Reinstalling the TDP Punch Dies (Continued)

It's absolutely perfect. That's sitting in there nice and solid. The next thing we want to do, is we want to cock our mechanism. Go back down to the lower punch die. We want to cock our mechanism round to the highest point possible, so it's about so. And we want to insert our lower punch die. Now, when we insert our lower punch die, we've got to get this little dash facing forwards. And that's forwards in respect to the hole that's on this lower drift pin assembly. So it's often a very good thing to try and find the hole first, like so. Make sure that it's all facing forwards, and then just search around until you get it. Sometimes a little bit of oil to help these things in and out doesn't go amiss. Or if you're struggling, just use the weight of the top die to pop it down in there for you.

Once that's in there, you want to take the bolt that secures it, just attach that in. Make sure you get that in there really nice and tight. Then the final thing that you need to do, is get in the ring. So move it up, move everything up again. Then, often, I find it's easiest to work just by moving this top and bottom pin up and down, fiddle around until it's sitting in the hole relatively neatly anyway. And then, get that top pin in, move it around, and just make sure you get it flat. You really do need to get this bit plush and down, and back in. Sometimes the way to do that is by taking the monkey wrench you've been using, or another piece of metal like a hammer, closing it up tight, laying it flat across the top, and just giving it a little knock with the top die, but be really gentle on that top tdp punch die. Make sure you don't want to damage that.

I mean, the dies are all done out of toughened steel, so they can take quite a pounding. But they wont like that too much, especially not if you've got beveled edges. In fact, if you've got something like beveled edges, I'd say don't do that at all because you are just going to screw the beveled edge. In this case, we've just got flat die, so it's not a problem. We know that it can take that. Then, tightening this top screw here. And there you go. That is how you change over the dies on your TDP 5 pill press. You're then gonna need to, of course, adjust up all of your fill depths, etc, etc. But you can watch our other video on how to do that. And that should give you a smooth running machine.

Final thing you want to do, is just pop back on the filling sheet, insert the screw from underneath, just get that all tightened in. Get your Allen key onto this one as well, get that in, tighten this piece up. The final thing that you want to do, is you want to take some magnesium stearate, absolutely amazing stuff. Just take a little tablespoon of it, or a little dash on the end of a spoon, like so. You want to pop it into there and just churn out a couple of tablets with that line. Loosen up this punch pressure. Just churn out a couple of tablets out of it until it's going through, like so. I haven't adjusted up the upper and lower dies, that's another video to be done. But if you just get that done nicely, just means that your machine will be ready for use.

It's always best to pop some Magnesium Stearate through it because it very much cleans out the machine and keeps everything running smoothly. So it's definitely a bonus. Once you've obviously finished everything, including adjusting up all the fill depths, take your little side bolt, your locking bar, just pop that back on the side there, and get it tightened in. If you have any questions please contact us through our contact us page.