Setup the Fill Depth, Punch Pressure & Ejection Height on a TDP 5 Tablet Press


TDP 5 Tablet Press Setup - Fill Depth, Punch Pressure & Ejection Height

Welcome to LFA’s TDP 5 repair guide, today we’re looking at adjusting punch pressure, ejection height and fill depth.

Knowing how to adjust your TDP 5 is critical when it comes to producing high quality tablets. There are 3 key places to adjust and they’re best done in this order, ejection height, fill depth and then punch pressure.

The bottom cog on the lower drift assembly which controls your fill depth. The upper cog which controls your ejection height and the upper drift pin assembly which controls your punch pressure.

It’s always best practice to produce a tablet by hand by rotating the flywheel, this will give you an idea of your TDP 5’s current settings, if you weight the tablet produced you will then be able to see if you need to increase or decrease the weight of your tablet.

First remove the lower drift pin assembly locking bar by using an allen key or a hex screwdriver.

The ejection height can be adjusted by move the upper cog on the lower drift assembly clockwise to raise it or counter clockwise to lower it, your lower punch should be flush with the die at the point of ejection.

To adjust the weight of the tablet we need to adjust the bottom cog on the lower drift assembly which controls the fill depth. To increase the fill depth or weight of your tablet rotate the bottom cog counter clockwise up the drift pin assembly. To decrease the weight simply rotate clockwise down the drift pin assembly, do this in small increments and then produce a tablet to weight.

Always do this with the TDP 5 turned off.

Next we’re taking a look at increasing the punch pressure, if you’ve increased the fill depth it will likely need more pressure to compact the tablet mix.

The punch pressure is controlled by the upper drift pin assembly, first rotate the flywheel to reveal it and then use grippers and turn clockwise to increase the pressure or counter clockwise to decrease the pressure.

The more pressure you have, the harder your tablet. However always take it slow and test when increasing pressure.

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