Firmapress Organic

Firmapress organic is our all in one organic binder that is perfect for 100% fully organic formulations. We’ve taken the guesswork out of creating USDA certified organic tablets by providing an all in one solution, just add your active ingredient.

It’s been specifically designed to overcome binding and capping issues that we have seen with many organic ingredients from herbal extracts and spices, working with firmapress organic and LFA, we can help you craft a formulation that will produce strong tablets that will survive the manufacturing and transportation processes.

Another great benefit is its high flowability, it will flow through your machine with ease without sticking to parts of your machine.

Containing 5 simple and clean ingredients to provide the best possible binding properties available in an organic product:

  • Organic Guar Gum
  • Organic Gum Arabic
  • Organic Agave Fiber
  • Organic Rice Riber
  • Organic Agave Syrup

Firmapress organic is certified:

USDA Organic



With a 3rd party micro-biological certification supplied by Eurofins.

By reducing the number of excipients you need to keep in stock, Firmapress organic is a convenient way to produce organic tablets.

Whilst it’s important to remember, this will not work with all formulations, LFA strongly recommends getting in touch where we can help with product development and testing to ensure our firmapress organic is suitable for your product.


Ideally 5-75% of Firmapress Organic is to be used in any formulation blend, above this and your tablet may become brittle and below this the binding properties are diminished. 

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