Lactose Powder

Lactose is a simple carbohydrate and is the sugar component of milk to which is why it’s commonly called milk sugar. Found in milk from mammals and is a by-product of dairy production. 

It occurs naturally in dairy products such as cheese, milk and yoghurt.

In tableting a pharmaceutical grade lactose must be used, it’s specifically produced to meet the required standards. 

The main purposes of lactose in a formulation is as a filler and is known to have excellent binding properties.  It’s a very popular excipient as it works with many active ingredients and other excipients due to being chemically stable and inert.

LFA’s lactose is known to enhance the flavour, texture and color of your tablets making the manufacturing process smoother.

Lactose is easily available and cost effective, it’s one of the cheapest excipients on the market.

It can be combined with sucrose to create sugar coating mixtures.

Lactose powder is a widely accepted ingredient that is considered safe across the world. It will improve the quality and taste of your product.

If you’re considering using Lactose in your products, you need to be aware of consumers who are lactose intolerant and this needs to be taken into consideration. The inclusion of lactose powder needs to be made very clear on the label and information leaflet.

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