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Easiest Way To Give Medicine To Your Pets


Pet owners can relate when it comes to the problem of giving medicine to one’s pet, which can be a tough battle. As most capsules or pills have synthetic smell to it, the tendency of the pet would be to refuse to swallow it. Some pets can be stubborn even running away once they see you coming; others would close their mouth shut while still others pretend to take the medicine and then spit it out when their owners are not looking.

Needless to say, some pet owners resort to drastic measures like force feeding their pet, prying the pet’s mouth and shoving the pills down the throat which can not only be stressful to the owner but also to the pet as well. Some pets may be traumatized and bite their owner unintentionally.

Luckily, thanks to science, there is a better way to deliver the medicine without stressing both parties.

Flavored Capsules

Using flavored capsules is one way to make it easy for both parties as owners can give meds to their pets without having to fight over it. These capsules, developed by Capsuline, come in different flavors such as chicken, beef and bacon. Other flavors are still under process.

As the capsules are small and smell and taste like the real thing, pets would find it easy to take the meds and even beg for another. By changing the medicine into a treat, it eliminates force feeding and hiding the meds in a ball of food.

3 Sizes

The flavored capsules are available in liquid, powder or oil capsules and compatible with the entire capsule-filling machine. The three flavors come in three sizes and are available in the market.

Size Volume Overall Closed Length
0 .68 ml 21.6 mm
1 .48 ml 19.4 mm
3 .27 ml 15.7 mm

These capsules are made from BSE-free 100% bovine hide pharmaceutical grade gelatin in a cGMP and FDA approved facility. The capsules are also safe for human consumption as well.