The TDP 0 pill press is the most basic in the TDP range that LFA has to offer. The TDP 0 is manually operated TDP table, desktop, punch press. The TDP is able to produce approximately 5000 tablets an hour when manually operated. The TDP 0 can be fitted with a retrospective pack to bring it up to a TDP 1.5. (please note this is no longer an option). The motor pack is also available from LFA. Due to the fact that the TDP 0 is hand-operated, we at LFA do not recommend it for tablets over 8 millimeters in diameter. We tend to find that if you go above this kind of size, it becomes really awkward getting a strong enough amount of pressure onto the tablet. We also don't recommend that it's used for any products which are not directly compressible. The TDP 0 is ideal for scenarios where weight, electricity or size are limiting factors. This model in the TDP range weighs only 48-kg and can be shipped worldwide very, very easily.

Please note that we now sell a new version of the TDP 0 which can be purchased here.