Firmapress All-In-One Tableting Mix


Introducing Firmapress from LFA Tablet Presses.

Firmapress is an all in one tableting mix, this product has been specifically designed by LFA to make tableting an easy process.

The main benefits of Firmapress are that it has:

High Flowability, strong bonding properties and includes pharmaceutical lubricants Firmapress removes the stress of researching and developing your own formula and will produce consistent high quality tablets, whilst saving you both time and energy.

As well as being highly flowable, the lubricant in Firmapress prevents your formula from sticking to your tooling. Which increase consistency within your product and decrease down time on you machine. We use inert pharmaceutical grade ingredients that work with 99% of products. Firmapress comes in a wide range of colours which help will ensure your product stands out in the market.

Whether you are doing small batch production or full scale manufacturing Firmapress is the product for you.

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