Here we have a VH8 and a VH100 powder mixers. The VH8 has a 8 liter capacity and can hold approximately 2.5 kilos of mix. The VH100 has a 100 liter capacity and depending on molecular density can hold approximately 20 to 30 kilos of product.

The VH8 comes with a simple control panel that includes a start button, a stop button and an inching button for rotating the cylinder into position for filling or emptying. It also has a timer setting. This enables the operator to set the time so that it counts down the point where the machine will stop. This allows the operator to not be present while mixing is occurring. The VH8 has a simple release system that includes rubber valves and a metal stopper. This means that a solid steel is always kept during mixing and the mixer can hold both wet and dry items.

The VH100 has the same timing system as on the VH8 that enables the operator to set the time. It also has a switch, which allows it to be manually overridden so that the machine can just constantly run. On the VH100 the machine is able to rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise. This means that the operator can set it for 10 minutes in one direction, and then 10 minutes in the other, allowing such more consistent mix.

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