FirmaOil - Oil to Powder Form


Firmaoil turns oil into powder form, today we’re using examples of CBD oil and Hemp oils but it can be used with any oils from cod liver oil, omega oils, flax seed oils, lavender oils and more.

With previous off-limit ingredients now available to you, you can generate your business a solid unique selling proposition.

In our example we’re going to use a CBD and coconut oil.

First we’re going to weigh 5 grams of our oil for our test mix, always record your measurements so you’re able to repeat the process later.

The speed of your oil turning into powder will depend on the viscosity of the oils itself. We’re doing this manually for our first mix to measure the ratios needed, however this should done with a mixer which can be found at, please get in contact with our mixing specialists there.

Now, we need to get the oil to the point where it’s a completely dry powder. So now we’ll slowly increase the amount of Firmaoil into our mix, this should always be done in small increments.

A tip for making the mixing process quicker is to warm the oil itself as this will change the viscosity of the oil.

Now Firmaoil has absorbed the oil and turned it into powder form we’ll need to add our Firmapress to our mix, this is to allow it to flow through a tablet press.

You will need to add between 30-50% of the powders current weight of Firmapress into your mix. 

You’ll then have a mix which is ready for tableting and can create a solid tablet which would start from oils. Which can be created in a hand held, TDP or Rotary Tablet Press

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