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  • DTP Desktop Tablet Press Range DTP Desktop Tablet Press Range

DTP Tablet Press Range

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  • Easy to Maintain
  • Perfect for Research and Development
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty

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Price From: $7,800.00

The DTP range consists of two machines the DTP-12 & the DTP-25. They are both single punch desktop format tablet presses that offers a fully enclosed Perspex case. They are the ideal solution for research and development or educational applications.
If you're looking for a tablet press that will help you develop new tablets, the DTP’s ability to produce a wide range of tablet sizes in small volumes means that these are the machines for you. Created to suit the needs of lab and developmental work, rather than large scale production, the appeal of this design lies in its capability to adhere to health and safety protocol in the majority of situations. For all of these points the DTP range is a popular choice for use in research laboratories and educational institutes or any location where flexibility, simplicity of use are at a premium.

Main benefits at a glance:

  • Perspex Case
  • Compact footprint
  • Trustworthy
  • Electric powered
  • Wide raw material compatibility
  • Low-maintenance
  • Low consumption (200g Minimum Batch)
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Adjustable tablet diameter, depth and hardness
  • Option to stamp designs on tablet

  • The DTPs is designed to be installed on a work bench, and can be provided with a stainless steel bench. The machines have an adjustable fill depth with a maximum depth of 20 mm, and can create tablets up to 12mm (DTP-12) and 25mm (DTP-25) in diameter and 8mm thick. The DTP does not restrict you to regular shaped tablets. Simply by changing the mould you can produce irregular tablets. You can also adjust the density of the tablet produced, and the machine gives you the option of stamping designs on to the surface of the tablet for identification. Given the DTP-12’s popularity with research and development applications, many users have reported that they find this a beneficial feature, as it enables small quantities of tablets each containing a different formula to be produced for clinical trials.

    This range of tablet presses is compatible with most granulated or powdered materials, but it is not designed for use with overly moist materials or superfine powders.

    Along with a small footprint and low weight for a tablet press of this specification, this flexibility makes the DTP range more versatile and portable than other machines offering comparable performance.
    Technical Specifications

    DTP Tablet Presses in Use

    Developing and testing products often requires the creation of formulations containing similar but slightly different formulas. The DTP range includes several features that make it notably suited to this job.

    Firstly, this is a highly efficient tablet press whose low consumption helps you achieve more pills from a set amount of raw material.

    Secondly, a particular advantage of the DTP range is that it may be operated using a minimum quantity of just 200g of ingredients. This is ideal for research or developmental projects, where you may just want to press a few tablets for initial testing purposes. Later, once you've identified promising formulations, you can use a larger machine for full scale production.

    Thirdly, the DTP range enables you to safeguard the efficacy of the screening process, by making sure that the products you manufacture can be easily identified. This is important to guarantee that the correct formulation is given to the right subject.

    You can also quickly change the density and weight of the tablets you manufacture with a DTP, simply by unscrewing a nut on the connecting rod and adjusting the pressure. Maintenance of the DTP range is undemanding too, requiring little more than a twice monthly inspection, and regular oiling and greasing of key moving parts. The machine has been designed to make this routine as simple as possible.

    Easy maintenance and the added safety features of creating small tablet runs makes these very convenient machines to use for research or educational purposes.

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    Model DTP25 DTP12
    Dies (sets) 1 1
    Maximum diameter of tablet (mm) 25 12
    Max pressure (KN) 50 50
    Max depth of fill (mm) 20 20
    Tablet thickness (mm) 8 8
    Motor power (mm) 220V/50HZ, 1.5Kw 220V/50HZ, 1.1Kw
    Overall size (mm)
    Weight (KG) 150 150
    Production Capacity 3,600 tablets/h 3,600 tablets/h