Hello, and welcome to the introductory video on the RTP9. The RTP 9 is a Rotary Tablet Press that has nine heads in it. We also do a five station, a seven station and a nine station. They all come in this size depending on the maximum size tablet that you want to produce.

Feature of the RTP9 Rotary Tablet Press

The RTP9 comes with full digital user interface allowing you to set running time, tablet production and these controls here allow you to set the punch pressure and the fill depths. This makes it a lot easier of a machine to use than the TDP Range because all of the heads are controlled through the front panel rather than by nuts and bolts which can get a little bit long and complicated.

The RTP9 also comes with an emergency power stop and fully stainless steel and prospects coverings. This means that its GMP standard and can easily pass all health and safety tests in the United Kingdom and The United States of America. This is a close up shot of the punching section of the Rotary Press 9. I'm going to start off the machine on a tender 10 Hertz and the machine climbs all the way to 50, so you will see here it's just starting to run. We have a slowly changed variable speed. The speed controls enable you to get either a stronger slower press on products that you're having problems with binding or a much, much faster run if that's something that you require. And, as I said, it builds from 10 all the way up to 50. So this is the machine running at full speed which is about 50 Hertz and at this point the machine is manufacturing approximately close to 1000 tablets an hour.

This is a shot of the ejection point of the RTP9. As you can see, the tablets are not impacted upon unlike with the desktop press. Tablets simply come up out of the dye and then forced to roll across the bar and down into the ejection tube. This is a closeup shot of the ejection point of RTP9. It's located on the right-hand side of the machine and as you can see the tablets are just coming out pretty rapidly. Probably best to have a bucket or some kind of connection point underneath. The RTP9 comes with some fantastic optional extras. You can have it built in either one phase or three phase electricity and we can have the voltage setup for your local electricity supply. This model here also has a force feeder on the top which is controlled by this handle at the front. A force feeder allows you to get exact tablet measurements every single time and ensures a good consistency in your product. If you're going to order a rotary press, we strongly recommend that you go for with option with a force feeder.

For more details on the RTP9 go to the product page or get in contact.