Please note this model has now been replaced by the TDP 6s

Hello and welcome to the LFA introductory video for the TDP 7. The TDP 7 is the most advanced test cotton level in the TDP range that LFA offers. The TDP 7 makes a 70 kilometers of force, which is approximately seven tons, and has a capacity of four and a half thousand presses per hour. The power to the TDP 7 is controlled by a simple on/off switch.

Here is a close up section of the TDP 7 hopper. The TDP 7 hopper can hold approximately half a kg of material, depending on molecular density. This is a close up shot of the low-drift pin assembly for the TDP7. This knot controls the fill depth, which is the weight of your tablet and this knot controls the ejection height, the point of which the tablet is lifted to it to be ejected from the machine.

There are number of features on the TDP 7 that make it more advanced than the TDP 5, TDP 1.5 or TDP 0 pill presser, the most important of which is the thumb screw section here. This section allows you to adjust the pressure of the machine by moving it up and down the tooth section of the cam at the top. This means that little effort is required to adjust pressure when first tuning up the machine. This section also allows you to de-jam the machine in the event of jamming.

Another feature that makes the TDP 7 more advanced than the other models in the TDP range is the guarding that comes inclusive. This guarding will help conform with your workplace health and safety standards.

The TDP 7 weighs 150 kg. It has the capacity of 4,500 pieces per hour, and is available in either 110 or 240 volt. The pressure of the TDP 7 is 70 kilometers, which is approximately seven tons.

Another great feature about the TDP 7 is particularly well-diversed to handling shape dyes. Because you adjust the punch pressure through the thumbscrew on the cam at the top, it means that the pressure is adjusted vertically rather than rotationally as on the TDP 0, 1.5, and 5. This means that the TDP7 is particularly well-suited to taking square, oval, rectangle, or other irregular shaped punch dies as, when you come to tuning, it is substantially easier to adjust the punch pressure.

Please note this model has now been replaced by the TDP 6s. If you need parts for the TDP 7 or any other machine please get in contact.