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​Benefits of Different Gelatin Capsules


When it comes to taking supplements and multivitamins, we all know how horrible it can be. Often these comes in tablet sizes that are hard to swallow and sometimes leave a bitter taste thereafter. That said, thanks to recent improvements in the industry, one is no longer confined to tablet or capsule supplements as nowadays, gelatin supplements make it easier for people to take these supplements. To better understand gelatin supplements, below is a brief about the product and what benefits one can get as well as the different varieties available in the market today.


Taking your supplements regularly is the key to an amazing life. Below are just some of the benefits that supplements can benefit our body.

  • Increase metabolism. When we feel sluggish, experience unexplained weight gain and sleep concerns, then we might be experiencing hypothyroidism, a condition often caused by low metabolism. To boost and promote good thyroid functions, gelatin supplements contain essential amino acids vital for your thyroid’s health. It improves and enhances one energy level, reduces weight gain and even help resolve sleep issues.
  • Improves overall joint health issues. Some gelatin supplements are derived from collagen, which comes from animal bone and connective tissues. These gelatins can help improve and lower bone deterioration as well as reduce inflammation and pain in the joint area.
  • Increase Energy. Supplements are excellent energy sources and can help one fight fatigue and improve sleep quality.
  • Improves Skin and Hair. Women are critical with their skin and want only the best to look young. However, due to the social ads and media, men are also becoming more conscious of the way they look. Gelatin supplement have the essential proteins that help with maintaining healthy and lustrous hair. Some proteins also help repair damaged tissues, which can help clear skin, reduce wrinkles or fine lines as well as improve and tighten the skin for an overall youthful looking appearance.
  • Improve Muscle Functions. The amino acids in the supplement is vital not only in promoting muscle mass but also help improve muscle strength.
  • Healthy liver function. Glycine is one of the amino acids included in gelatin supplements and can help detoxify the liver for overall health and function.
  • Digestive conditions. People who have problems with their digestion can benefit from taking gelatin supplements as they aid the body to digest complex food matter ensuring a healthy and improved digestive health and function.
  • Healthy cuticle and nails. Exposing our nails to harmful substances can damage the cuticle and overall health of our fingernails. Taking supplements will not only strengthen the nails, it would also lower accidental breakage as well as promote healthier looking cuticles.
  • Lower Food sensitivities. The gelatin can help reduce irritation by enabling complex food matter to pass through before any reaction occurs.

Gelatin Types

There are two types of gelatin capsules currently sold in the market today – a soft capsule and a hard one. Soft capsules often contain gelatinous substance or oil type formulation and hard capsules usually contain dry or powdered gelatin formulations. Soft gel ones are also available

in one piece while hard gels are sold in two-piece capsule as the two-piece can easily be opened whereas the soft ones cannot.

Do note that although gelatin supplements are excellent they can be a problem for people who have sensitivities to food or drugs and other individuals who cannot take animal byproducts due to religious restrictions (as gelatins are animal source byproducts). There are however some supplements made of vegetable source materials and individuals who prefer their supplements without any animal byproducts on them can use these.