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What Is The Difference Between Gelatin and Vegetarian Capsules


What Are The Difference Between Gelatin and Vegetarian Capsules

Medicines are a go to whenever one experiences health problems. From over the counter medicines to prescriptions, these pills have become vital to our everyday lives. Due to the advancement in technology, two different forms are now available – tablets and capsules. For some time, tablets are quite popular way of taking in medication or supplements; later on however, consumers discover the effects of taking tablets.

Tablets are the preferred form for medicine as it contains ingredients that are bind to create a solid form. Some consumers dislike the binding ingredient added to the drug formula and as such, some converted to using capsules whenever available.

Two Capsule Type

Two forms of capsule are available in the market today – gelatin based and vegetarian based. Many consumers prefer capsules, as there is no binding agent to keep the formula together. Capsules can come in two forms either a soft gel or a hard one.


    • Quick dissolving, faster medical reaction
    • Are often tasteless
    • Easier to swallow compared to tablets
    • No additional ingredient added
    • 2 variety type available (Gelatin and Vegetarian)

Despite the fact that gelatin and vegetarian capsule look alike, they each both have their own advantages and differences. The most notable though is the raw material used in creating the capsules. Gelatin capsules are made from the bones and connective tissue of animals and the gelatinous substances, which is the collagen, is then harvested. The gel like substance is often tasteless, odorless and colorless and are used in making the gel capsules. The benefit of using this is that is cheaper than vegetarian capsules.

For some consumers, especially those with food allergies, dietary restrictions and religious beliefs, the use of these capsules are a big no-no. Another disadvantage with gel capsule would be that the formula is not stable and when exposed to heat or high humidity might start dissolving. This can be a problem for people living in hot or very humid places.

An alternative to the gel capsules then are the vegetarian capsules. These capsules are created from cellulose materials, which are plant-based making it ideal for people who prefer not to take animal byproducts. This is the safest way that one can consume a medication without feeling guilty.

Due to the clamor for vegetarian capsules, many manufactures are starting to switch to plant based capsules. Although a majority of the population do not mind what type of ingredient the capsule comes from, there are number of individuals who care.


Although there is a vast difference between a gel and a vegetarian made capsule, there are also similarities between them. One would be that both could be stored for an extended period without any risk of bacterial growth as compared with tablets. This is important as these are used for medical purposes as well as supplements and need to be stored for a long time.

Another would be that these capsules are available to be used in a variety of ways. They can be customized in terms of color, size and shapes. These features makes it easier for consumers as they would readily notice if the pill that they are taking is the right one.

At the end of the day, the preference for which capsule used depends on one’s choice. There are variety of reasons however, for those who wants to go all-natural, vegetarian capsules are ideal.