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Oxford Vitality - The Birth & Growth Of A Supplement Company


Over the years at LFA Tablet Presses we have seen our fair share of supplement companies but one of our biggest success by far is Oxford Vitality.

Started in early 2013, it was literally launched out of our office.

We were approached by the founders James and Tom. They had the background in supplements and we had the machinery.

"Our first run was 10,000 caffeine tablets done on a TDP 5. Our first day of sales was £5 on eBay.co.uk. There was no website, logo, or a hundredth of the information that there is now."

Fast forward to today and Oxford Vitality now has over 150 products. The TDP 5 was upgraded to two RTP 41’s. The website and logo are refined and recognised by thousands of people and sales are dramatically up from that first £5 day.

This is all good but how does this help you?

Simple, we have been through what you are going through.

We have worked closely with them and we know what it feels like to work late into the night to get a run complete for a customer. We often worked till midnight to have the stock ready to send out the next day.

We know how hard it can be to get new products to tablet correctly. We have experience with over 150 individual ingredients as well as countless multi-ingredient products. If you are struggling to press a new product - call us. We may have done it before. We have made everything from Pigeon Pills to Glass Preforms.

More than that, we have built ourselves a custom clean room to ISO 22000 TS 22002 specifications. We are now familiar with working with the FDA in the USA and the MHRA in the UK. So when it comes to making sure that you are compliant we are able to talk your language. We can help.

Sourcing products? We have done it too. We have been to Supplyside West in Las Vegas as well as Vitafoods in Geneva. We are happy to recommend suppliers, ingredients and help you make the best products possible.

We are able to help you with your staff training not only on the machines that we can provide you to run your business on but in food hygiene. Making sure that your staff and customers are safe.

We can help you set up your HACCP plan and identify the critical control points in each stage of your production.

We have set up a full traceability system we know what it takes. We are happy to teach you.

You may be asking why we would help you? If we are involved in helping another supplement company with vitamins, minerals and sports supplements, why do we want to help you, a competitor? We just don’t see it that way. There are already 100’s of supplement suppliers and so many unique opportunities and niches, that we don’t think there is any way we could ever handle it all. So why not sell you a machine to start your own business and help you grow the market?

LFA, We Don't Only Sell Machines We Provide Service.

Jason Martinez 11 December 2016 at 20:40
So do you need some sort of FDA clearance for human and dog supplements?

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