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Understanding Double Impressions On Tablets


Description: Double Impression includes punches that embed monograms or images on tablets.

Cause: During the impression stage, each tablet undergoes imprinting. In the said stage, engraving machines imprint on the tablet; with the double imprinting, the lower punch might be uncontrolled and drops freely the short distance causing a new imprint on the tablet producing the double imprint on the tablet.

Another problem is when the upper punch is left unrestrained, the punch can also travel uninhibitedly towards the compression stage and accidentally imprints the tablet for the second time causing the “double impression” on the tablet.

This is not a problem that can be experienced on the TDP 5 or other desktop presses as the top and bottom die are secured in position.

Rotation of either the upper or lower die during pressing or ejection process
  • Use keying on the punch die tooling
  • Use machinery with anti-turning designs already in place