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Keeping your tablet presses, blenders, mixers and other machinery clean and properly lubricated is absolutely essential to ensure they run smoothly and last for years into the future. That is why we stock a comprehensive selection of top quality, food grade cleaning and lubricating preparations, covering everything you need to keep your valuable machinery in perfect order.

Our Food Grade Surface Wipes and Food Grade Amberclens cleaner are both great ways to remove powder and other residues from your presses, maintaining hygiene and avoiding the risk of cross contamination.

For lubrication, our Food Grade Amber Grease, Food Grade Assembly Grease and Penetrating Oil will prevent your machinery seizing, while helping keep rust at bay and providing all round protection against friction, wear and damage.

We also have a Food Grade Moisture Remover and a Degreaser, giving you a complete line up of all the essentials to protect and preserve your equipment.

If you need any advice on the servicing and maintenance of any of your machines please get in contact with our team who will be happy to help.