Inserting the TDP 5 Boot

So we've just popped on the filling boot right here and if I take it back out again. You can see that there's a hole there. And you'll get sent a big nut with a screw on it that looks exactly like that and that just goes up through the bottom there and then screws in onto the bottom of this foot. So you just pop that in there then it's a little bit of a reach around to try to find the nuts and then just tighten. Sometimes its best to tighten up your nuts and bolts with a spanner especially if it's a little bit tight, which in this case it is because it's got the screw on it. There we go. And just tighten that up until it feels nice and there. There we go.

Once you've got that bolt through the bottom, the next thing you're gonna need to do is tighten this Allen key nut on the front. Again, it will be left and the right hole so you know which on it is and it should go all the way in. And absolutely perfect. We've now got the filling boot on in position. It's also still loose enough that we can lift it up and have a quick look underneath if we need to.

Attaching the Flywheel

So that's pretty much perfect. One of the last things that we need to do now is attach the flywheel and then we should be good to start adjusting up the tdp punch dies and checking that it's all running smoothly. So we're gonna go around to the back around to the side and we'll show you how to attach the flywheel.

Okay. So one of the last things, or the next thing we need to do is we need to attach the flywheel. And when you get your flywheel there is a little square chunk of metal like this and you'll be able to see a grove in both the flywheel and on the thing that it goes on to. This little square piece of metal sits in there and that's to enable the whole thing to actually have friction and tension on it. It's a little bit heavy, just be careful as you do it. You're going to need a pretty tight hammer for this. So first kind of work it on by hand then get yourself your hammer. Just really make sure that it's on tight. A very solid position because otherwise you're gonna have troubles with it later. Also kind of check that it's not likely to come off in a hurry. Okay. This is not fantastic.

Next thing that we need to do is attach the TDP flywheel handle. So this is again very simple just an Allen key bolt on the other side. We slide it the whole way through the hole. Just get it on. There we go. The very final thing that you're gonna have to do is you're gonna have to pop on the cap which holds on the flywheel in position. It's just one big bolt, you're gonna need your bigger size Allen key for this. This one can be be a bit of a bugger to get on and off because you've really got to have it tighten up. But there, once that's on, that's it. That's your machine completed. This is the TDP 0 if you've gone for the TDP 1.5 or the TDP 5, if you now go and look at how to attach and tune in a motor that will show you how to finish it off but for the Zero you're done now. Fantastic.

The only other thing that you'll have to do is adjust the dies so that will be our next video.

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