Dextrose DC

Dextrose is a simple sugar. It’s a white granular powder that’s sweet to the taste.

It’s a natural sugar that comes from corn and used as a sweetener in a wide variety of food items such as fruit and honey. Medically used to treat low blood sugar and dehydration, also used by some in pre-workout and post-workout meals and shakes to replenish glycogen stores.

Also known as d-glucose is what’s found in our blood. Often referred to as “blood sugar” or blood glucose.

LFA supplies dextrose directly compressible, meaning it can be directly compressed into a tablet itself without any other excipient. It has a glycemic index of 100, compared to other sugars. This makes it a great it a great excipient for making products such as mints where the product is meant to be chewed or sucked.

Dextrose DC is known to increase the binding qualities of your formulation, unlike many other sugars that don’t provide this benefit.

Feedback from LFA’s customers indicates that LFA’s Dextrose is extremely good at masking the bitter taste of botanicals, vitamins and minerals. Making it ideal for use in medicinal confectionery that is designed to include a health benefit.

LFA’s tabletable DC grade Dextrose leaves no after taste in the mouth. It can leave the mouth feeling cool and refreshed, especially when paired with a mint flavouring.

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