Firmapressu?

Firmapress pracuje z 99% aktivních přísad. Nemůžeme zaručit, že mezi Firmapressem a vaší aktivní přísadou nedojde k nežádoucí reakci, nicméně je to vysoce nepravděpodobné. Jako předběžné opatření vřele doporučujeme vyzkoušet malou testovací dávku předtím, než s Firmapressem smícháte větší množství. Nikdy s Firmapressem nemíchejte velké množství aktivních látek, aniž byste provedli nezbytné testy.

Mohu vyrábět tablety bez Pomocné látky?

Je nepravděpodobné, že budete moci vyrábět tablety bez použití jakýchkoli pomocných látek vůbec. Některé produkty, které se váží bez Pomocné látky, ale pak nejsou toku přes počítač. Doporučujeme, že budete používat

Jsou vaše Pomocné látky přírodní?

Ano, všechny naše Pomocné látky jsou extrahovány z přírodních zdrojů. Pro více informací prosím navštivte jednotlivé stránky produktu.

Is the VICE GMP approved?

It depends on your location as every country has a different set of rules to define GMP compliance. However, LFA VICE Press is an extremely simple item that is made completely out of parts that are washable. It has two main components made from aluminium and stainless steel parts. We believe that our VICE is GMP compliant under all GMP guidelines. We do however recommend checking your local regulations if you are unsure.

Mohu platit na dobírku?

Ne, nabízíme pouze platební možnosti jsou uvedeny na naší stránce Platby.

Máte loď do USA?

Ano, můžeme loď do USA. Zasíláme do všech zemí, že Spojené Království nemá obchodní embargo. Prosím, jděte na náš Lodní stránky pro více informací.

Používám kapsle 00#, hodí se tato velikost i pro váš stroj?

Ano, hodí. Stroj má vyměnitelné nástroje. Může zpracovat všechno ve velikosti 5 - 000. Velikost 00 nebude problém, protože stroje se prodávají standardně vybavené příslušnými nástroji, jelikož tato velikost je mezi zákazníky velmi oblíbená.

Pokud ano, kolik kapslí velikosti 00# je možné naplnit za hodinu?

To záleží na prášku a na operátorovi stroje. Na filtru kapsle můžete upravit oblast plnění. Znamená to, že plnění potrvá déle, protože do kapslí se bude tlačit více prášku. Pokud máte prášek, který se nesype plynule, pak je nutné nastavit delší dobu plnění.

Když začne nový operátor na tomto plnicím stroji, bude pracovat trochu pomaleji. Během zhruba jednoho či dvou dnů se jeho tempo zrychlí.

Množství hotových kapslí za hodinu, se tedy může značně lišit. V průměru to činí asi 10,000 - 20,000 za hodinu. Víme, že je to velké rozpětí, ale skutečné množství záleží na několika faktorech 1) jak dobře se prášek sype, 2) jak zkušený operátor stroj obsluhuje a 3) jaká je kvalita kapslí (může to znít zvláštně, ale z našich zkušeností vyplývá, že největší ztrátu času způsobuje vytahování prasklých, nebo slepených kapslí).

Jaké zaškolení poskytujete spolu se strojem?

Ano, poskytujeme zaškolení. V naší kanceláři se jedná o Bicester, UK. Školení trvá přibližně jeden den.

Můžete mi říct podrobnosti o 3 leté záruce

Všechny podrobnosti o naší záruce je možné nalézt na: https://www.lfatabletpresses.com/cs/warranty/

Můžete změnit/upravit množství prášku, kterým stroj plní kapsle?

Ano, můžete. Ovšem pouze do určité míry. Stroj používá tlakové plnění, které tlačí prášek do kapslí a vy si můžete nastavit rychlost plnění a dobu, kterou kapsle pod plničkou stráví.

Nastavujeme naše ceny podle ostatních dodavatelů?

Krátká odpověď zní ne, je nám líto. V LFA jsou naše stroje naceněny tak, že zahrnují i servis, záruku a zaškolení. Staráme se také o to, abychom kdykoli měli k dispozici náhradní díly, které vám v případě potřeby zdarma zašleme.

Máme tým lidí, kteří se stroji pracují již dlouhou dobu a jsou připraveni na telefonu nebo emailu, kde vás naučí jak z vašeho zakoupeného stroje získat maximum. Stejně tak vám nabídnou pomoc a podporu, kdykoli budete potřebovat. Jiní dodavatelé z velké Británie, USA a Číny tuto službu nenabízejí.

Navíc, ačkoliv se naše stroje mohou jmenovat stejně, neprodáváme stejné zboží. Strávili jsme posledních 7 let pilnou prací s našimi dodavateli, abychom zajistili, že vždy dostanete tu nejlepší možnou kvalitu.

Kupujete své stroje z Číny?

Některé z našich strojů a jejich součástí kupujeme z Číny. Pracujeme s tím nejlepším dodavatelem už více než 7 let. Každou továrnu alespoň jednou ročně osobně navštívíme, abychom zajistili, že jsou splněny ty nejvyšší standardy. Během tohoto časového období jsme rovněž učinili spoustu doporučení na zlepšení kvality našich strojů.

Jakmile stroje dorazí do Velké Británie, rozmontujeme je, zkontrolujeme všechny jejich součásti, promažeme je, a nahradíme případné defektní součásti těmi, které pocházejí z velké Británie, USA a Evropy. Jakmile je tento proces dokončen, všechny stroje projdou elektrickým testem podle norem Velké Británie, aby bylo zajištěno, že jsou kompatibilní se sítí PAT.

Jak mohu vědět, zda budou vaše tabletové lisy vhodné pro mé výrobky?

Je důležité vědět, že ne všechny produkty se dobře lisují do tablet. Dobrým způsobem, jak to zjistit, je prohlédnout si jiné podobné výrobky, které jsou dostupné na trhu. Pokud to dokáže vyrobit někdo jiný, pak vám pomůžeme, abyste to dokázali také. Jestliže je váš produkt úplně nový, pak vám rádi podáme pomocnou ruku během procesu jeho vývoje.

Velmi často to bude znamenat, že nám budete muset poslat vzorek. My pak přijdeme na způsob, jak jej vylisovat a pak vám výsledek zašleme. Pokud výrobek nebudeme schopni vylisovat, budeme s vámi spolupracovat na nalezení alternativního řešení, například odlití do formy nebo lisování z kapslí.

Toto je ovšem služba, kterou si účtujeme. Nicméně pokud si od nás stroj zakoupíte, jeho cena bude o tuto částku snížena. Máme mnoho zkušeností s lisování široké škály výrobků. Spojte se s naším týmem a my vám velmi rádi pomůžeme.

Nabízíte prodej na splátky?

Je nám líto, ale zatím se nám nepodařilo najít dobrý způsob, jak to udělat. Víme, že existuje mnoho finančních společností, které nabízejí malým firmám půjčky na nákup vybavení. S několika z nich jsme v minulosti spolupracovali, a rádi vám poskytneme reference nebo faktury, abyste mohli žádost dokončit. Neváhejte kontaktovat náš tým, který se vynasnaží vám co nejlépe poradit.

Opravdu stojí za to koupit si vlastní lis, nebo je lepší si koupit hotové výrobky od dodavatele?

Tohle je těžká otázka. Pokud se chystáte prodávat velmi základní produkt, jako jsou například tablety vitamínu C, pak pravděpodobně nestojí za to instalovat vlastní výrobní zařízení.

Na druhou stranu pokud se chystáte vyrábět moderní, inovativní, nebo jinak unikátní produkt, pak máme pocit, že stojí za to, abyste to dělali sami. V první řadě budete potřebovat pečlivou kontrolu kvality, která může být klíčová pro obchodní úspěch. Další výhodou je, že své nápady uchováte pouze uvnitř své firmy a nebudete si muset dělat starosti s jejich okopírováním.

Co se stane, pokud neobdržím svou objednávku?

Velmi si vážíme toho, že nám svěřujete své peníze. První věc, kterou uděláme, je, že přepošleme objednávku. Nezáleží na tom, zda se jedná o 1 kg Firmapressu nebo o stroj RTP 41. Postaráme se o to, abyste vše dostali.

Všechno zboží posíláme kurýrní službou s tím, že zásilku je možné sledovat. Zásilky rovněž pojišťujeme. Pokud vám zboží nedorazilo, nebo pokud si přejete vrátit peníze, nevadí. Vše vyřídíme s poštovním dodavatelem a vrátíme vám peníze.

Pokud jste zaplatili přes PayPal, budete chráněni zárukou kupujícího a my okamžitě zpracujeme případné vrácení peněz. Jestliže jste nám zaslali platbu přes Western Union nebo bankovním převodem, pak najdeme ten nevhodnější způsob, jak se s vámi opět spojit.

Buďte bez starostí. Víme, že naše reputace je důvodem, proč si nás během let vybralo už více než 1000 zákazníků. Tvrdě pracujeme na tom, abychom si ji udrželi. I v případě, že není naší chybou, pokud nedostanete zboží, jsme vždy připraveni vám ho poslat znovu, nebo vám vrátit peníze.

Jaký je náš nejprodávanější lis?

TDP 5. Naprosto upřímně se už nějakou dobu jedná o náš nejprodávanější výrobek. Zákazníci se k nám vracejí, aby jej upgradovali na model RTP 9 (obvykle po několika letech provozu) ale většina zákazníků začíná právě s modelem TDP 5.

Pronajímáte své stroje?

Ano, pronajímáme, ale pouze televizním a filmovým produkčním společnostem. Službu nabízíme pouze včetně technika LFA, který na místě dohlíží.

Nejsme bohužel schopni pronajímat naše tabletové lisy nebo plniče kapslí na testovací výrobu. Blízce spolupracujeme se smluvním výrobcem v Oxfordu a velmi rádi vám poskytneme jejich podrobnější informace.

Co se stane s mými osobními údaji?

Důvěru našich zákazníků bereme velmi vážně. Máme seznam emailových kontaktů, který je bezpečně uložen ve firmě Infusionsoft. S nikým jej nesdílíme. Neukládáme žádné podrobnosti o kreditních kartách ani platbách. Všechny online platby probíhají přes Pay Pal a navíc dostáváme jenom dodací adresu, kterou nám poskytnete. Kromě toho nikdy nepředáváme žádné podrobnosti o svých zákaznících třetím stranám. Jedinou výjimkou z tohoto pravidla je soudní příkaz.

Údržba, servis a opravy*

Za údržbu, servis a opravy je účtována částka £150 za hodinu ve Velké Británii, a $200 za hodinu v USA. Před zahájením práce bude poskytnut kompletní odhad ceny práce. Odhad je pevná cena, a pokud by práce trvala déle, žádný poplatek navíc vám nebude účtován.

Všechny součásti, potřebné pro údržbu, servis nebo opravu vašeho tabletového lisu budou vyúčtovány zvlášť. Pokud budeme předpokládat, že cena za náhradní díly bude tvořit víc jak 20% z odhadované ceny, před jejich objednáním vás budeme kontaktovat..

Ačkoliv vám v LFA Tablet Presses hrdě nabízíme opravy nebo přestavbu, nemáme kapacitu na to, abychom stroje skladovali delší dobu. Za všechny stroje, které u nás zůstanou skladem déle, než 90 dní, bude naúčtován poplatek za uskladnění v hodnotě £50 za den.

Při vyzvednutí vašeho stroje zaplatíte plnou cenu za údržbu, servis nebo opravy vašeho stroje.

*Návštěvy přímo na místě zajišťujeme pouze pro firmy se sídlem v USA a Evropě, a to pouze pro společnosti, které se mohou prokázat doklady o pojištění. Pro podrobnější informace nás prosím kontaktujte.

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