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  • DTP Desktop Tablet Press Range DTP Desktop Tablet Press Range

DTP Tablet Press Range

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Price From: $7,800.00

The DTP Series consists of two advanced tablet presses that incorporate many refinements to make tablet pressing faster, easier, more efficient and safer. The DTP12 and DTP25 are both single head, continuous operation pill presses that offer high efficiency in the use of raw materials and easy operation through an electronic control panel.

The DTP Series tablet presses benefit from simple adjustment of all key parameters, low noise, and safe operation. They are compact machines that are light in weight for their class yet apply a hefty 50Kn of pressure to produce top quality, pharmaceutical grade tablets that are highly consistent in weight. Thanks to their feeder mechanisms these tablet presses are extremely efficient in their use of raw materials. 

Both the DTP 12 and DTP 25 are modeled on the same format, with the DTP12 able to produce 3,600 tablets an hour up to 12mm in diameter, and the DTP 25 producing the same maximum output with tablets up to 25mm in diameter.

Designed for pressing dry powders and granular material into tablets, these tablet pressing machines are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, foodstuff and other industries, and represent a cost effective solution for any application that requires moderate quantities of high quality tablets.

Main benefits at a glance:

  • Clear turret shield to meet GMP requirements for enhanced operator safety and preventing cross-contamination of powder between batches
  • Achieves high raw material efficiency
  • Simple to use electronic control panel for minimal operator training
  • Highly standardised output thanks to advanced feeder mechanism
  • 50 Kn pressure for strong, properly finished pharmaceutical grade tablets
  • Safety cut out button for emergencies
  • Quality design and construction for reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Outstandingly engineered transmission maintains stability
  • Low-noise operation for improved operator comfort
  • Four-pillar structure provides larger operation area
  • Portable machines, low weight for their class


These tablet presses are both aimed at users who want convenience and ease of use rather than large scale commercial mass production. As such they have been enhanced with all the modern features that make pressing tablets simple and efficient. A clear turret shield protects the operator from risk of harm when the machine is running, while also preventing powder flying around the room and causing cross contamination. Combined with an efficient feeder mechanism, this gets the most productivity out of expensive raw materials. And an easy to follow electronic control panel makes it quick and easy to understand the machine’s status and adjust key parameters such as production speed.

These machines weigh just 100kg and 150kg respectively, making them far lighter than any large industrial tablet presses, and are small enough to be reasonably portable. Despite their comparatively low weight, the DTP machines are able to achieve an impressive 50Kn of pressure to produce top quality tablets up to either 12mm or 25mm diameter, making them suitable for most popular tabletting applications. They both have a maximum production speed of 3,600 tablets an hour, making them ideal for hospital or research facility use, as well as commercial production that requires moderate volumes.

The refinements on these machines go more than skin deep, as the DTP tablet presses feature stable, solid transmissions and engineering to give reliability as well as performance and ease of use.

DTP Series Tablet Presses in Use

The key stand out points for the DTP Series tablet presses are ease of use and quality of the design. Operator comfort and safety have been enhanced by the inclusion of several important features. A safety cut-out button allows a quick shutdown to cope with any emergency that arises, and the low noise operation that comes from an outstandingly engineered transmission mechanism makes the machine’s environment much more pleasant. The ability to produce useful quantities of tablets on a machine that does not require a crane to lift it from location to location, also counts as another plus point. Laboratories or hospitals will find this portability a significant advantage as it allows the machine to be relocated between departments when required.

Ultimately a tablet press is judged by its output. Small, light weight machines sometimes struggle to achieve the pressure needed for commercial grade tablets, but with 50Kn of pressure for each model, the DTP Series presses have all the pressure you could ask for. As a result they produce dense, properly compacted tablets that easily meet and exceed the requirement for pharmaceutical production.

Technical Specifications




Dies (sets)



Maximum Dia. of Tablet (mm)



Max pressure (KN)



Max depth of fill (mm)



Tablet thickness (mm)



Motor Power (KW)

220V/50HZ, 1.5Kw

220V/50HZ, 1.1Kw

Overall size (mm)



Weight (KG)



Max tablets p/hour 3,600 3,600

Our View

Both of the machines in the DTP Series are excellent choices for a laboratory or small production facility, where high quality tablets are essential but the maximum of 3,600 tablets per hour is sufficient to meet demand.

The main difference between the two machines is the maximum diameter of tablets produced. 12mm pills for the DTP12 covers the most popular sizes of commonly taken tablet, but may not be sufficient for some herbal or mineral supplements that require greater volume. For situations where a larger tablet might be needed, the DTP25 is ideal.

Weighing in at just 100Kg the DTP12 is particularly portable, which may be another factor to consider. Even with its 150Kg weight, the DTP25 is still far lighter than the large, industrial sized machines we sell, yet it still produces a lot of tablets.

In the end, with their ease of use, safely, raw material efficiency and advanced engineering, both the DTP12 and the DTP25 are outstanding choices within their class.

Overall, if you need to produce a large volume of capsules, these are the fastest and most dependable way to do it. They also help pay for themselves very quickly thanks to reduced unit costs, and especially reduced human operator costs.

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Model DTP25 DTP12
Dies (sets) 1 1
Maximum diameter of tablet (mm) 25 12
Max pressure (KN) 50 50
Max depth of fill (mm) 20 20
Tablet thickness (mm) 8 8
Motor power (mm) 220V/50HZ, 1.5Kw 220V/50HZ, 1.1Kw
Overall size (mm)
Weight (KG) 150 150
Production Capacity 3,600 tablets/h 3,600 tablets/h